Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GOLDARNIT???!!! How does he do it?

I am......

Yep... not much can put that expression on my face Survivor wise but last episode of Samoa did.

So my question up front and straight does he do it????? No clues. He runs around camp for a bit and voila---up pops an idol!!! Is the dude a bloodhound or is what is up? What are your thoughts and please share.

Plus the Tribal Council to end all Tribals! Not bad. Not bad at all. I wasn't personally happy with the result, but I will say it was an awesome blindside! Most would put Evil in the drivers seat on that one but honestly you gotta give kudos to Shambo for that one folks. She is so determined to get Laura out that she will try just about anything! Once she knew Evil indeed had the 3rd idol in the game, she sat Evil down and said let's do this...make them wanna vote for you and let them think they can take you out...keep it quiet and vote Kelly as by doing so you will weaken Laura. Say nothing and arrange it with your four.

THEN she turns around at Tribal and does a dummy vote for Russell knowing well he has the idol and will play it. SMART as this strategically does not give her away. People pretty much are on to her though. As in the Reward at the Rock Water Slide, she sat there attempting to spare Russell in her talks with Monica, Laura, and the others there. The rogue vote, strategical wise keeps the eyes off of her for now. Making her indeed a silent partner in the Foa Foa cause. I did notice she was emphatic not to vote Monica? You would think if you really want to weaken your foe, you would take their stronger ally? She said no, you will not be able to pull that off--but yet they vote Kelly and easily? So am I missing something or is she saving Monica for something? It could just as easily have been Monica so I am wondering about that choice. Maybe someone can help me figure that out there.

I am still a big fan of Laura! Did she rock on both challenges or what???? She totally killed in both challenges and is one to be reckoned with challenge wise! Still though Laura, my lovely friend, please from here on out listen to Dave!!! (He is in my opinion the brains in Samoa currently) Dave came up with the brilliant idea of splitting the votes. Just in case Evil had the idol again. Instead my girl Laura made a huge strategical flub and it cost them Kelly in the process. By demanding Russell and Russell only be voted for...they fell right into a trap baited by Shambo and Evil. It was a tribe full of angry, astonished faces at Tribal.

However it does look like Galu is a mess. To me, on the outside looking in, they would need to unify some more to keep themselves together. If not, scenes like last night's will recur. You got one group (old Galu) purely focused on one guy (Evil) and you got one in their midst (Shambo) purely focused on one in her midst. (Laura) to the point of quietly working with the other side (old Foa Foa) to see it happen! Then you got the other side, (old Foa Foa) twice now, taking advantage of the disorganization. The side that are down is slowly getting stronger!!! So Galu (Old) you better get it in check! Or you are all sitting targets!

From Art of War:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
- Sun Tzu

In other prepared and unified. Never assume.

My kudos go to : my girls Natalie and Laura! Natalie for catching a rat!!! She looked so darling out there after that rat and by God, she killed it! Laura--props on the challenges girl--keep it up!!

Shambo the real architect of the blindside. Not bad girl...not bad at all. GOOD game play.

and how does he do it????? Evil on getting another idol. If he gets one more I am gonna call him not Evil but blood hound! Dude seriously!

Later yall! Will check with everyone again after next week and see if the blood hound strikes again!

Please comment your thoughts pro and con. I appreciate reading both sides of thoughts and welcome ALL comments. Thanks!

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