Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking To The End Of The Season

Well everyone it has been one wild ride this season.

It has been a season of firsts. First merge at 12 people. First time that not once but TWICE someone found a hidden immunity idol without a clue. (Russell Hantz)


Plus also while watching this past episode my guy Frank pointed out that he even thinks it is a first that 4 people from another tribe have merged into a majority and taken every single member of that majority out one by one in succession. I honestly cannot recall if this has happened in any other season (if it has please point that out to me) but that in and of itself is pretty darn good.


Some moments I liked from last Thursday...gotta be the emergence of Brett. It is about time! I seriously feel that these moments we all saw were not just because time is running out for Brett. I genuinely believe all along he has played a good game. It's good to see him finally make more airtime. But I gotta give him kudos on several things.

1. Totally from memory at like Day 35 reciting a very lengthy Scripture word for word.

When you realize that he has been out there over a month, very little food and at Day 35 he challenges his mental dexterity to do that. That just is amazing. That is a feat when you realize that. Plus on the same subject--being a prayer warrior during a challenge! Right on!!! I loved that moment when I watched it.

2. The way he sized up the situation and is gelling well with Natalie and Mick.

I can almost see an outer ring alliance going on there possibly. Nat spoke of now having to make a choice between heart and head on what to do game wise. Stay with Brett and Mick and change the game scenery totally or stay with Russell as she has been since Day One. The way he is playing things socially with Mick and Natalie is smart.

3. Winning Immunity -tough challenge that was and Brett pulled it off by taking his time and making sure those numbers were right for the combination. Goes back to his mental dexterity. Impressive!


Like I called it last blog, Shambo was the one who was sent packing. Mullet and all lol. The reasoning was that by keeping Mick, the men had a shot at taking Brett out next by sheer strength. Shambo you were definitely one of a kind. You definitely were real and even funny. You made a risky move by going to the Foa Foa side at merge but what overall cost you was the lack of a good social game. Plus using emotions instead of strategy in making game decisions. You had your moments, more than most but you made F6 and that is pretty darn good.


Sunday will be the final episodes for Survivor Samoa. I would like to now lay out my predictions for the duration of the game left. With a brief reasoning underneath and who I feel may vote for any of the F3.

Next boot



Jaison will go next for the very reason he came up with to keep Mick . Beating Brett.
Instead I feel Brett will win the next Immunity. Which will cause Foa Foa to have to now vote against one of the original Foa Foa. If I am reading the game right, tho Russell believes Mick will be hard to beat, he will also realize that Brett will be even harder to beat in a F3. Mick has shown steady strength in challenges and is a natural one to keep to try to oust Brett at that Final Immunity. Jaison will go the same reasoning Shambo did. To beat Brett and my early prediction: Brett will lose Final Immunity. I almost see Mick winning Final Immunity.

which means that next boot will be:



FINAL 3 sitting for the million dollar$ will be

Mick Trimming


will possibly get votes from Jaison, Dave and Erik

Russell Hantz
will possibly get votes from John, Shambo


Natalie White
will possibly get votes from Brett, Laura, Kelly, Monica


My prediction for the win is Natalie White!

I genuinely believe she will get the lion share of the votes because of her rapport with Brett and Laura (one vote in and of itself) Monica will not vote for either Russell or Mick because she has stated previously that she would rather vote for someone who needs the money plus my game gut tells me she will not vote for Russell or Mick even if thinking strategically but will see the strength of Natalie's overall game and reward it. Natalie's overall game was briefly shown last episode during the two brains are better than one moment. She may have played low key but she played it smart and played an incredible social game and did good at the challenges also. Kelly I think will vote with the girls. Plus I also think she will not vote for Russell Hantz or Mick either mainly due to the way she was blindsided.

My early prediction Natalie White will win Survivor Samoa.

Enjoy the finale everyone! Looking forward to next season and Heroes vs Villains!



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