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Samantha Gray aka Survivor Rocks

All rise for the honorable Coach Benjamin Wade.Jerri and Coach are finally wising up, it’s like that old saying, "you don’t know what you have got , until it’s gone!" Jerri and Coach had regrets voting out The Robfather, and they should. I still firmly believe Coach and Jerri would have stood a better chance, if they would’ve kept Boston Rob.Jt telling Amanda and Candice and the whole world he found the HII was a mistake.Coach has redeemed himself in my eyes, we can blame the edit for last week, because i was back to drinking the Coach Koolaid during this episode, and i have always been a loyal and honorable fan of Coach;it goes way back when everyone hated Coach almost as much as people hated on Russell, the days Jeff Probst and I were his only fans.

This was a pretty good episode, but i didn’t like the challenges.How can Bowling be a top challenge in Survivor History? I didn’t like that challenge during Survivor Samoa, and i liked it even less this time around, i just don’t like bowling.
Parv and Courtney taking on Colby and Jt , isn’t even remotely fair, but this is Survivor.Boston Rob must have been the glue, the nails, and the scotch tape holding the villains tribe together.

Russell’s plan just might work."Help!" It made me chuckle out loud. The heroes might believe there is an all female alliance.Sandra is buzzing in Russell’s ear Coach needs to go! "He’s gunning for you ...Russell." Danielle made some excellent points.Let’s send Courtney to the Ponderosa, she is weak, and sits out of all the challenges, we need Coach to win challenges, and we stand a better chance keeping Coach.I agree with Danielle.Sandra works her magic, and Coach becomes the first honorable jury member of Survivor Heroes Vs Villains.

Go Sandra!

Michael Davidson

Probst asks the question did Russell's ego get them in a hole they can't get out of?? Listen Probst to quote him "I'm Russell Hantz! if you're not with me! you're against me!" Gabon, Tocantins, Samoa... when was the last time a winner had the numbers going into the merge. It has nothing to do with tribal numbers or tribal alliances. Yeah its great if you can win, it reduces the risk of you going home when you have to go to tribal, but if you're a great strategist, whats the big deal? & i think Russell has proven he's a great strategist. There is not a doubt in my mind Russell will be in the finale of Heroes vs Villains.

I commend the villains for bringing their camp. You can never assume anything in this game though, but I'm sure they'd rather pack it with them and take it back than not pack it to the challenge & leave without it.

Sandra. i've said many times i like her. she's feisty, but there's a difference in like & respect. I have a hard time respecting Sandra's game play. she's a coat tail rider. she openly admits she's a coat tail rider. She rode coattails in Pearl Islands & she's riding coat tails here in Samoa. its nothing new, many of them make the Final 2/3, we've even seen a few of them win.. But i think the difference in someone like Natalie White from Samoa & someone like Becky Lee from Cook Islands is, like Sandra, Natalie embraced her inner coat tail rider & didn't try to hide it. She said several times she would do what Russell told her to do.. and the difference in someone like Natalie & someone like Sandra, who both have won & both openly admit they ride coattails to get there is Natalie got lucky. she was quite content with going home 5th place. She said so herself, 5th was farther than she expected to go, so she was fine with it, she was going down with the band before she dared to stray away from her original alliance.. Although Sandra admits she has no strategy whatsoever other than to rely on that of others, she won't back down. If she's on the chopping block she'll atleast fight for herself, as long as its not her she doesn't care who she votes out! & she does not leave her fate in the hands of others, if she sees her alliance is in the minority she'll jump ship & latch on to someone else for a free ride to the finals, .. and thats what we seen her do tonight. & i have to say, i respect her a little more for it... more on her later tho..


Adam Basham

If this were my other favorite show, LOST, I'd call this a setup episode. Nothing big happened here, like it did last week, but it sets up for the potential of a big move in the future.

The key word is potential. Sandra pulled a clever move by getting Russell to target Coach instead of her ally, Courtney. It's possible that she only delayed the inevitable for a week. But it's also possible that she just saved her game.

For instance, there could be a merge.

But the scenario I hope for, one that would be a LOT more satisfying to me, would pit Sandra and Courtney against Jerri.

Now, let's backtrack for a moment.

Rob Mariano, one of the most dominant forces in this game... EVER... had himself in a great position early on. Russell, not so much. I do believe Parvati is playing Russ like a flute (though he believes he's playing her, she has proven time and again to be a social powerhouse in this game, against morons and strategic players alike, whereas he has only had success against morons), and I do believe it was Parvati that made the strongest "arguments" to pull Jerri in.

Tyson, a blundering idiot (as was proven his first season when he fell for Stephen and JT's shenanigans), made a bonehead move and fell victim to Russ' not so original scheme (it's been tried before, always unsuccessfully until now). All he had to do was listen to Rob and all would have been right in the world. No such luck.

Then, Jerri decided it would be wiser to ditch the people that have been working with her all along to work with people that all the sudden want to include her in a "final five." Five? That sounds like a crappy deal to me. At least offer the girl fourth. Not to mention, even COACH was onto Russ' crap, and he's an idiot. How Jerri did not see it is beyond me. She regrets it now.

At any rate, I was rooting for Rob, which brings us back to my current point. I want to see Jerri suffer the same consequences that Tyson did... make a dumb move, pay for it. And Sandra, ever the opportunist, has the perfect setup.

Jerri didn't vote for the tribe. That makes her both an outcast and unnecessary to Russ and company now. Moreover, Sandra has found Russ' big weakness. He strikes at the drop of a hat when people are "against him." Both Sandra and Courtney voted with Russ. Jerri did not.

I can see it now. "Hey Russ, Jerri said she wants to vote you out because you blindsided her love interest, Coach." Enter classic Russell rant about how "if you aren't with Russell Hantz, you are against me" (wow, Russ has discovered basic logic). Then, bye bye Jerri. Or not.

The point is, Sandra can weasel her way in now, and we know she can do it because she did a GREAT job of it when she won her first season.

In other news, I think all the "castaways" have done a stupid thing by playing the alliance game way too early. Keeping an injured James over Tom? Not such a good move. Keeping Courtney over Rob, who pretty much won all the challenges for the Villains? Not any better. And why did these things transpire? Because people started scrambling on day one to have a dominant position within their own tribes, forgetting that it doesn't matter how well you fit in to your own tribe if your entire tribe gets voted out after the merge... because that INCLUDES YOU!

Right now, I'm most impressed with Parvati, Sandra, JT, and Candice... that's right, Candice. She knows the power Amanda wields, and the seeds she planted there about JT... good move. JT, though playing both sides of pretty much everything is GETTING AWAY WITH IT!! Come merge time, JT, Sandra, and Candice have a LOT of room to maneuver, and they all appear to know how to do it. Parvati just pretty much gets an endorsement because, as always, she continues to get whatever she wants.

And for the record, I'm not a fan of Russell. I'm not a fan of Amanda. I know both of those statements come with a certain degree of controversy. I'm cool with that.

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