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Appearances Are Deceiving

Appearances Are Deceiving March 14,2010

As I sit down to write this blog I am still dealing with the effects of an infection. I hope I get over it soon because it feels like I have had it forever. Hope everyone enjoyed the recent installment of Survivor. This last episode saw the unearthing of yet another Hidden Immunity Idol. Plus pretty hard fought challenges, during one a Hero was injured. We are still seeing the Heroes Tribe slowly imploding upon itself. Plus say it isn't so--an alliance between Russell Hantz and Coach Ben Wade????? But first things first I MUST start my blog with this!

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Wow wow wow! Like Jerri, I live for the stuff! Trust me if someone said to me on that island you are going to win a reward of chocolate -I would be hustling like crazy in it! This blog for the most part is powered by chocolate! I am very partial to M&Ms in fact.

I noticed Jerri hustled like crazy out there in that challenge! Did you see the one moment when Rupert and Jerri kind of looked like a train wreck! Well my girl Jerri and my guy Tyson (who I still wish I could see more of..hint hint CBS!) each scored a point for the Villains to win and talk about chocolate! Wow-I want that spread!!!

Oh no, he is at it again!
Meanwhile guess who is in possession of yet another immunity idol?! Yup, Russell Hantz. I really hope the Villains are serious about targeting him. I honestly would get a kick out of Russell getting a taste of his own medicine in the game. Kind of like the karma I was speaking of concerning Cirie.

Meanwhile Parvati is excited about the news. Of course!

I actually think Parvati is far more deadlier than Russell for someone's game. She has some serious skills when it comes to wooing people to her side. Plus when you add that smile, good looks and serious charm, all assets she uses and to every last drop! My biggest concern in the game would be her. But again if you add Russell...well you got trouble. Each week I say it and again this week I add-those two should be sent packing and quick!

Parvati is not dumb. She is pretty beguiling as well as competitive. Plus she knows how to work people over then take them out. I would never overlook Ms. Shallow by any means.

Say It Ain't So, Dragon Slayer!

During the episode we saw something that when I watched it I felt like puking at first. Russell approaching Coach Ben Wade and stating hey bro I have the idol. I trust you. It's yours if needed etc. Coach during the convo looked like he was seriously sizing up Russell. We see the Dragon Slayer kneel and be knighted by Russell (gag) At first as it appears, Coach looks genuinely impressed Russell would think of him. Perhaps honored at the moment?

But I gotta say though Coach-you bow to no one bro! You are the Dragon Slayer!

My take is that Coach Wade is a genuinely good person. He tries to see the good in other people. He is trust worthy and tries to trust others. In doing so it makes him vulnerable and perhaps even gullible sometimes. Now notice the key word is sometimes. Upon watching it several times back to back, I am genuinely doubting Coach will bite that poisoned apple.

Personally I think Russell told Coach he is the son of a preacher (appealing to Coach's Christianity which is important to him) plus another big plum-he (Russell) agrees to play the game with honor alongside Coach. He promises they will not lie and the two would control the game. Now those are enticing promises! However, I think that soon Coach will realize that this is all smoke and mirrors. If there is even a smidegeon of an alliance it will not be that lengthy. For one Russell is tight with Parv (his Natalie this season). Plus he also is going around calling himself King Russell and is not shy about letting people know how hard core he is. It won't take long for Coach to wise up to him if he hasn't already.

But in all seriousness, I do have some advice for Russell. Beware of thinking someone is a joke. The thing is Coach Wade is a lot stronger this season than last outing. Plus with the added benefit of Coach Chi which clears the mind and helps with focus, he may well surprise you. Never underestimate anyone ever in this game..especially Benjamin Wade. He may raise up and bite you in the back side! Hence the title of my blog-appearances are deceiving. Coach is stronger than people assume. Plus far as this possible alliance goes-again-appearances are deceiving. Next episode in two weeks will see if Coach is indeed in Russell's back pocket. For now it appears so. But again, appearances are deceiving in my opinion.

Today I was thinking on my blog and noticed some subtle similarities between Coach Wade this season and Laura Morett last season. Both were approached. Russell used their Christianity as a common bond. Both were offered the idol as well. But remember all the hullabaloo that Laura may have the Russell seed planted and may align... Remember that in the end it did not occur. The edit then leaned to a possibility that it might occur. Yet it didn't occur. I see the same exact thing with Coach happening. Only this time seasoned players are on Russell's tribe and there is a probability Russell may push the wrong button on the wrong person. They have the numbers now to take him or Parvati out. We shall see though.

Boston Rob is now in the cross hairs of Russell's target
Well it looks like we have ourselves a stalemate going on at the Villains camp. Russell and Rob. Rob thinks Russell is an idiot and Russell is very annoyed that Rob is the undesignated but considered camp leader. Each of them wanna be head honcho and yep they are on a pretty quick collision course. This girl is behind Rob on this one. Being I wasn't too big on Rob his other two seasons, this is a first for me. However Rob needs to get his head wrapped around the idol. I am wondering if he is even taking the idol serious.But I love his philosophy to smoke it out. However, Rob seriously needs to not challenge Russell and just let him think he is King of the heap. But that ain't gonna happen and thanks to the preview for next episode, we see the two trading smack talk. In the end these two are on one serious collision course.

Meanwhile over at the Heroes Camp

During one of the challenges James is hobbled. He pulls or stretches a muscle in his knee. It doesn't look good -in fact it looked pretty painful.

Amanda is going nuts because she is scared he will not return to camp. She calls him her big protective brother and states that without his presence there her game would seriously be jeopardized. Amanda has placed Final Two in back to back seasons....James game wise is not a Rhodes Scholar. Amanda you have a far better game than James.

I loved it when she in an interview called out JT as being one who made 20 alliances and was not to be trusted. She even with determination said bring it brother! Meanwhile JT is also worried about his strategy without James. What is up with that? Two F2's need James???? JT being a WINNER! Must be what Tom said James is a loyal vote. That he shuts up and does as he is told. Myself, when I see James now in this season, I am honestly not too happy with him. He is loud, abrasive, tells people to shut up at Tribal, and they keep him over Tom?

Strategically -Tom is a solid vote. He is a thinker. They are also fast being decimated tribal wise, which may mean an early merge like Samoa's was. Individual games at merge will come into play so getting Tom out now makes solid game sense. However.....

Tribe wise- James is hurt and Tom is strength. Rupert says he thinks James is stronger. My question is how so if he can barely stand? He is also going to have to compete next episode in a challenge! To be honest I don't see him doing well in it. You trade strength for a loyal vote and your tribe is being decimated at that? I don't fully see the logic and just feel they are further spiralling down into one big pit.

Tom Goes Home
At the end of the day Tom goes home this episode. But not without putting up a big fight so as to speak. Last episode he used the idol to save himself and Cirie went home. This episode there was no doubt. JT was not even considering swinging back as he knew if he did he would be a goner. Plus as JT said he needs James or he will have to totally rethink all strategy. From the outset Tom put himself out there separately from the core alliance and wanted to do things just like in Palau. Non compromising. By doing so he made fast enemies. This Tribal it was easy to see who was going. I just don't completely agree with the logic since James is of no real use to the tribe hurt. But strategically it could well be considered a sound vote as Tom is a threat. Tribe wise the decision just further compounds the problems of an already hurting tribe.

The next episode of Survivor is not this Thursday coming up but the Wednesday after, in two weeks almost. Oy vey-March Madness is back so the episode will be preempted for the game.

Until then, enjoy Survivor Heroes vs Villains! Keep the Torch Light Burning!

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"Circumstances do not make a man-they reveal him"
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  1. Great Blog Brenda:) You are very observant!!! Well noted that you are correct, when Russell approached me, I did not accept his offer, ultimately he made it further than myself, however, I still would not make that deal. There are some things money can never buy:) Coach is also one of those that will not compromise. Blessings and keep up the great blogs.



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