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SURVIVOR 20 Heroes vs Villains Who Is There?

Below are some guesses as to who may well be on Survivor 20 Heroes vs Villains.

Basically it is an All Stars 2 but with a twist!

They are bringing back some of the memorable players from 18 seasons (unless someone really stood out in 19 and if so , 19 seasons) Some are dastardly, some are good. Some are so villainous game wise they remained talked about to this day. Some are so popular they in one case got all jury votes!

I am taking a few guesses at who may be there. A couple I am fairly 100 per cent certain they are (based on their FB activity and updates and stuff --plus they earned it from their season) others are a guess. Below are who I think are. Who do YOU think is there?? In your reponse if u want to, please post a photo of someone u think is there!

Three I am 90 per cent certain are there are:


Ben, I am, I would say 100 per cent certain. In an update on Facebook he stated he and Tyson were soon to start an Amazon adventure and that was like about 2 months ago almost. Usually when cast are going they have announced they are going on a trip. Plus let's face it. Ben is in Yahoo's Top 10 Villains (or something to that effect) and made the season for Tocantins very entertaining. If he is not there with his ability to make a season that my opinion casting is a sham! Trust me he is there! He meets criteria by explanations early plus he has earned his way there. Like it or not readers I am warning u now. I WILL be a PRO COACH BLOGGER! I plan on a series recap blog and an extra blog based strictly for Coach. So be warned..I am writing Pro Coach during 20 lol

Next is Coach's "Asst Coach" TYSON!!!!

Again Tyson meets several criteria. He stood out on Tocantins. He also has taken down his Facebook (a general thing done) left his Twitter up (if u have him on Twitter check for updates) plus again the update of an Amazon Adventure. Rumor has it he said no..but I am sure he is going. LOL what is a cast with Total Awesomeness lol I will be pro blogging Tyson too. A strong competitor and player. He would have made it farther had he not have been just too confident. I like him!


Clearly a huge star on the rise, this pinup model showed she was a force to be reckoned with. On Gabon she spent so much time on Exile that she nicknamed the hut "The Sugar Shack" . She got the Hidden Immunity Idol early and she almost won the game! At times early people underestimated her but she came back with a vengeance! Putting poor Randy in his place even! Sugar is cool. On her recent update on Facebook she is off to 'Romania" more like being a Heroine on 20 lol

Next is Jonny Fairplay!!!

I have heard that he is going. It has been a strong rumor for weeks. He has been on two past series and on the last series he left early which is not cool. He made the most oiliest villain on Pearl Islands and is a shoo in for the oiliest on 20. I don't really care for him personally but I do respect he wrestles and that he is a great father to his daughter! Game nOT trust this guy! LOL

Jenna Morasca!!

There is a strong rumor that Survivor Amazon Winner Morasca will be there. My only reason I may not be sure of her there is her man Ethan (Survivor Africa winner) being sick with cancer. I am sure Ethan may have said go and do it!! In case, the rumor is strong she is there. She played hard and she won. One moment in Survivor history that will never be forgotten "I will take off my clothes for chocolate and peanut butter!"

James JT Thomas!!!!

Now y'all I do not know for sure he is on but given he won unanimously in Tocantins and was hugely popular among fans. My instincts say casting may consider him. He played a very good solid game and was entertaining. I preferred Coach lol but I respected and liked JT also. A possible.

Who I would also like to see on there as well:

One more notable and a hero...Ian Rosenberger!

I know he isn't on lol but I like the guy. He and Stephenie were my faves on Palau and his giving up his nod at 3 so Katie and Tom would be in Final 2 is a cool statement about loyalty in the game...a very cut throat game. He was solid in challenges. He played awesome and is a pretty cool guy. He is not there but I wish he was!

Billy Garcia!!!

He is a cool guy and he went out early by blindside during Cook Islands. He also while there took one for the team and got burned during a challenge. For whatever reason CBS has ostracized him by removing him off their site which ain't cool. He is a cool guy and would be fun watching again!!!

I am sure there are more and will be posting more blogs with those gearing up for both seasons. I will be blogging both seasons so definitely keep your eyes here! Last season I got over 4,000 hits on this blog and hope to double it this coming next two seasons!!

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