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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Fan Blog IV

Michael Davidson




Amanda is the only person who expressed any kind of concern about JT giving the idol away, again she said nothing. This entire season has started the same way at the Heroes camp: Amanda's confessional where she comes with these master plans & has all these great strategies lined out & then the minute she steps foot into camp someone tells her whats on the agenda & she suddenly forgets all about what she had came up with & is suddenly on board for anything anyone can come up with. You have to have a leg to stand on in this game because your tribemates aren't gonna be your crutch for long! this is a game with a million dollars on the line & as much as you'd like to think everyone is deserving, only one person can win! this isn't a game where the whole tribe takes home the grand prize! you have to start thinking for yourself & actually acting upon it at some point. & i think she's waited too late in the game to act upon anything she can come up with. This is the same girl whose made it to the end twice. the same girl who Jeff said was the 1st to reach 100 days playing Survivor. Seeing as how she's gotten so close twice before & was the first to reach this milestone you'd think that would be some motivation to try and win it all, but no. she lets others control her way of thinking. & i know some people say "its her strategy" those people are blinded fans. The girl doesn't have a strategic bone in her body! She got lucky in China and was aligned with Todd so everything he told her to do was a good move. She got lucky again in FvF with Cirie & Parvati.. (3 of the greatest strategist [Todd, Parvati & Cirie] to ever play this game, add Russell & Yul to the mix & thats a group of Survivors i'd like to see go head to head) & if she was aligned with Russell & Parvati in this current season she'd be a shoe in for the finals, but she's not she's taking her queue from... womp wom woooomp Rupert & JT?? Seriously? She may be spared a few more days thanks to the merge, but we won't be seeing Amanda in the finale of Heroes vs Villains.

Brian Morelock



We had a lot going on in tonight's episode. Before I talk about the episode, I want to send out a special congrats to Amanda being the first survivor to be on the island for 100 days. Great job girl! U rock!

I am going to start by talking about JT and the heroes giving Russell the idol. Not a good idea. Amanda said it best, "We don't even know whats going on over there." Exactly! Without knowing for sure whats going on, it is absolutely DUMB to give someone from the opposing tribe the immunity idol. Everyone on the heroes tribe thought it was a brilliant move except Amanda. Amanda called the idea crazy! She even tried talking to Candice, but Candice actually agreed with JT! Amanda was in the minority and no one would listen to her. The heroes tribe has one star on their tribe and thats Amanda. I do think JT is a good player, but I think he won because Stephen was masterminding everything in his season. Colby didn't have immunity idols when he played the first two times and he looked absolutely ridicules talking to Russell during the challenge.


The one thing I do find interesting is where Sandra is going to stand once the tribes merge next week. On the previews, we saw her talking to Rupert and telling him there is no women's alliance. Did anyone else get a sick feeling in their stomach when Russell swore on his kids that he was with the Heroes? What an absolute scum bag. I know it's a game, but that's just one thing u don't do. I do not respect Russell and I do not think he's as good as people make him out to be. Russell had this handed to him. He did not mastermind anything. The person dominating the villains tribe is Parvatti. She has Russell wrapped around her finger and she is OUTPLAYING Russell badly. Parvatti is definitely a step ahead and I think she is running the show, not Russell.

I think the villains made a bad decision to vote Courtney out over Sandra. Sandra is a much better player at strategizing and wiggling her way into an alliance. Danielle said it best at tribal when she said Sandra is very convincing. Everything the villains talked about favored getting rid of Sandra, but they voted Courtney out. Bad move. I am happy they did it though because I am a huge Sandra fan.

I see the heroes in huge trouble. The only hope they have is if Sandra flips and the idols aren't played against whoever the heroes vote for. Jt or Colby would probably be the first target from the villains being they are the strongest.

Adam Basham


All I can say is "what the hell??!!??!!??"

Actually, I can say a lot more than that, and I will.

First of all, pretty much all the remaining players lose points with me this week except for Sandra and Parvati, but I think we need to start with JT, because that was just astonishingly bad.

To be fair, I don't think it was the worst move of all time. I do think it was in the neighborhood. I mean, if there was a girls' alliance, this move would have been stellar... get yourself into a 5/5 merge but with an ally from the other side that you saved that will more than likely vote with you instead of the other tribe... nice. Only one problem. There never was a girls' alliance... and that's what the ENTIRE TRIBE gets for jumping to conclusions.

And yes, I know Amanda said that they don't really know what is going on, but she still let it happen (as did Candice)... more on that in a minute.

So, what did JT (with the support of his entire tribe) do based on these assumptions? He made an ass out of you and me.

Instead of going into a merge tied at 5/5 with a hidden idol at his disposal that the other tribe doesn't about, he is now going into a merge 5/5 with a hidden idol in the possession of RUSSELL, the leader of the OTHER TRIBE!!! Smooth move. What's more, they probably will think Russell played it; therefore, they will be blindsided.

And don't even get me started on that letter (it kind of reminded me of the essay Ralphie writes stating that he wants the Red Rider bb gun in A Christmas Story... the way it was written anyway... and it sure supposes a lot, namely, that Russell can't figure out what to do with an idol all on his own... the irony is just too good... as is Parvati's response).

So yeah, if it was based on a true women's alliance that they KNEW was really in place, it would have been a genius move. It wasn't. It was an idiotic move. There have been a lot of them this season. I always said Stephen was the smart one in JT's old alliance. This supports my opinion greatly.

The rest of the tribe? Well Colby and Rupert ate that stuff for breakfast. We already knew Rupert wasn't the brightest marker in the box, but come on, Colby!!! What was that??? We confirm eneymy tribe dynamics by asking "are you going tonight?" to THE ENEMY? O, well since, Russ said "uh-huh," it MUST be true. Our opponents would never try to DECEIVE us for their own gain. Some genius scouting moves, cowboy.



Candice and Amanda might have realized the girls' alliance could be imagined, but they decided it would still be a good idea to let JT give the idol away, if only so that he wouldn't have it anymore. And yet, it is now in the hands of someone that is a much bigger threat than JT... someone on THE OTHER TRIBE!!! F-.

Of course, Russ will take credit for this, even though he had nothing to do with it. He thinks he is controlling the entire game, but little does he know that...

1. Come merge, Sandra is going to jump over to the other tribe because it's been made very clear to her that the remaining villains want nothing to do with her.

2. Parvati is playing him, leaving him out of the loop, and setting up her own position in the game so that she doesn't need him... to the point where she has a hidden idol of her own that she even told Danielle about, but not him.

Danielle just follows Parvati's orders and then pretends like that isn't true at tribal council while accusing Sandra of being the follower (even though Sandra does things on her own). She has very little shot of winning this thing.


That brings me to Sandra.

O, what a position she has managed to find herself in. Now, I'm going to have to base some of this on previews. It would appear a merge is coming. If that is the case, expect Sandra to try and become the 6th member of the heroes. If she does, she can do a LOT of damage... even though Russ has JT's idol. In fact, we could be looking at one of the biggest blindsides in the history of the game.

For it to work, the heroes are going to have to put aside their pride and stubbornness, and they'll have to let their egos take a backseat to real logic. I guess what I'm saying is it might be a longshot. But think about it. Russ thinks the heroes will tell him who they are voting for. It'll be a woman... probably Parvati. He will then give that person his idol and one of the heroes will get blindsided. It's not rocket science.

The thing is, Sandra is in the position to sabotage EVERYTHING about this plan. All she has to do is tell the heroes the truth. There is no women's alliance. Russ and Parvati are running the show. Russ still has the idol. And there is the setup for the blindside.

1. The heroes pretend to believe in the women's alliance. They tell Russell they are voting for Parvati and Russell pretends to be voting with them. Meanwhile, Sandra continues to pretend to be voting with the villains.

2. Russell gives the idol to Parvati, thinking, once again, that he is the king of Survivor, a true mastermind of the game. He gloats, he brags, he grins from ear to ear, he congratulates himself and pats himself on the back for being so much better than everybody else.

3. The heroes AND Sandra vote for Russell. The other villains vote for one of the heroes but, though they don't realize it yet, it ultimately doesn't matter.

4. Parvati stands up and plays the idol, also with a devious grin on her face (and she probably makes a snide, yet flirtatious remark). Russell smirks in a way that makes him look like the most smug person ever born.

5. Jeff reads the votes. First vote... hero X. The smirks and grins and self-congratulatory behavior crescendos a bit. Things are looking good for Russ until... the next vote... Russell. Wait, that wasn't supposed to happen. Russ' name appears 5 more times. Suddenly, he's not so cocky, and Parvati's elation is transformed into sheer concern. It'll be ok. She has more tricks up her sleeve. But Russ' time has come to an end. Adios. Sandra is amused beyond comparison. And I am cheering in my living room like I did when the Phillies won the World Series.

My favorites right now? Sandra and Parvati.

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