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Antanas Levinskas


King Russell v. Queen Parvati v. Sorceress Sandra
Okay…I get it…we are totally buying into the contrived yet compelling analogy to our survivors in King Arthur’s court. We’ve seen the court jester (Tyson), prince (Rob), and dragonslayer (Coach) fall to the powers of the king and queen of the dark kingdom of the villains. After this last week, I’m not even considering the heroes as playing any significant role in the real story of Camelot in Survivor. least a Dark Camelot. As the wise King predicted, the outcome at tribal council this week will dictate the foreseeable future. In a way, Russell has taken on two roles in our story. King, and Wizard…the one foreseeing the future…a future where the pawns of the enemy (heroes) will fall to his sword…and he will be last man standing. First, JT, who was mesmerized by the spell that the King and Wizard cast on him. Stunned, JT walked to his execution still denying that the king could have betrayed him. Instead he calls out Parvati and all women as those who should not be trusted. Next…the pawns in the enemy camp (Heroes) will fall one by one as the king so determines. Amanda, Colby, Rupert, and Candice will be removed from the “All Villains” kingdom. It is written…or at least the spoken fate of these pawns.


So…I’m not spending too much time thinking about the progression of tribal councils over the next few weeks. Russell has already revealed that for us….it’s a given.
And that brings us to the real excitement about the kingdom…the power that exists in Dark Camelot that has remained hidden. Now don’t get me wrong…and I doubt anyone will…I am completely in support of King/Wizard Russell taking this game all the way to the end and be the last man standing. He deserves it. However, while he has shown some wizardy skills, they are nothing compared to the powers that Sandra has been containing until now. No…Sorceress Sandra has yet to fully reveal herself. I think things are only about to be heating up at camp….where Russell’s powers will be dwarfed (trolled) by Sandra who is going to release forces of manipulation, webs of deception, and spells of submission. It is for this reason that Sandra will outlast others at Dark Camelot and survive for the ultimate face off with the King and Queen. Yes, I hope for a final three this season if only to stand witness to the terrific battle that could unfold between these villainous forces.


To date…the fallen members of the court are Coach, Courtney, and JT. Coach will maintain his allegiance to the King…especially since Ruseell revealed his vote for Courtney at his banishment from the kingdom. We know that Courtney will vote for Sandra if given that opportunity. If Sandra’s sorcery fails her, then Courtney will, in my opinion, be caught in a dilemma about who to award the victory. Due to her tendency to make jest about the troll…I think she would give the title of victor to Parvati. And then there’s JT…and as I noted earlier…JT is still under the King/Wizard’s spell and would choose the King over the Queen. As it tends to be the case season to season, so much of the end of our story depends on who will be picked to stand trial at court, and who will be the one to do the picking.


And this writer does not purposely neglect those readers who are in support of the other two villains; namely, Danielle and Jerri. Danielle is clearly a pawn, a lady in waiting, of Queen Parvati. When the queen is done using Danielle, she will cast her aside in a blindside. So…at this point, unless Danielle wakes up…which I doubt she will, she is waiting for her own execution. Why would an evil queen want to have someone next to her who may be more liked…or, from in a Dark Camelot world, less hated. Which brings me to Jerri. I’ve always like Jerri and think she is an awesome player…but, she seems so outmatched in terms of evil in the kingdom. I just don’t see it in her. Maybe her dark heart was softened by the dragonslayer. I’m not sure…but since Coach has gone…she seems to be distracted…maybe by thoughts of her knight…her dragonslayer. And in a dark world of villains….you can’t afford to be distracted…especially but affairs of the heart….of love. Love has no place in Dark Camelot. Perhaps the most humane action that can take place is to send Jerri to the arms of her man waiting for her at our Avalon…Ponderosa.


Final thought: Although our story appears to spell tragedy for our heroes, wouldn’t it be interesting if Colby surfaced as a Lancelot…what might that look like, and how would that impact the future in Dark Camelot? Could the Queen’s heart be similarly softened like Jerri? Would she allow it?

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