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Tonight We Make Our Move

"Tonight We Make Our Move"


Another week of Survivor H vs V is in the can, the sun is finally shining outside in Florida, after a pretty prolonged cold spell. With the sun's warm rays, it beckons me again outside, so I will try to keep this blog as brief as possible.

PhotobucketFirst things first! TYSON!!!! Lots of Tyson this episode. Challenges, interviews, talking with Coach. I loved it! I was beginning to call Tyson the Friendly Ghost. I like Tyson so I want more Tyson!


In Pursuit of an Idol

This episode had a lot of highs and lows and even some nail biter moments. To me each episode is gaining momentum. This episode saw two Hidden Immunity Idols were available for each tribe. The Villains, who you would think would be tripping all over themselves in order to dig or search for it, instead we see that the majority felt it was a curse to have and even one said we should find it and toss it in the ocean!


PhotobucketThe Heroes on the other hand acted like we assumed the Villains would act and were racing to find that Idol! Not surprising as the Heroes Tribe for the most part have been playing and early, mostly individual games. Tom does find it and hides it in his sock, which Amanda saw him do. She promptly tells everyone-he has it! Tom has no other choice but to reveal that he does indeed have it and attempted to use it as a leverage device to get him and Colby farther in by stating he would share it with JT, Amanda and James. More on that in a bit.

PhotobucketRussell on the other hand, is cursing himself for not realizing the clue was in the reward item. But even though the other Villains are not too raring to go Idol Hunting, Russell does indeed wanna again be in possession of an idol, and does indeed go hunting for it. Stating that he is going for a walk. Rob is savvy so he asked Sandra to watch him. Sandra honestly looked funny stalking Russell. Russell knew she was there tho and hid in some fronds. My opinion-he has the idol. I think when he hid, he was hiding the idol somewhere on him.So be on guard Villains one of yours has the Idol!



Coach Explains Himself
PhotobucketAt the beginning of the show we witnessed a very emotional moment on the show involving the Dragon Slayer, Coach Ben Wade and Tyson. I found a cool video online which addresses his feelings on the advice Tyson gave him.

PhotobucketThere are many sides to the Dragon Slayer, but one thing is for sure, the Dragon Slayer knows where his identity does lie and here is one man who will not compromise -not even for a million dollars. Pretty sad to watch and for sure we witnessed Ben Wade, stripped down and raw.

PhotobucketHe momentarily considered quitting the game, but for the fans of the Dragon Slayer he came back and with a vengeance!



Tom Finds An Idol

PhotobucketAs I stated above, Tom of the Heroes camp happens to luck out and finds an idol. That is pretty good luck as Tom and Colby are now sitting ducks and could use that leverage. Their approach of talking to James, JT and Amanda almost worked.

PhotobucketThat is until Cirie got into Amanda's head and said "did he give you the idol?" Leave it to Gangsta Oprah lol! She states here that Amanda is "not the sharpest tool in the shed" and whatever charms that Tom and Colby had worked on the majority is soon fizzled.

PhotobucketAmanda who has made it to Final 2 twice before in back to back seasons, almost seemed like she had no idea what decision to make. You would think she would have a clear plan after having done so well. My thinking is to go with your gut. Personally I would not be putting much trust in JT though as he has played both sides twice in this season.

PhotobucketIs it me or does it seem like JT is a power broker? He played one side like a fiddle two weeks ago and flipped on them at Tribal to vote off Stephenie, a strong player. This go round he flips again back to Tom and Colby. The only strategy JT has is the one where if you are my threat are history. He will lie and use his skills to get his threats removed from the game.He has considerable charm, which can be an asset for him and is probably why he is not even being tossed about yet as a threat. But if you keep skipping back and forth, eventually it does catch up to you.

PhotobucketJT over hears the talk Cirie is having strategy wise and immediately targets Cirie. He decides then and there to vote off Cirie. Cirie is now a huge threat to JT. JT decides to vote off Cirie with Tom and Colby and again flips sides to take out a threat.

PhotobucketTom prior to Tribal Council made a statement to Colby that is one of the best lines I have ever heard said on the show "Tomorrow we make our apologies. Tonight we make our move." I don't often say kudos to a Hero but kudos to Tom on that frame of mind. The game ain't over yet for you or Colby!

PhotobucketSeeing Cirie's blindside was almost like watching Survivor game karma. Looking back to Micronesia and the blindside of Ozzy Lusth -I am sure Ozzy was watching and going "YEAH!"

PhotobucketI love a good blindside especially when the person is not even expecting it. Cirie stated at Tribal she was never confident at Tribal. But like Tom said Cirie is confident. She knew who took her out though and in her final words gave kudos to JT on taking her out. Cirie was a very good vote. The reason I believe so is she was not strength at challenges but strength in the game. Tom and Colby's strength right now is needed. Voting off strength early does not help you win challenges and keeping weak but strong players hurts you eventually in the game. A smart vote for once for the Heroes and a damn good blindside at that!

During the Tribal Tom did play his Immunity Idol. Which means possibly a new one will be available soon at the Heroes Beach. So look for more Heroes again tripping over themselves in pursuit of yet another Immunity Idol.


Until next week, Enjoy Survivor Heroes vs Villains & Keep The Torch Light Burning!

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