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Q & A with me on Em's Survivor Blog

I am behind in posting this but a wonderful fan named Emma approached me and asked if she could ask me a few questions. I assumed it was about blogging so I said sure! Instead it was an interview as if I were a cast member lol. Below is this interview I am going to repost here and at The link to it can be found at

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Survivor Fan Q & A with Brenda :)

1. Whats your fave season out all all the 19 that have been aired so far?

Em for this question! Hmmm out of 19 seasons so far definitely
Tocantins hands down! Great cast, all the episodes were fun to watch
and blog! From a cinematic level even, the shooting of it was even
brilliant at times! The meditation scenes and scenes of Exile Island
all were great. Plus the challenges were all fun! The strategies were
also cool to watch evolve. A stellar season!

2. Are you happy and excited that survivor has been renewed 2 more seasons?

I would miss the show a lot. I am definitely addicted to the show. Plus
I have read rumors of Orient locations and am curious where they will
shoot next.

3. If You could be in any season which season would you choose and why?

though I love Tocantins, I think it was brilliantly cast and would hate
to upset that balance. Instead I think I would prefer a different
season. Perhaps my second fave, Season 2: Survivor The Australian
Outback. I would have loved to have been still on the ground floor of
what would become a breaking cult phenomenon. Plus to play alongside
people like Michael Skupin,Colby Donaldson and Tina Wesson, all faves
would have been incredible! BUT, I probably would have attempted an
alliance with Jerri lol. I love Jerri-she was a female villain

4. What Castaway would you play like if you got given the chance to be on survivor?

I have been asked this question before. Ironically on an online game when I was in the Finals. I thought about it and the one person who came to mind was Chris Daughtery from Vanuatu.

Chris was perceived early
as an underdog but did not give up. He even was put in the position of
being the sole male in an all girls tribe and still survived.

kept his head in the game 24/7, played a pretty serious social game
where everyone trusted his word.He kept plucking away and in the end
owned his season. I am similar. I played similar tho not in
exactly the same situation. I might start out slow but once I get
started I will give it 120% and will play whatever cards I am dealt to

Interesting enough though I took one of those quizzes on
Facebook on which Survivor are you most like and guess who I got- Chris
Daughtery! I said "well I'll be damned!" lol

5.You're in the final 3 , you have won final immunity. You have to choose between 2 people. someone you have had an alliance with all the way but
they have done nothing wrong and most likely to beat you , or someone
who has done nothing but give everyone trouble whole 39 days. Believe it or not this happened on Survivor Myspace 8
http// online game I won. My F3 allies had been with me the entire game. Anyway I won the Final Challenge and then had to make the choice of who to take.

Denny was the quiet, smart, low key player and Michael was the boisterous in your face Boston Rob type player. Michael had made a ton of enemies as had I. In fact my target was there the entire game as had his. People wanted us GONE. Instead we had what was the best alliance during our season in the Pyramid (that is what we called ourselves as our location was the Sinai Desert and Pyramids are sturdy and have longeivity) that plus we played our
hearts out -each of us. We were all 5 pretty tight all through the game
and looked out for each other. Which is why 3 of the 5 made the Final 3.

the final challenge we were participating in, I noticed Denny had
people congratulating him for posting on the Final Immunity Challenge
blog. Whereas Michael and I were being somewhat ignored. I
thought back to stuff people had said to me in the game and realized
that I had a jury who would vote based on their feelings being hurt. If
so my chances did not look good.

In making my mind up I began to consider the possibility Denny stood a good shot at beating me. So
though it was a pretty tough choice writing Denny's name down, I
decided to go for the win and took Michael and forced the jury to look
at two solid strategical players. To vote on the game played and not
because they wanted revenge.

I ended up winning 5-2. Since
how you play an online game mirrors at times how you would play in real
life, I feel I would make a similar choice. Plus it's for a million
bucks and the all important bragging rights of Sole Survivor.
Definitely something I would work very hard for.

Thanks Em this is an honor to have you consider me and good luck with your blog!!!

Brenda Porter
Brenda's Survivor Blogs

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