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Survivor H vs V Weekly Edition with Antanas Levinskas and Brenda Porter Pro Coach vs Pro Russell Hantz


Brenda's Thoughts

An Alliance Based on Lies


Watching the show this week it became painfully clear how much presence Rob was around the Villains Camp. If anything, while watching it; I became painfully aware how Rob was like the "glue" that held the Villains Tribe together. Now it appears the Villains Tribe for the most part (except for Russell) is missing Rob's presence. In challenges. In camp life. In every aspect that basically could keep the Villains cohesive and successful.

One thought came to my mind clearly while watching this, was one thing- deja vu.

Recall last season and how when Russell was allowed to weave his self serving spell over the tribe how it basically hurt his tribe there? Remember how in Samoa his tribe rarely won challenges? Remember at times how his tribe suffered miserably due to the weather conditions along with Russell's need to be the King of the mountain there? How he got people to vote off anyone there who would dare challenge him?

If I recall correctly some of these were camp workers. Is it me or is there a sense of deja vu happening? Could it be the one factor that is the same in both circumstances is a deterrent to his tribe wherever he is placed?

With the loss of Rob, reality started seeping in as the tribe realized that now they have little to no food . Plus now with that being the case, the losses have started happening. The tale without Rob at the camp is now similar to the fate of the Heroes Tribe at the start of the season.


Too many egos and no cohesiveness. Or make that one big ego--Hantz.

Meanwhile the Tribe under the "rule" of Hantz is starting to show serious cracks.

Plus also challenge wise things don't look so great. With the tribe being mainly 5 women to two men, and of the women only two are solid challenge contenders, namely Jerri and Danielle; it is almost a certainty that until merge comes, the Villains Tribe may continue in this free-fall. All under the rule of King Russell.

So now I am thinking if Rob is the glue that held the Villains Tribe in one piece and made it successful. Then another person surely was their conscience. That being Coach Benjamin Wade.


Now the tribe no longer have either glue or anyone who will stand up for the tribe and urge to keep strength. The reason being namely-the diabolical one Russell Hantz. The man who is so paranoid that he would trust the word of someone with ulterior motives before his own ally. True, Coach Wade did not trust Russell but he was not one to back down on his word when he gives it. Though he considered the alliance an alliance of lies; he still was not about to go back on his word to Russell. My ears perked up when Russell gave his reason for his vote at Tribal as being to cement trust in the tribe. Dude, wth??? When did Coach ever lie to you? When did Coach ever betray your trust? But in reality, you Russell have lied to him and betrayed his trust. Plus without Coach's strength're in a fix. But paranoia and again stupid voting are tearing a tribe apart that could have taken themselves into the merge and dominated.


I thought of something during the episode and am seriously wondering why this was never approached. They had the means to vote Russell out. The one scene when Danielle was arguing to keep Coach Wade and take out an injured and WEAK Courtney..I realized that at that moment that Danielle had within her grasp a shot at changing up the game for everybody!


As it stands now for her, she will be lucky to make Final 5 herself. Sandra most likely will replace her as Russell's confidant. Plus Sandra will make darn sure she can.

Danielle, how easy would it have been to for now keep Courtney and approach Coach, Jerri, Sandra and Courtney to talk about a game changing moment. They would have been in! Even if Coach voted for Courtney out of a sense of honor for voting weak off and keeping strong -they still would have had the numbers to do so.


But I do think Coach would have voted Russell as he clearly did not trust him. If Danielle cannot see what we as viewers are seeing then some sort of hypnotic spell is going on there. Because she had her shot at changing the game up and possibly going deeper into the game. Ifs..should haves.. maybes... but it could have been done.


Losing Coach mind my words will hurt. he is strength and what is Courtney? With her sprained ankle not helpful. Plus she is WEAK! But sadly that is how life is in Kingdom of Hantz a not so lovely place to visit let alone reside. However, it does appear that Russell can so easily be swayed by the voice of a woman. Women are very intuitive creatures and if savvy enough know how to sway their way into anything. Parvati and now Sandra know how to work Russell Hantz. From where I sit he still doesn't appear as dynamic as people believe he is.He is being controlled. By people savvy enough to play on his paranoia and ego.


When I think of Russell Hantz I cannot help but think of the Shakespearean character Macbeth, whose paranoia and egocentricities cost not only his life but the lives of many in battle. It was all about "I" and not "us or we". His egocentricities will cost him in the end just like it cost Macbeth should he again meet Final Tribal. Mark my words -it will.

Plus from where I sit with Coach now being the first member of the jury, he is now one of the group that possess true power in determining the fate of Russell should he make it that far. Coach now is pissed. I think that Russell, you should have kept him.


I will miss Coach Wade and soon so will the rest of the Villains Tribe. You played with honor bro! You definitely got your redemption! My support will now switch to four people, namely Jerri, Danielle,Candice and Colby.

Now let's switch gears to something cool a new part of my blog called Picks and Pans!





PICK: Jeff at the bowling challenge on a possible merge: "..drop...your............expectations! "LOL Jeff you definitely are a teaser

Pan: JT finds an idol!! Plus put that up there with looking over at Russell Hantz and whispering "hang in there!" First off JT why are you whispering to Russell Hantz? Do you realize how dumb that is? What if your tribe catches you doing that? Plus you are in effect whispering to the most villainous player of all time! Are u kidding me? I see him as screwing his alliance or tribe or whatever it is to him and flipping and offering it to Russell Hantz or Parvati. It would be his thinking that if he does so he will get further into the game as he did with Taj and Stephen. The thing is if he does do that, he will most assuredly get SCREWED! Game karma JT.

PICK: Candice and Amanda ARE onto JT : they caught him finding the idol!! If they had not done so he would have hid it. Personally in my opinion I like Candice. She is a pretty savvy player and she is pretty strong. When she has your number she dials it then leaves a message lol. I liked watching her dial JT's number and say well we can get rid of him and the idol in one fell swoop. He is slimy and has an alliance with everyone. No one knows where he is at on the game map, which so close to merge means he is at risk to flip. Nooooobody trusts JT. Candice I do think she can do it if things are able to work in her favor-she is smart!

PAN: Not enough Colby darnit!!! I like Colby!!!!

PICK Jeff (again) at Tribal Council calling out Courtney. I found it funny and actually sat there and thought Jeff you scoundrel you tried to in my opinion, put Courtney under the bus! He calls it like he sees it gotta give him that. lol

PAN: I was looking forward to a merge too! It would have been interesting to see how it would have played out. At the rate this game is going and the momentum swaying back and forth it may be soon though.

PICK: last but not least the Heroes still have momentum!!! After struggling, it may be so, that the Tribe is now the Fab 5 least for a bit.

Til next week, keep the torch lights burning and enjoy this season of Heroes vs Villains!





Antanas Levinskas

Top Ten Reasons Why Russell Rocks Survivor

10. Because he planned and became the dominating force. Courtney, in talking about Boston Rob’s demise, says, “…because he was not in the dominating force.”….Russell raises his eyebrows and smiles. Russell rocks it…he knows he is da man!

9. Because “Russell is a bully…no more, no less, he’s a bully”…Coach

8. Because he is hated “more”…”I hate Jerri, I hate Danielle,…I hate Russell even more”…Sandra

7. Because “Russell’s ego has the villains in a hole they can’t get out of” …Jeff

6. Because he can get the opposing tribe to think about giving him their hidden immunity idol. “If I get a chance to talk to Russell, I’ll give him the hidden immunity idol”…JT

5. Because he is already working the jury. Russell knew Coach was going home but wrote Courtney’s name down so he could earn Coach’s vote at the finals. Russell clearly has learned to improve his game from Samoa. Russell signed his name, HANTZ, on his vote for Courtney for Coach and Jerry to see…smart move.

4. Because he is good at messing with Sandra (I love seeing Sandra get all worked up)….”With me…he don’t know what he got himself into”…Sandra

3. Again…because he is good at messing with Sandra….”Russell needs to go into the ocean and wash his ass”….Sandra

2. Because Russell is in control…”He’s threatening Russell Hantz. When you do that, you go.”

1. Because “Russell is a piece of work!” …Coach

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