Friday, December 4, 2009

S19 Episode 12: Dreams Don't Always Come True

Another cool episode of Survivor Samoa is in the books and as always it did not disappoint!

With a Survivor auction, a clue to an idol, a cast member having prophetic dreams, chickens and more --it is fast showing Survivor Samoa is definitely speeding up as it rolls towards it's late December Finale.

The episode started off with a staple from every season I personally love...the Survivor auction! On it the cast members are given $500 to bid on either hidden food items or in one case a clue to the hidden immunity idol (which Evil Russell has in his possession) and in another case, a shot to further your advantage at the next Immunity Challenge.


That shot went to Jaison who had a rousing bidding war with John for it. In the end Jaison took the prize for a large bid of $500,stating he had to take one for his tribe Foa Foa. As the epsiode later shown, during a competitive showing against Danger Dave Ball-- Jaison was able to edge out of the pack and win his very first individual immunity! Congrats to Jaison and definitely that bid was worth it!


Also in the bidding...Shambo paid $240 for a Survivor version of Spaghetti--sea noodles and slug guts with grated cheese (I was barfing just thinking of the combination) Hilarious quote from Shambo: does it have like nutritional starch value?

I about died laughing while still trying not to barf.

Monica paid $340 for roasted chicken (YUMMERS!!!) and considering the tribe would kill the chickens later and cook them, that's a lot of chicken for Monica that day!!

My girl, Natalie paid a whopping $200 for pb and j and later gave up $120 for a refreshing Survivor shower complete with shampoo and clean undies. (Dan K I thought of you bro and knew u were salivating there!!! lol)


Mick paid out a whopping $500 for a humungous burger, fries and beer just seconds after Jaison bid all his cash for the immunity advantage (who literally hung his head) That's okay Jaison, u won immunity bro!!

John bid $200 I believe for a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Incidentally, while Evil Russell sat there looking literally apprehensive. Should I or should I not bid on this? He ended up not bidding. But as we shall see, this is what turned out to be John's downfall getting that clue!

Also John did something else very costly at the same auction in my opinion.

A piece of apple pie came up on the block. John was able to bid for and obtain the slice for $300. As he approached the auction bloc, Jeff Probst offered him a choice, give up your piece of pie for a goodwill shot of divvying up 4 pieces amongst your tribe, who stated in the affirmative they wanted a slice...

Or keep the pie, the solo slice to yourself.

Now I do realize he paid the bucks for it. However it was up to him. and by rights had the right to eat a slice. BUT in a social game like Survivor, what with cast having hungry bellies, stuff like this can be considered a slight.

John in my opinion, opened himself up to game disaster even further by approaching Evil Russell aand stating frankly, I know you have the idol dude and let's talk game.

For one he believed Evil Russell??

The most diabolical person to ever play the game?

The one person you do not cross as it means the end of your Survivor life????!

Dude, you should never have done that!

Afterwards, Russell approached Danger Dave Ball and said it is you or John...just know that ..can u talk to Monica and Brett and get the votes? Danger Dave stated that John was considered a snake for turning on Laura, so it should not be that hard. Plus also Monica would in a heart beat vote for John. That was a no brainer to me. Strategy and game decision wise, I knew the votes were there to take him out. I knew Dave was safe.

Can u believe Shambo???? In this episode she showed a lot of dumb game moves. She had PMS and was talking roughly to everyone (social game Sham!!!!) She also had this hilarious dream about Dave going?!

That I found humorous though.

She decides this was a prophecy. She convinces Foa Foa to vote with her to get Dave off. Foa Foa of course goes sure thing, Shambo!

I doubt that the "prophecy" was the real reason.

Russell even told Natalie that Shambo "votes with her emotions"

I think honestly that Dave, having been straightforward and blunt in his way towards Shambo has irked her.

Shambo to me, is someone I would define, were I to play arm chair psychologist, as someone who is search of validation. When she does not recieve that validation, she feels slighted and turns on the people who do not give her what she is searching for. (I took a year in Psych lol and have always been fascinated by the subject)

My feelings on the "prophecy" are that dreams are from what I understand, reflections of our subconscious. The emotions, the energies, the thought processes we have during our day. It is all reflected in a jumble into our subconcious and later come out as fodder and images in our dreams. In reality it was not the prophecy (sorry I still chuckle even typing this) but it was you Shambo who wanted him gone. No validation. Gotta go. See ya!!!

Speaking along those lines, Foa Foa, by not going along with Shambo, may now see that same feeling exhibited by Shambo towards them.

It was plainly and painfully obvious at Tribal that Shambo had no clue whatsoever what was up.

Several times she showed a puzzled look at interchanges amongst cast during Tribal. Plus when she saw her plan was not being put into effect, she showed utter disappointment.

Jaison to my astonishment, called it!!! He told Mick, when Mick presented it to him as the plan, hey dude, Shambo is gonna feel betrayed. She will take this personally. She felt slighted by Galu. Now she will possibly feel slighted by us.

Being the person I am, I wanna take her aside and say Shambo, it is a game. You need to keep personal out of it. It is a game of advancement. Who is more of a threat? Dave or John? John game wise is a pretty strong player. Not as aggressive and diabolical perhaps as Evil, but stronger than Dave as a strategist.

Dave though in my opinion is not doing such a bad job himself though, but John is far stronger.

Sucks he has to go though. I will miss the guy. He played a strong good game. But when you lock horns with the resident villain of Survivor, you gotta pay the price.

Next up: teaser shows Mick and Jaison showing their game muscle. Will we start to see the game emerge finally from them?


In the end I gotta give props to my girl Natalie!! Kudos for almost winning that immunity challenge sister!! Did you notice she was the last girl standing?? Outlasted all the boys except two, Dave and Jaison. My girl is slowly but surely emerging!!! Go get em Natalie!!!!

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