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As most of you know I have been in the entertainment industry since 1984. I started working with Reality TV Stars in 2000. I have spent the last nine years doing a lot of Charity Fundraisers, Conventions, Seminars and Legends Autograph Sessions. I want to spend 2010 traveling, making money, having fun and helping people. I sent out an idea to several friends and they liked it and have even added their own thoughts.

Starting this month a new web site will go up promoting and advertising the REAL REALITY TOUR 2010. ( ) We are going to choose a select group of Reality Stars and offer ourselves up for group bookings doing Grand Openings, Seminars, Meet & Greet, Resorts and Cruises. Since all Stars are not always available we need Stars that we can count on; sometimes different stars will be signed up for different events.

Fans want to meet us and have a chance to talk to us and ask us questions. I think if handled the right way this could go over very BIG!! I have nothing but confidence in my partners; BILLY GARCIA from Survivor and the rock band Forsakken, DEANA SHANE from The Amazing Race and PAUL GRASSI fr
om The Mole.

If YOU would like to be on our list of Stars too choose from for our bookings please contact us at Once you are signed up with us and chosen Your photo, info and links will be added to the new Web Site and you will be notified when it is up. You will also be sent details of what we have planned.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,
Col. Tim


Deana Shane from The Amazing Race
Billy Garcia from Survivor: Cook Islands
Paul Grassi from The Mole
"Mr. Terrific" from Pro Wrestling and Entertainment
Angelique Morgan / Frenchy from VH1
Dave "12 Pack" Amerman from VH1
Jason Prager from Beauty And The Geek
Lyndah Merie Pizarro from Operation Repo on TruTV
Ken Callen from The Real Gilligan's Island Season 2
Ariel Tweto from WipeOut
Rita "Lip Gloss" Verreos from The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search and Survivor: Fiji
Rommel Gargoles from America's Toughest Jobs
Danielle Dipietro from MTV True Life
Nicole Williams from The Mole Season 5
Sandy K. Burgin from Survivor: Tocantins
Randi Silvers from The Real Gilligan's Island Season 2
Gillian Larson from Survivor: Gabon
Ian & Teri Pollack from The Amazing Race Seasons 3 & All-Stars
Jodi Wincheski from The Amazing Race Season: 14
Yau-Man Chan from Survivor: Fiji
Jamie "Fury" Kovac from American Gladiators
Tara Guiliano from Dance Your Ass Off
Darra "Like Dat" Boyd from Flavor Of Love Season 2 & Charm School
Kendra Guffey from Pirate Master

Sign up and join us..............................................................

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