Tuesday, August 25, 2009

************SURVIVOR SAMOA CAST SPOILERS****************

From my friend Michael (host of Survivor MySpace) I got this:

Police Chief Warn wanted to inform the Board that he had given officer Betsy Bolan permission for a leave of absence since she has made the semi-finalists for the TV-Show "Survivor".

From Survivor Fever I have these :

Name: Betsy Bolan

Age: 48
Location: Campton, NH
Occupation: Police Officer

Ashley Trainer
Name: Ashley Trainer

Age: 22
Location: Osseo, Minnesota
Occupation: College student at Augustana College

More Info:

Minnesota Metro Stars women's basketball Club Alumna


Unnamed guy from preview.

I have found Eve Hasek on Facebook but I also read somewhere that she may not be on and her photo is blank on Survivor Fever. So she may well not be on.

Until I am pretty sure I will not reveal her photo.

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