Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Ode to The Dragon Slayer

composed by Brenda Porter

As the sun's rays shine down on a calm blue sea

A warrior meditates in it's peace

Arms outstretched as a bird takes flight

He feels his strength e'er increase

He is noble in battle this True Chosen One

He lives by codes: honor, integrity

He ne'er goes back on word when giv'n

For true valor he knows is key

While ensconsed nearby resides a Dragon

So strong, so virile so fit

For him to survive he must slay such beast

To live he must surely outwit

Ah the Dragon has charm & oh such pride

He feels none can take him down

He e'en thinks his pawns are all intact

He feels he has earned his crown

Pure of heart The Warrior makes his plans

He sets up a brilliant take down strategy

Pulls closer The Wizard and The Prince

To slay this Dragon for all to see

They amass themselves a small tight group

To take out the Dragon & his kind

So true was his heart as this Beast went down

So courageous yet so strong of mind

The Dragon is Slain! But his pawn survives!

It cost them yet one so dear

But the battle goes on for the Chosen One

As the Promised Time draws near

For true noble Warriors seek out the strong

To fight the fight til it's done

With firm resolve and the Hand Of God

You shall succeed --be e'er all Chosen One!


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