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If You Are Not Fired Up At This Point You Do Not Have A Pulse!

Amid a brilliant blue sky with New Zealand military helicopters whirling in against a panoramic view, the epic struggle of 20 seasons and the most talked about and anticipated season blazes on to our television sets! It is here, finally at last, Survivor 20 HEROES vs VILLAINS! Fans have talked about it for months. First discussing who would place (which was pretty fun here last summer on my blog) then once we learned either debating why certain choices were made or should have been made.

The helicopter scenes at the onset were pretty cool.

Coach Wade states of this experience that flying in on the helicopter was pretty cool. You could sense the tension in the air, a level of excitement coursing through the veins of everybody, especially his. Starting off like that sets the tone for what this season may bring.

Since I am mostly pro Villain I would like to focus on the various cameos within the sequence of this ride. In the one copter with the Villains we hear my main favorite Coach state "This time I trust no one and slay everyone! This is my chance for redemption!" One of my favorite quotes from this episode actually comes from Russell as he says "I am proud to be a villain! I think Villains are smarter than Heroes! Because they don't mind stabbing somebody in the back to get where they want to get! It's a fact, it's a proven fact- google it!" that made me laugh out loud. You can definitely trust Russell to create those moments of laughter on occasion. Jerri another main fave stated she was called many names Man Eater Manthey being her favorite. Another main fave of mine, Boston Rob states "if these people were smart they would get rid of me pretty quick, but they never do..." Another fave quote comes from Sandra "Last time I was mean, but this time I am meaner. I can lie, I don't care, but I can make up a good line" So it is pretty obvious the Villains are not intimidated and here to play! GO VILLAINS!

The Villains arrive on the beach looking pretty confident as the Heroes on the other hand appear pretty excited as well. High fives, excited chatter and a sea of red buffs (Villain) and blue buffs (Heroes) can be seen everywhere! Then Jeff Probst comes out to greet them and welcome them to the game. He starts off a Q&A session which was pretty funny at times. Especially when he asked the tribes who thought they were on the wrong tribe? Parvati, Coach and Courtney raise their hands and Jeff notes Parvati's hand being raised and stated that on her season Micronesia, she led a pretty successful alliance of women who pretty much back stabbed everybody. He stated to Parvati, she was definitely not a hero. He then made it a point to ask James (remember fans the showmance of Micronesia and how she played him like a fiddle lol) if he thought she was a Hero or a Vilain and James unabashedly says while laughing, "VILLAIN!" lol

Also duly noted the white hat of Colby vs the black hat of Jerri. The Outback/All Stars One reunion again and this time with appropriate Stetson gear lol

The episode starts off right at the bat and gets things moving with one pretty wild melee of a Reward Challenge. Let's just say the high points! Coach rode Colby like a horse! Infamous Tyson quote..Tyson says he can only imagine what Colby is thinking… Colby may as well become a woman because there is no point on trying to maintain his masculinity now. Colby on the other hand brushes it off and chalks it up to being rusty. Stephenie on the other hand gets her shoulder dislocated and then put back in. Rupert breaks a toe and Sugar gets her bra unclipped by Sandra! Unabashed, Sugar topless runs to the winners mat and double flips off Sandra! TAKE THAT!

In the end the Heroes prevail. They get fire but not as soon as the Villains. Who due to the sheer genius of Rob Mariano (Boston Rob) take two rather large limbs and rub both limbs together and voila a fire starts! This really impresses Coach Wade who openly states he is in awe. He even tells Rob that.

I pretty much see an alliance there. It's there. No brainer. Speaking of Villain game play Russell is again playing the same m.o. I am assuming he is thinking hey if it worked in Samoa why not here?

As in Samoa, he approached his Dumb Girl Alliance of Natalie, Marisa, Ashley. This go round, no dumb girls but a pretty smart girl. Parvati! He also approaches Danielle.

Now yall gotta realize these people do NOT know what Russell is made of. How he plays and what he is exactly about. He is in effect an unknown variable. Danielle appears to be conditionally trusting perhaps or at the least game for it. But Parvati she is definitely playing it carefully. She states she feels as if she is making a deal with the Devil. I feel Parvati is pretty discerning. Russell is pretty savvy and plays one of the more bolder mental games that has ever been played on Survivor. Whether it is him or whether it is Richard Hatch that plays the more concerted psychological game is still up for debate. But in this season, Russell will again be playing in that realm but in more experienced and savvier brains. If he pulls it off, and claims victory, I will state this now, I will personally give him kudos for the mastery at the end of the season. But with the level of talent he is going up against, he has his work cut out for him!

In the same m.o. I am predicting now, he will have two male cast mates as upfront alliances. Those two will be Coach Wade and Boston Rob. I think each can feel the other two out and know the other two are their most strongest competition. Keep your friends close and your competition much closer. Them's words I live by in the game. I can almost bet they are thinking the same exact thing. If you look through the episode Russell is close around those two. Plus Coach around Rob..Rob around Coach and Russell. There is quite a bit of interaction amongst those 3 this opening episode. It's also Russell's m.o last season. It also goes along with Coach's "iron sharpens iron" credo of Tocantins. Plus Rob also had a strong male alliance at one point as well.

Another showmance? Jerri and Coach? Coach seems to like her and Jerri sure is flirting and they cuddle. However, Coach Wade keeping his promise to be chivalrous towards the ladies this season admonishes Jerri that to do so would make them appear a bond of one and make them targets. Perhaps down the line, we shall see what happens and yes he will let her know if her name comes up. My gut says it fizzles out and nothing lasting comes from it. But kudos to Coach Wade for chivalry

Meanwhile on the Heroes side, Sugar who actually was interested in JT seems to stalk Colby. Talking incessantly and following him around from one spot to another. This annoys Colby to no end and appears to also annoy the other cast as well, at the least the chatter does. Rupert is seen trying to establish himself as a worker painfully aware his broken toe could play havoc with him game wise. It fails miserably as he cannot start fire. But he attempts it. Tom comes upon some chickens and the tribe work together to catch and snare all 4 that come upon their beach. They end up feasting on rooster at dinner, keeping the hens as egg layers for future meals. Talk about luck!

It does appear that Tom is strong at the provider role and in Palau killed a shark! This season, he comes upon chickens!

JT I noted said something that propped my ears a bit and sorry JT fans..gotta call him on it. He stated he was known for keeping his word in Tocantins. Um, JT remember shaking Coach's hands and promising you would not go back on the Warrior Alliance? Different game, true but still he did go back on his word to Coach and also to Taj! Promising her Final 3 and voted her off at Final 4! Tsk tsk JT.....

On the Heroes side, talk is about who may well be with whom. Tom and Steph? Cirie, Amanda and James? Sugar is unabashedly saying target Micronesia bunch! That's smart. Cirie and Amanda are talking. Yet Tom and Steph are too and are even talking recruiting to their alliance! It's smart to rethink the game and play from a different perspective and maybe even with different allies. Case in point Coach and Tyson..did not see even a glimmer of a look from either towards the! Plus Coach is doing a complete 180 game wise, which I will cover in an upcoming blog shortly, and I also think Tyson may be as well as he is rarely even shown. That is totally not like how Tyson appeared on Tocantins. Tyson was definitely out there during that season! You would think that Tyson with his jokester personality would have been shown more! Complete 180s there which the Heroes Tribe should best keep in mind and think about changing up. So far it does look like that is not the case and some original pairings are again coming into play.

Watch out for Cirie though! She is social. She is smart! She is even quietly devious.

I do think alliances are there for Tom and Steph and Cirie and Amanda. Also possible: Tom and JT. JT and James. Each are interchangeable. Each 3 are strength. Each 3 are providers. Each 3 are even social. Two are winners! I think Tom may even be considering JT just in case he gets to the end and cannot be faulted or voted against because he is a winner!

In the end The Villains win Immunity and Sugar gets the boot. All in all a fabulous episode and a lot to absorb still and enjoy! In the upcoming sequence we see Rob on the ground not looking so hot. Hope he is okay!

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