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A New Approach For Dragon Slayer Coach Ben Wade Survivor Tocantins vs H vs V

Since I am posting this on Valentine's Day, firstly Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and thanks for stopping by to read this blog! I admit it. I am a dyed in the wool, true blue, hard core Coach Wade fan! Have been since Episode 2 of Tocantins just what is it a year ago? Quite a journey for Coach Wade that has had it's share of ups and downs. A pretty cool ride overall. Being naturally that I am a fan of the Dragon Slayer I decided to look at what his game has been for both seasons.



Game Plans:
Taking strong to the end "iron sharpens iron"
Never lying to get ahead
Being a Leader
Changing the game completely from START to FINISH


Being Chivalrous to ladies
A Warrior in Challenges
Being More HUMBLE



As a fan I have noticed a different feel to Coach Wade this season on Heroes vs Villains. Sizing him up during the episode I saw a more humbler, a more self assured and definitely less flamboyant Coach Wade. To me in Tocantins he was larger than life. Epic. He seems to have found a more centered peace. Definitely less of a swagger. More funny. More approachable. More focused. But for sure humble.

Case in point Chivalrous to ladies, no better example can be found than how he handled the situation with Jerri. He took her aside and explained that to do so would place a target on their backs but perhaps at a different point it could be possible.

Case in point WARRIOR in better example than how he was focused at the first premiere challenge. He stood behind and seized a precise moment then wrestled for the power over Colby. Dragging Colby to his own finish line.

Being more in point when Boston Rob challenged Coach Wade to climb a tree, no doubt one of those testosterone moments men have on occasion amongst themselves to establish leadership positions. Coach at first approaches the idea but about half way up thinks better of it. He climbs down stating, what really will this prove? The Tocantins Coach would have damned near killed himself to get to the top. But the more wiser, more humbler Coach Wade knew instinctively what was up and chose to, in my humble opinion, for the moment; defer the position to Rob. Tho leadership is important, it is not his one main focus at this time. His focus is to find Redemption and not be the Coach that was portrayed by CBS in Tocantins. In fact far from it.


From Winnipeg Free Press comes this which pretty much sums it up

"I was so happy when I saw on that sign, 'Return. Revenge.
Redemption,' because redemption is what I'm going to claim this time
around," self-described dragonslayer Benjamin (Coach) Wade said at a
recent 10th-anniversary reunion party in Los Angeles, attended by more
than 200 past and current Survivor contestants.

"I don't care
about the million dollars. I don't care about the money; I've never
cared about the money. I care about redemption; I care about never
compromising who I am inside."

Wade, 38, the erstwhile soccer coach and symphony conductor whom Survivor: Tocantins'
editors turned into one of the series' quirkiest-ever bad guys, says he
paid a steep back-in-the-real-world price for the way he was portrayed
on TV, but still had no hesitation about going back into the
Tribal-Council jungle a second time.

"It hurt, it really did," he said of the selective way in which Survivor's
producers picked footage that made him look like a bit of a nutcase.
"I'm a sensitive guy, and it almost broke me. I lost my job, my
finances are (screwed), my career as a soccer coach for 13 years is
(ruined). You type in my name on the Internet, and it says, 'Ben Wade:
crackpot or crook?'

"I told everybody when I got back (from Brazil), 'You guys are going
to be proud of me. I played with honour and integrity, and I changed
the game,' and then they saw me that (negative) way... People in my
inner circle saw it and said, 'Is that really how you are? Are you a
manipulative (jerk) like that?' It was really tough on me. I'm a human
being, and it almost broke me."

So why go back?

"Well, the thing is, out there, I feel like I'm in my element," he
said. "I feel like I can push the extremes of my eccentric nature. I
love being out in nature; I love being stripped of the shackles of
society. There are no more distractions. Out there, we get down to who
we really are, deep inside."

Plus from my friend Brendan Block's Omnibus Online newspaper at SBU comes this segment:

"As a coach you don't ever want to
be wrong, you always show strength in the face of adversity, whether
you are right or wrong," said Wade.

"You take yourself really
seriously and there's a bit of arrogance that goes along with being a
coach and being successful in general. Seeing myself on 'Survivor,' and
getting eliminated was a good way for me to look in the mirror and say
'You know this is the guy I've become but not the guy I want to be 10
years from now.'"

Coach Wade is living proof that a person can do an 180 degree spin and be a more better and more improved human being. Even in a game like Survivor.


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