Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remembering Jennifer Lyon

Today we lost an incredible beautiful soul who gave a lot to this world through her kindness and just by being who she is. She fought a 5 year bout with cancer and fought pretty bravely. I wish I could have met her in life as she seemed so remarkable. In so many ways she is a true Survivor. Her courage, spirit and true strength has virtually captured all that truly makes a real Survivor. In life and in death, she will always embody all that.

To all who loved her and whose lives she impacted..much love goes out to you as well as prayers that you will find comfort and peace amidst pain. She will always be with you and is now amongst the stars in heaven and a brilliant angel there. She will be sorely missed. Below is a small tribute to Jenn Lyon. Peace and hugs to all!

An article on Jenn that is fitting and moving:





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