Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Support of Billy Garcia

Below is a statement made from Billy Garcia. Since I run his Fan Clubs on Facebook and have talked to him personally about this, he has asked me to please spread the word about what happened to the public on his behalf. In support of Billy I have agreed he can have the use of my blogs for this statement. I am with Billy Garcia 100 per cent. Everyone who is a fan knows Billy is a kind, easy going diplomatic person and does not get this upset unless there is a good reason. Below is his statement:


OK everyone,

I and My band Forsakken were booked for an event in Virginia for April 24th, 2010 put on by Tim "MR. TERRIFIC" Lawler. My band was told we would play for an hour and a half, that we had to bring all of our won equipment including a PA big enough to handle 1500 people and that we would have to pay our own way there. We said we need a sound man but otherwise Ok, we rented a van, loaded all of our pro equipment and drove 6 hours to the gig on the 23rd. I set up everything and I had played sound man for another band on the 23rd. fine, no complaints. Then one of the band got bumped from the 23rd to the 24th and we would have to cut our set in problem.

On the 24th, I found myself playing sound man again for the band that got bumped to this day, no problem. Finally Forsakken hit the stage, no sound man. ok, no problem we went on anyways, after the first song, Tim Lawler comes up to the stage and tells us we have only 10 minutes left to play. Well, that sucks but fine. After the second song, Tim gets up and signals the row across from him and people file out of the auditorium to go to the gymnasium for the wrestling part of the event. So we didn't even get the 10 minutes we were just told we had.

I stood there and counted 15 people that had stayed. So defiantly, we played for those remaining 10 minutes we were promised. Afterwards, During the wrestling part of the event, one by one fans would come up to the band members and tell us that they were told to leave the auditorium and go the gymnasium even though it was clear the concert was not done. Ok, Forsakken returned to the hotel and having had a video camera running at the back of the auditorium we plugged it in to the hotel tv and watched it back. Sure enough, the fans told it like it was. So fine. We kept it to ourselves.

Next day,(today) Tim Lawler sends a mass email to all of the reality stars that attended the event and admitted in the email that "FORSAKKEN kind of got screwed!" I said nothing back. I was just gonna let it go.


Then Tim Lawler called me on the phone worried about how I and my band felt about as he wrote, the "FORSAKKEN kind of got screwed" thing.

So I told him how the band felt....That we didn't mind having to cut our set shorter to accommodate the band before us. What we were upset about was that after the first song we were told we had another 10 minutes to play and that after the second song Tim got up and had everyone leave and go to the gym for the wrestling(which the FANS separately told each of us us about afterwards) I told him we Video taped the whole thing and watched it back at the hotel to see what the hell happened. well sure enough those fans told the truth. The video shows it happen just the way they said it did. So my band felt disrespected. And I told Tim this is how the band felt.

Well, Tim tried to push the blame on Coach Dodson and I responded, by telling Tim that he's the captain of the ship, and Tim responded with "Go Fuck Yourself" and Hung up.

WELL, Since Tim is going to act like a child, then I can't and won't do any more event, business, or anything with him, anyone else that does, you're on your own.

I busted my ass providing pro-quality equipment for the event and worried about everyone else first and myself last and I can "Go Fuck Myself" TIM LAWLER. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT AND IF YOU DARE TO EVER CLAIM I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU I WILL BURY YOU FIRST AND SUE YOU SECOND! All any of us want or expect is respect and FORSAKKEN got none from you. Like a Child you try to pass blame, the schedule this, Coach that. This was you're event, I supported you by renting a van driving 6 hours to provide the pro-PA and even played sound man though I was very adamant before hand in telling you we needed a sound man. But fine, I made no complaints and did the best I could. I took everyone's performance seriously and worked hard to give them a pro-sounding gig. But when it came time for my turn, it was "Go Fuck Yourself"

Tim, you are nortorious for burning bridges. You've burnt one more! This time you burnt the one bridge who legitimzed your book reality stars bull shit! You're an immiture ass hole for wronging us, not owning up to it, then Cursing us out. FUCK YOU TIM! IF I EVER SEE YOUR FOUR TON FAT ASS AGAIN I'M GONNA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR CRY BABY SORRY CARCASS! I Can go fuck myself? It's the other way around! You aren't half the man that Coach Dodson is!

To my fellow reality stars, my apologies. But I could not take Tim's disrespect lying down. None of you would have.

-Billy Garcia


Photos courtesy of Billy Garcia

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