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Monica Stirs Up A Mess of Beans

Had something happen today that was so cool that I decided to start the blog for this week with it. Just before coming out to post this and write this blog..I decided to review the show out at CBS on the website to refresh my memory about last Thursday night's episode. I try to watch it just at posting and writing so if I miss anything I catch it and can add my personal insight into it on my blog. After viewing it once, I noticed there was an option to watch it in a viewing room. So I thought sure, why not? See what the fans are thinking and maybe put some of those reflections in this weekly blog.

While there a fan typed in as a comment "I thought I was a big fan but now I have met the ultimate Survivor fan!" I noticed that. Then the cool fan, Mark from Mo stated he saw me all the time on the Survivor Samoa myspace page.. (my bud at Samoa you were mentioned lol) and I responded that it was a cool site. But that made me wonder is it that obvious lol?


That's cool tho and thanks Mark from made my day and thanks for the laugh about Russell. I agree with you bro about Natalie winning!! It was cool coming across ya at cbs --feel free to add me bro!


The consensus in the chat room, if the options of fiery darts and tomatoes are to be factored that those fans do not care for the Foa Foa men. BUT liked Natalie as she got some hearts and kisses as did Monica. Plus a Shambo fan kept getting the comments aimed her way. Not many were good. It was annoying though that every time Shambo would appear you saw hearts and kisses. Russell was getting the darts aimed at him left and right. Plus tomatoes and crushed cans. Then again all the Foa Foa men were. Which looking back on this episode...that pretty much mirrors the game far as the darts go for Russell.


With that thought in mind. Monica really impressed me this episode. Wow did she stir up a mess of beans or what??? During this episode she really stood out as a fighter and in her own words "resilient".

At one instance she approaches Russell and makes an attempt to spare Danger Dave Ball. Her reasoning was pretty sound that you may wanna consider voting off other people who may get the majority of the votes if taken to F2.

She's right.


As it stands now, if Russell were to go to the Final 2, smart Survivor player or not, he has made some pretty serious enemies on the jury, which consists of old Galu members.

I truly believe that this jury (like Jaison mentioned in the one video of his out on CBS) will not vote strategically, but by emotion. Who they like. Who did not screw them over. Or like Jaison stated, "if you wore your shirt too tight, I will not vote for you" .


So her reasoning was dead on and it would serve Russell to actually consider that pre Final Tribal. People may take you to get the votes but I seriously doubt Russell will win Survivor Samoa.

Monica flat out said if he goes that far he does not have her vote, plus she stated she would sway the jury not to vote also for him. In her scrambling at the end of her stay, she was able to plant a lot of strategical seeds in the minds of the tight Foa Foa gang. Think about who you want at the end and think about those jury votes. Mick appears to be doing just that as does Jaison.

In fact with the way Jaison and Mick are now playing and upping the ante, it looks like they may not allow him to go to Final 2 even. In fact as Monica cast her vote for Russell at Tribal, she admonished "Watch out you have a large target on your back!" Hence the game darts that are now springing up around Russell Hantz.


I am now seeing why Mick may just make it to that point. His mind is doing the numbers and making the plans as he goes along. He has the discomfort one needs to progress that far.

Paraphrasing what Brett pointed out at Tribal Council...if you get too comfortable, that begs people to consider the threat assessment and take you out.

I do feel it will not be anytime before Final 3 that Russell will go though. Looking at the game the way it stands, the power is all in former Foa Foa's hands.

With the mental control Russell has exerted all game, in all likelihood, no one from his side will make a move until then. Then and only then will Mick seize that control and only then will he decide to take Natalie (for an easy win)


But what Mick, the second in command in Foa Foa, does not take into factor, is though he has cordial relations now with the former Galu, the jury will most likely vote on who they like. Judging from their expressions during Tribal Councils and the lack of serious game I have seen all season, this jury may decide to vote for the likability factor. Natalie is poised to win this game and may likely pull it off folks.


Back to the episode. Monica was most assuredly a smart pupil in the Russell Hantz School of Survivor Mental Game Play. In my opinion she graduated magna cum laude. She sure pushed his buttons good and had him going. Turning the tables on the most aggressive and strongest player out there currently.

Good for her! She did good.

I had not really noticed Monica until the past two episodes but her character and game savvy sure showed through this episode. Watching him getting a dose of it, was at times funny and daring. She was able to play such a mind game on Russell that at Tribal Council, how does Russell respond? With a classic psych out game of his own by pulling the idol out. In psycholical reasoning, taking back the power he felt was stripped from him by Monica's efforts.

Yep Monica hit a nerve. Went out with a bang and in the process stirred up that mess of beans I was referring to. Impressive. In the end, Monica was very refreshing and I literally was blown away by her efforts.

This episode had two Tribals. We saw first Dave Ball go followed by Monica in the second one. The main reasoning for Danger Dave's exit was to placate Shambo so she doesn't flip too early.

They still need her vote at least for one more Tribal. After that she is on a very short leash.

At Tribal Dave gave one last attempt to stay in the game by putting out there that keeping him could help your game progress on, rather than keeping others who may cost you the win. Keep me and win is what I heard basically. The decision was in the end to stay on course and placate Shambo.

Dave you were funny. Zany. Intelligent at times. But your destiny was in the end, resting with your archenemy Shambo. She won out basically because of the fact they need her as a number. You played a cool game tho.


Shambo still has no clue what is up. At one point she calls herself "Sham with the plan" and appears rather cocksure that nobody should mess with her. Shannon does not realize the truth...she is just a number and nothing else. She is, what in the game we would call a sub alliance or outer ring/numbers alliance to the main numbers of Foa Foa. Her head should be on the chopping block next as now she is no longer needed and expendable.

With Brett winning them Immunities and showing strength there, I do feel she will go next or vote after. So I am going to go out on a limb and early predict her going next or the vote after. With the previews showing Jaison getting comfy with Russell (which I seriously doubt Russell will allow him such power) and with Jaison winning two back to back immunities...Jaison also should be factored as a possibility for the next two boots as well.


Brett. Where did you come from? In this episode we saw more of his strength, intelligence and charm. He flat out scares Russell. Which means he is, in his own way, doing a really good job. As he left Tribal, Laura whispered his way "Stay Strong". He is ultimately the hope for a tattered Galu and may well make it to Final 4. Brett I knew you had it and do hope to see more strength and smarts coming from your direction.


Challenge wise...bowling was cool but the final immunity Challenge of the episode was the best one. The cast had to jump on a plank and on the end of a plank was a bag. The aim was to get the bag into a basket above them. Undeniably Brett and mick shone on this challenge. To get the bags, they had to tread out into the water to retrieve them. In my opinion this challenge was pretty grueling. In the end Brett won this one. While Jaison took the earler win on the bowling challenge, sewing up two Immunity wins in a row!! Kudos to Jaison for that accomplishment and to Brett as well for his win!

What will happen next week? We shall see. But in the meantime, keep your torch light burning and the flame alive, Survivor fans!


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