Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Survivor Samoa-My Rants n Raves

Well folks, Samoa has officially made the merge! It is a first. As usually merge time comes around the time of 9 remaining in the game. There were 12 at merge time and upon the merge we find out the name of the new tribe is AIGA but I still find myself referring them as old Foa Foa and old Galu. As it seems that the tribes still have some more blending to do.

But I will go out on a limb and suggest that with the emergence of Natalie as a strong contender in the strategy area...there may be hope for her to have an "in" through the girls. Thereby through her, old Foa Foa may well be spared for a time.


My favorite strategy "Divide and Conquer".

It's the best strategy to play at a merge when you are going in down in numbers. Find the weakness and exploit it. So kudos go out to Natalie on starting this strategy! It has a seed planted and will still need work. I believe tho she can pull it off. I, a few blogs back, stated that I felt she would do well with the "90210" sect over there. It seems that when Laura made her visit over to Foa Foa, she and Natalie may have bonded a bit. It looks like she has a good rapport with the girls as she was able to get in there and convince them to vote off Erik. Job well done and I definitely am starting to view Natalie as my fave to take it down to the win even!


I am not surprised at all about Erik being voted off tho. He came on pretty strong at the past Tribal Council and at the merge one. Plus also add some smack talk during some previous challenges. He said some pretty strong things and in a social game like Survivor, I have a firm belief in watching what you say as it may bite you later. The smartest way to go is being careful what you say. Watching how you say it or just refrain from saying it. Plus being it is merge, people can and will use it against you to put a target on you.


Now to Evil Russell Hantz...I gotta admit to shaking my head a bit on this one. I can see showing the idol to one person, their strongest contender, in hopes that you can turn them to your side and to you...but half the tribe???? Dude! That will only EXPAND your target! From what I see tho, Shambo is feeling a connection with Evil Russell. She stated in the episode, that she and Russell were cut from the same cloth. So I am thinking the seed may well be working there. My honest opinion is Russell got played this episode as he ended up playing the idol and playing right into their hands. It also shows that he definitely was not in the driver's seat this episode at all. Once even stating he had no idea what was going on even. If it were me, lol, I would be right there in the bushes, listening to everything and staying informed. Or putting my "ears" out there. So thinking through the edit, to me, it shows old Galu seriously played him, even during Tribal. I don't think it was a smart move to play the idol at all. The Tribal mostly centered on Erik vs old Foa Foa. To me watching, I felt Erik was more or less not winning points with anyone. Honestly, Evil, you should have held on to it.

Kudos this episode go to Laura and John for winning immunity!!! Laura's strength in the challenges are key for her down the line and may well spare her. I am still liking Laura tho and see a smart savvy player there! John I see is taking a stronger role out there also. Still liking me some Brett..always a positive vibe about him. Plus he is a cutie pie!


Leadership isues are brewing there on AIGA....Shambo vs Laura. So my questions to the readers this week are

Who do you think will prevail on that? Is it motivated by personal issues or leadership rivalry issues?


Who do you predict may go next? My pick..a guy. I am thinking it may be either Dave Ball or John? It will end up being a member of old Galu as the preview of Evil being at the mercy of old Galu is simply misleading. Long as Natalie has her in with the girls, old Foa Foa is going to be okay. My gut tells me she is in good with them. So until next episode blog, have a fun week!


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