Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Villains Are Heroes Yet Some Heroes Are Villains!


Welcome to my blog and my thoughts on each episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains! So far the season has given us some excitement, drama, tension and some humor. It never ceases to amaze me how with each episode during a really great season like this one is chalking up to be, how with each episode, you just grow to love watching the show more and you continue to learn more about the players and the game itself.

In this season though, it is becoming painfully obvious that there may actually be some people who are mis-cast and actually should be on the opposite tribe. Case in point Boston Rob..a leader, a work horse and one who worked so hard that he actually ended up for a moment down on the ground. Pretty scary stuff for a sec. But it became clear that he was okay, though in my opinion, the edits did make it appear far worse than it actually was!


Chalk it up to Rob's working his butt off at camp and in challenges. Is that what you would characterize a Villain? I for one don't think so. With what they are showing me edit wise, Rob is with each episode looking less like the bad azz Mariano of Marquesas/All Star fame and more like a Hero! That I would never have suspected at the outset so Rob has actually shocked me a bit.


Coach Wade with every episode (though this one was a bit more quieter on the Coach front) is looking like a calmer, serene person embracing who he is becoming and with each challenge is a sheer Warrior! Again much different than Tocantins and not coming off like a Villain at all. Fans are more and more embracing Coach Wade and feel he is far more entertaining to watch than most of the heroes. He and Rob in my opinion should be Heroes!

Russell--did I detect a soft side? I actually liked that moment. At one moment Russell said even though he was a Villain he was still worried about Rob. Thoughts are swirling there. Would he have said that on Samoa? Doubt it. He is still a Villain though and is thinking Rob is stealing his thunder. Rob's gotta go is the insinuation. One thing I have noticed and other fans have also...why isn't Russell out looking for that Hidden Immunity Idol? Is he looking and CBS is just not showing that or does he feel comfortable there already? If so my gut instinct that he has already aligned with Rob and Coach quietly and Parvati and Danielle on the other end may be why. Could Russell at this point actually feel safe? Or is there something going on that we have to search and analyze and look for?


Meanwhile, Russell who dubbed himself King Russell, caught some chicken! Looks like the Villains were eating good that night yall!


Another soft moment came when Jerri showed genuine concern for Rob. Jerri, for all her bluster is really a sensitive caring soul underneath it all. As is Coach Wade. In fact at the beginning of the show we actually see the both of them standing at the water starting the day at sunrise. Pretty awesome stuff.

The crux of the episode lies in two central themes. Rob's passing out which I briefly covered above and the challenge the tribes played for an Immunity/Reward of a tarp/rope/nails for shelter. This Challenge again showed the frustrations that lie underneath the surface of the Heroes Tribe.


It started off looking good for the Heroes. It was noted at the outset that this challenge had taken place in Tocantins Season, which it had. (ah the memories of how Timbira broke down during that challenge while Jalapao emerged victoriously! What is it with this challenge?) That 3 cast had experience with this challenge, JT, Coach and Tyson. It was decided that JT would "lead" the Heroes through it and give clear direction. Be the voice.


Boston Rob stepped up and said to the Villains: "shut up! I'm talking!" Given the fact that a: Rob is good at puzzles and b: he was the one clear voice of direction, brought the Villains together to close a solid gap between both teams.

The Heroes had a solid lead. However somewhere in the puzzle process, egos came into the picture and the divisions that are the tribe's main problem stepped in. People ignored JT. Stood around mostly looking like they had no clue what they were doing. Meanwhile The Villains under Rob's direction were a well oiled machine. Easily winning while the Heroes, bruised egos and all, fell apart into open dissension.



Meanwhile back at camp, post Challenge, James was pretty vocal about the loss. Initially I agreed with what James was saying. He stressed gotta get it together and have one voice to guide. To own the mistakes and correct it. He could have said it nicer but the more he ranted the less the tribe wanted to listen.

James instead singled out Stephenie for the vote while Tom, Steph and Colby worked on Candice and Cirie to single out Amanda, who they feel is more weaker this time.

The more the Heroes talked, the more egos I saw and of them all, James seemed to turn into a huge bully! He kept stressing that Steph had out lasted all of Ulong on Palau and because of that she was bad luck. James, you didn't also add that Steph had found Redemption in her next season of Maya Empire and made Final Two did you? She did!


Truth is, Steph is strong. Truth is Steph, Tom and Colby are a solid pact and on one side. While James,Amanda and JT are on the flip side! Somewhere needing to make a stand was Candice and Cirie. Their stand WILL cost them Tom was right.

During Tribal James, to me, based on the edits, came across looking like a huge jackazz! He was a jerk! Plain and simple. I, nor any of us out here debating this are not privvy to the full Tribal, so in reality none of us know what brought out the TNT in James, who is normally gregarious and affable. But something did and man he was a jerk! Steph ended up after a pretty heated Tribal Council getting voted off but before she left she admonished James to watch yall how you say things to people essentially. James turned and said "shut up!" Whoa! Tsk Tsk James, got a wise quote for you and maybe it will say more than Steph's admonishment did.


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he
thereby become a monster.

Friedrich Nietzsche

James you are on the edge and it does not bode well for you. You maybe a Hero but you are acting like a Villain!


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