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There Is Always Hope

Survivor All Stars Heroes vs Villains is shaping up to be a rather exciting season. With all the drama and exciting challenges there is a lot to focus on and the main focus this blog will again be mostly on my favorite Tribe-the Villains Tribe!

You know who is with who simply by seeing who they sleep next to at night

No truer words said and by someone who would be an expert on knowing that very thing. Rob Mariano aka Boston Rob had an alliance that started just like that with his then fellow tribe member and now wife Amber. Who then went on to become the Final 2 in Survivor All Stars 1. If anyone knows this then who better than Rob!

Not saying that this will happen and love will blossom post series for these sleeping pairs, as Russell is married to a lovely woman named Melanie Hantz. Parvati is rumored to be the girlfriend of JT. Coach is single from what I have heard and Jerri is also single.

Basically if you are talking a lot together on the beach and then at night keeping warm together, it automatically would signal to people that this is a solid alliance and one to watch out for. Voting pairing, strategical pairing, blanket pairing. I would worry if I were out there. The pairings again signal that you are one vote and whoever the other votes for, the other will most likely follow through.

So when Coach Wade approached Russell and said dude, you need to watch the pairing up with Parvati, he was giving him some sound advice. Boston Rob echoed it.

What now as a Coach Wade fan I am concerned with is as by Coach doing this, though well meaning and trying to be helpful towards Russell, it is actually placing a target on his and Rob's backs. Coach I know you meant well. Though to your face, Russell did the hang head look and did the she is not important deal, however, behind your back the first thing he did was say you wanted her gone. He sold you out and did it with a smile on his face. Then urged Parvati to continue doing what she is doing. In fact he went on to call you a joke (of which I am offended by) and basically said no one tells King Russell how to play the game. To be honest Russell I think you play dirtier than anyone I have ever seen play. You and Parvati are definitely a combo I would target if I were out there. You both play such really devious game play. No one is safe with you both on the island! Especially combined!

Meanwhile....on Heroes....

JT's running the show

Is it me or does it seem like JT is ruling the roost there? He makes up with Tom and Colby saying that he feels crappy for voting against them and wants to be able to work things out with them. Then JT later talks to Candice and notices something. She is pretty smart. So JT is now whoa boy! Hang on a second. Maybe now I should go place a carefully planted bug in the tribal ear about Candice.

He then tells Cirie. Candice says she doesn't trust you! Reminds me a bit of a high school tactic of the popular girl being freaked out her status may end up with the Jenny come lately. Start a vicious rumor and see if sparks fly.

Fly they do! Cirie tells Candice that she heard that Candice does not trust her. Candice then swears she never said that to anyone!

Then Candice goes about the island asking everyone and in general making such an ado that she has further increased the target. She maybe smart strategy session wise, but her actions are saying she has something to hide. If it were me, and I were Cirie, I would wonder why all the bravado and why she is hell bent on making a fuss? Candice, in short, CHILL OUT! You are making JT's plan work and further enhancing his rein on the island chain of strategical command. Seriously, chill! Let Cirie figure it our for herself.

Now back to my tribe the Villains....

Coach meditates

One of the best scenes on the episode. I am not saying it because I like Coach but because I love scenes like these. Mystical and cinematically beautiful. Plus how many scenes have you ever seen on the show that show a cast member singing a beautiful song of worship to God. It was cool as hell.

Russell is at it again!

Just like Samoa when Russell burned socks and let loose chickens and poured water out of canteens. He is again setting chaos at bay or attempting to. Russell decides to one night while the tribe is asleep, take the machete and hide it. Plus Boston Rob's cap as well.

It doesn't appear it worked edit wise as we see the tribe making do anyways using a rock to open clams. It doesn't show if this affected firewood gathering or other activities that would require a machete. But I would guess it did. Though the tribe doesn't seem yet upset enough to come apart at each other unlike Samoa. I still think there has to be rules and guidelines that would be in effect to not put cast mates at risk. Without fire or water, I would think, would put people at risk. It doesn't help but hurts a tribe. It may at some point give a person doing it an upper psych hand, but it is not something that would make for a strong tribe. So in effect he is working against his tribe. It is a blatantly selfish move. Again I am very upset at you Russell! Give you one thing though you are playing the Villains role very well.

Heroes Kick AZZ!

I have noticed this season that they are starting to combine the Rewards with the immunity Challenge. This challenge was for both immunity as well as luxury items.

The idea of the challenge was to stand in a circle stage each tribe member of the opposing tribe squaring off holding both hands onto a cushion. Then using leverage and as much force as possible, you force the opposing tribe member of the circle stage into the mud banks.

This challenge was a doozey! Each person squaring off up until James vs Randy fought hard and tough! It brought out a hard core level in everyone.

The most memorable moment was Coach flipping Jeff Probst off! My thinking is that Jeff must have brought out an intensity in Coach Wade that many haven't seen before. By challenging him to get back in after telling Coach the match didn't count. It all goes back to the hard core Warrior Coach is becoming. I thought it was cool, actually. Not many have flipped Probst off if any have at all. Besides Probst is cool with it. Which is cool that no hard feelings are involved. Going back to this match up the one moment when we see Coach and Rupert staring each other down was pretty cool. It felt like we were looking at two boxers ready to go a couple rounds. I for a second was convinced I would hear Michael Buffer's voice intone with "AND in this corner....." Rupert won.

The Heroes played fiercely and OWNED the challenge. Winning every heat.

Yet again James comes off like a jerk though. Yelling at Randy after knocking him down with little effort. Plus he was yelling at others as well during their defeats. I am beginning to wonder about James.....

Randy with pearls of wisdom

With this being the first loss of the Villains. Talk is automatically going on about who should go. Some say Randy because he is the oldest and possibly weakest member of the tribe.

However, Randy on the other hand is urging Coach Wade and others to consider the obvious (at least the buzz on the street says this is the one who should have gone) the villainess herself, Parvati. Randy notes the guys are being drawn in by the ladies who are playing the charm game for all it's worth! He tells Coach this is Micronesia 2.0 and that he knows he was talking to Parvati and really does not wanna know about it. That Coach should know what's going on and should make it clear to Rob what's going on. If they don't see it, he really would rather not play the game anymore with them. He then admonishes Coach that if they allow it to continue,that he and Rob are next! Survivor Bren sadly agrees for once with Randy. He then states I will see you in Loser's Lodge and buy you a beer. Coach, listen to this guy!

Coach does seem to agree with Randy as he states firmly that he is onto Parvati and he feels that anyone who lazes around camp is not worth keeping around in his opinion. He later states that being a Coach of a woman's soccer team he feels he understands females pretty well and no tricks will work on him.

However he does seem to be liking the feminine virtues of Jerri and he is seen walking with Parvati, which makes Jerri steam!

Leading up to

Jerri vs Parvati


Jerri:" Every time I see her I just wanna punch her in the face, I just wanna take her down!" Is it me or is there some jealousy going on?


Maybe it also could be that Parvati is really making us strong women look pretty bad. She does all these pretty villainous things and turns around and says "why do they wanna vote me off? " little ole me. Parvati it's time to own it sister! You are a player and a good one at that! I don't blame Jerri. I would wanna call her out too. I think though it is a tinge of both things..jealousy that she is flirting with Coach and the fact that she has Parvati's number and dialing it. You go. Jerri!

The Most Amazing Confessional Ever on Survivor:


It ends the episode but it also ends an episode that was by far the most awesome edit CBS can give to Coach Wade. He looked very strong on this episode. In the challenge. In how he was talking to every member of the tribe in decision making. I am impressed overall with Coach this episode. In fact I would call it a subtle Redemption edit in and of itself. But when he shone the most was here. It was brilliant and I am taking these words to heart as they are the most compelling and the most powerful words ever stated in a cameo. Brillaintly spoken and brilliance overall. Call it my favorite moment ever in any episode and let me tell you there are lots to choose from! Thank you Coach. This is amazing!

"There's nobody out here that's honorable. There's nobody out here that's honorable, except for me. I hate to pontificate about that but you know, Martin Luther King once said :The greatest measure of a man is not how he handles times of comfort, but in the way he rises with controversy and challenge. There's always hope.The last thing we have in life or in this game is that the impossible happens. That we dare to dream and Randy wakes up in this camp tomorrow. So yes there's still hope while there's still breath and a brain cell in my brain, I will fight for him"

Well spoken Coach and an amazing confessional interview!

Sadly, though Coach spoke some pretty stirring words the tribe votes off Randy and a disgusted Randy tossed his buff into the fire upon exit.


Below is a cool addition I would like to now share with readers. I asked my friend Rita Verreos from Survivor Fiji to share with us her thoughts on this episode. I found that a moment in this episode compares with her one challenge out on Fiji vs Cassandra. Plus the same episode saw Rita's torch get snuffed. Rita has these thoughts to share with everyone as she can also understand what Randy too must have felt that day.

Rita Verreos from Survivor Fiji


Alrighty...sorry for my delay in my thoughts on this week's episode. Blame it on Post Traumatic Survivor Disorder...LOL. You see, it took me a few days to stop having flashbacks of my turns at the sumo-mud wrestling challenge I had to do with Cassandra which broke the cartiledge on my nose, btw! :(( and yet I still got up and went another turn, that wasn't even mine to do(it was really Rocky's was later pointed out to me by a writer from EW..bless his heart, who was very kindly rooting for me...or was it my bikini top slip ups he was rooting for..??LOL).. Anyhoo...boy did that bring back fun memories!

I felt like it took forever to get to that challenge on this episode...I'm sure it felt that way to them too. We did get A LOT of socializing..or not, which is always fun and funny to watch. I'm impressed with Coach's callin' Parvahti's bluff, because flirting done right (& we all know Ms.P has it down to an art) is a force to be reckoned with! So, does that mean that Coach realized Jerry might have been using that strategy on him? Someone did their Survivor 101 homework...atta boy Coach!

For the record, I really don't think that Russell's fallin' for Parvahti. Knowing his capacity for deviousness, he's just making it look that way. I wish he'd stop saying he's the "King" of the game etc.

That kind of cockiness is NEVER good and ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the butt.

I don't know what comes over us out there..oh wait, yes I do...starvation/dehydration anyone?? that makes us lose our capacity for long-term thinking. Short term, Randy mighta been the way to go, but in the BIGGER Survivor picture..Parvahti, knowing the power of my girl's charm, was DEFINITELY the way to have gone...

Hasta pronto!

Thanks Rita! I love it and I hope the fans who read enjoy it as well! You rock!


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