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And So It Begins....


To all my loyal readers and to any first timers reading this blog. I have implemented a change to my weekly format by adding the views of my bud, Antanas Levinskas! Antanas is a Survivor hopeful and very savvy to the game. He is also pro Russell to my pro Dragon Slayer, which should make this blog very interesting throughout the rest of the season. A warm welcome to my bud and let the chat begin! It may get crazy up in heeeeare! We will get together sometime next week and will be working off each other.


And so it begins.....

Heroes Thoughts

There are so many things to cover that I actually re-watched it and took notes on everything.The main areas I would like to cover on the Heroes end are mainly two people who appear low on the totem pole in the Tribe, but in actuality are the more better people on the tribe!

First off kudos go out to both Candice and to Colby!

Candice, I must say with each show I watch each week, this girl is just really showing me strengths from so many areas. She is smart. She didn't vote for Tom because she knew there are moments to turn iton and moments to hold back and not make yourself a bigger target, But her pushing for James last pre Tribal strategy talks has made her someone that the larger alliance do not wanna see stick around. Her winning Immunity saved her butt in the game. But at the same time, why keep James over strength like Candice? The Heroes Tribe have made so many wrong votes this season. It's not a surprise that indeed, the Villains are showing the Heroes how to play the game right (quote from Rupert) All I can say is kudos go to my girl Candice, the warrioress! I gotta admit I respect her!


Colby-wow what an amazing guy. When he came up pretty short in the challenge vs Rupert (broken toe) and James (injured knee) he comes back to camp and like the True Hero he is offers himself up as a clear vote. He tells the tribe hey look yall let's vote for me, let's not have a stressful afternoon campaigning amongst ourselves. What came across to me watching the scene between James and Colby was how gentlemanly Colby was opposed to how truly arrogant James was. James sits there and really guns down Colby verbal wise while Colby is sitting there being a stand up guy. My thoughts were that Colby DESERVES to be there. He may not have the young buck status still but he wants what is best for his tribe. Does James truly? I am not truly convinced of that at all. James is definitely looking out for number one. Colby you are remarkable!



Banana Etiquette?
I had no idea that there was such thing. But in a way that is the polite thing to do. If you are eating, it would be a considerate thing to do (sociable game wise as well) to offer a tribe mate a bite to eat also. I cracked up when James turned to JT and said "wanna banana JT?" It was a sarcastic crack I am sure but it was funny. Banana, Antanas? lol

James was the one who in the end went at Tribal. Good solid definitely great solid vote. He is injured plus he is not the affable James we grew to love in China. He came across more of a Villain this go round. I would definitely choose Colby over James any day. Smart vote Heroes!




Rob vs Russell

This has been building up for weeks and personally I am surprised it took this long to see the collision between these two.

Watching this I wanna think that Rob tells Russell first off the bat to watch his back because maybe he thinks he is doing him a favor. But the second convo was more of a cocky play because he is thinking he is gonna make Russell sweat. Then in the meantime they can vote off Parvati in an awesome blindside. The only problem is that doesn't work with Russell as he plays the same way. The psych out game. Not that I wanna praise Russell in any way, far from it readers, but I do think Rob's macho outburst was not the best strategy. Are these two similar? I personally cannot see Rob being as pure bloody evil in the game like Russell. If it comes down to a showdown between them both, Rob please quit giving "friendly" advice and keep him guessing. A blindside is the best way to take someone like Russell out.

If you wanna psych out Russell you gotta keep him guessing.

I think though that Rob showed game smarts with the idea to split the votes evenly. Heck even Russell said the same thing that if you guys were smart you all would do that.

Rob stated he even knew who would be targeted -Tyson-- because he was Rob's ally. But I have a different scenario I would like to play with down the line as to why also Tyson was targeted. An additional layer and it would also explain another reason for yet another moment that occurred at Tribal.

Splitting the votes Tyson Goes and a Elaborate Tribal Council

Since this episode was a double elimination episode, both tribes would go to Tribal Council regardless. An Immunity Challenge was held to determine who from each tribe would win Personal Immunity for that Tribal Only. From the Heroes the winner was Candice-the Warrioress herself who did not even break a sweat during a rather daunting challenge.

For the Villains it was Boston Rob!

Then each winner squared off representing their tribe to see who would win a very important reward for their tribe of hot dogs and goodies ringside while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council and seeing the dynamics of the other Tribe. The winner was The Villains.

The Villains get to go first and have their Tribal in private followed by their vote. Then they would cross over and feast on hot dogs and Coke while listening to the Tribal of the Heroes.

When the Villains got back to started quick. Rob got his people together of Sandra,Tyson, Courtney, Jerri and Coach and talked about splitting votes. Coach, Jerri and Courtney would write down Parvati. The other 3 would write down Russell's name. Theoretically it would force a 3 way tie. As Russell, Danielle and Parvati are targeting Tyson.

If it would have gone well...the 3 would not vote which would leave 6 ready to vote. Of the 6 only one would vote Tyson so whoever they wanted out most would have left.

The main target for exit is Parvati.

Parvati is a triple threat in a few ways.

She has the poise and personality to charm and beguile. She looks hot in a bikini to the guys. Plus she is SMART. I now think SHE is the one who is the puppet master to Russell mostly and he does her bidding! You take Parvati away you can easily steal some of Russell's thunder as Danielle is not in my opinion as solid as Parvati. It would have rocked!

Instead Russell takes Tyson aside and plants a seed saying I don't wanna see her go, but I cannot save her so I may just vote for Parvati too. Tyson meanwhile wants Parvati out so he is thinking I think it is a sure thing so I will vote her off too. Personally I feel Tyson was afraid of what might happen at a re-vote (something he stated at one point) plus he also felt that the girls may turn on Russell.

Tyson I love you. But you made a huge mistake. In fact I was thinking as this went down "why didn't you confirm this with the team???" As a result in my opinion, the worse possible thing happened, Tyson got suckered in. I am not gonna bully Tyson as I am sure many bloggers are doing that and I refuse to bully a fave. I love Tyson to death and will miss my favorite awesome Mormon! I have a feeling that by your going Tyson, you have flushed out the closeness of Parvati and Russell and that in the end, their bold move tonight will work against them in the end.

In the end, Russell plays the idol (with a convenient commercial to enhance tension may I add) and guess who he gives it to?


Coach I play with honor

Meanwhile, Russell makes a controversial move and looks at Coach Wade, The Dragon Slayer, and pretty much says Coach I told you I am loyal and play with honor so here is the proof...I am saving my ally.

I will admit to for a second thinking please don't do it Coach. The smile on Coach's face and in his eyes worried me for a second. This would be just the type of stuff Coach Wade would appreciate. It is in his loyal, honorable nature to react to this in an appreciative way. But I have a good pulse on Coach's game and still don't see him being that gullible. For one he just lost his best friend in the game. Secondly, c'mon that move was a power trip! Plus Coach, to explain what I mean, I will quote him in his exact words:""When the Dragon Slayer gives his word-it's done!" He has given his word on Parvati to the rest. Come hell or high water Coach will not break his word.

Now I ask yall peeps when has Russell Hantz EVER played with honor truly? He is playing the same exact game he played in Samoa. He is loyal to one person-RUSSELL HANTZ.

In my opinion watching this go down, I feel that Russell is reeling Coach Wade in to take him on to set him up. Think about it. He has offered Coach the use of an idol but Coach is voting against his ally. Coach is not with him. I stated that firmly last blog. Now how would you want to accomplish the feat of snaring someone to try to set them up if not for taking out their main ally?

True, Rob does play a part of being why Russell is targeting Tyson, BUT Tyson is not Rob's main ally! Tyson is COACH's main ally! Has been since Tocantins! So you basically setup a pretty devious play of getting that main ally Tyson to in essence vote himself off while you make this eloquent speech to his main ally Coach playing on his honor. Get at two birds with one stone. But the main heart of the elaborate devious move is aimed at COACH..not Rob. If so why would Russell turn to Coach in front of everyone and not in private and say such an elaborate thing? He is setting Coach up plain and simple. Russell is never above pulling slick moves in such a way to cover several areas. He wants Rob AND Coach gone! It was not a secret about Rob and now it is open war on Coach also. Hence my title "and so it begins". I definitely am pulling for Rob and Coach on this one.

I am thinking Coach is staying his course though and staying focused on Parvati. He may have respected Russell's moxy for a minute but I feel I have a good read on Coach. The Coach I am supporting will stay on course as he is a believer in consistency. He is smart enough to know Parvati is a dangerous player and will avoid again another bite of a poisonous apple. He has to know that Russell is playing a basic defensive type move to remove a close ally to position himself to him. Thus attempting to reel him in to set him up. But Russell's numbers are few and Coach HAS numbers. I have hope still that Coach will stick with the path and not allow this to happen. However, this is what I saw go down and in and of itself the thought is very controversial.

Thoughts on this?

A very exciting episode and definitely looking forward to next week's! Russell is hunting an idol and taking the remark Sandra said to heart: "Russell if you don't have it and you didn't find it, you best look for it. Point Blank"

I love her remarks! She may be a big mouth but the lady does set it straight!

Til next week keep the torch lights burning!

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