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Catfights, Idols and Jerri Wins Immunity!

As I sit here trying to get my thoughts in process to explore last Thursday's episode I am thinking about three simple things that to me really summarized the whole episode. Three Stupid Moves.


1.Colby and Amanda allowing Danielle or imo RUSSELL to possess the clue to an idol. Thereby another Idol (how many is it so far???)
2.Candice flipping over
3.Russell playing the idol

Before I begin this week's journey through thought and reflections and who knows (???!) kudos and rants, I have neglected (bad blogger! smacking my hands lol) to congratulate Amanda and Parvati on the 100 day milestone. That ladies is an amazing milestone to reach!!! So kudos to you for that achievement.


Plus kudos to Jerri on winning immunity for the very first time in 3 seasons. Myself I would have SUCKED at that challenge. I shake when I am tense and gingerly placing things like that makes me freak so kudos to you! You go girl!


Now first off I love Colby to death and have heard from a friend that Colby did not realize he was doing it and dreaming (better wake up bro!) , But I have to say this, dude siding with Danielle to keep the clue over your ally? Possession is 9/10ths of the law or finders keepers losers weepers is my opinion. It was on the ground and was there over 7 seconds lol so it just as much belonged to Amanda.


If Danielle wants to toss it down on the floor and not keep it on her person, well, Amanda had as much of a shot having the clue. The cat fight was hilarious. I could easily hear Michael Buffer in the background saying "....aaaaaandddd in this corner......" and come out fighting clean...oops spoke too soon ha ha but as a result Colby dude you say give the clue back??! To Russell (it doesn't matter if it's Danielle's to begin with, it ends up with Russell) and as a result you both are putting your side at risk. I agree it is honorable. But it's a game. The game just got really lopsided again in the Villains favor.Think...think..I urge you!

I will say Amanda your anxiety gave you away. Normally you are calm and poised. I am sorry to see you go though and wish seriously you had brought your "A" game. Throughout the season all I saw was brilliance in front of the camera but allowing your views to be set aside. If you would have stubbornly held your ground, a lot of the missteps that now haunt the Heroes Tribe might have been avoided. Congrats on 100 days and I do give u kudos on being a fierce competitor at times in challenges.



Now to another moment in the show that now bothers me. I like Candice. She is strong and smart and I refer to her often as the Warrioress. However I have a bone to pick with my girl this week. Candice, you could have stayed in with the Heroes and changed the game. Sandra's flipping was a game changing momentum moment. If you would have stayed there, imo, you were a possible F3 with Rupert and Sandra. Instead by flipping you are now a non entity. The Heroes will not trust you. Russell doesn't need you. As of now you are a number and no more. I see a burned bridge with the Heroes. I almost believe Sandra will keep her distance and Russell has Jerri, Parvati and Danielle solid and Sandra if it fits her game for the moment. So with the Villains, you are now disposable and a number. The Heroes are now down to solely Rupert and Colby. There may be a possibility to spare themselves where they may decide to make a deal of one of ours (I am thinking Candice as she originally was a Hero) for one of yours (Danielle, as in listening to Russell's sounds like she is either a "threat" or ranked low because of her strength and aggressiveness which I think makes Russell not wanna keep her too long.) If those occur vote wise, Rupert and Colby are spared for a bit. Which is why I think by making the big move, Candice has sealed her doom. Should have made the deal with Parv! Making it with Russell as a "guaranteed F3" is dumb. He is playing with Parvati and Jerri and I doubt he will flip on either. Plus Parvati is the one who wields the power, not Russell.


Russell. Russell. Russell. I think the many days consecutive you have played Survivor is starting to really wear on you. You are losing it. You snap at the girls for having a hidden idol (duh it saved your tribe?! So what if you didn't know, get over it!) you decide a juvenile way of thinking is appropriate and say "well I'll teach em! I will find and play the idol and show them!"


Now that the little tantrum is over, you have the idol, then you flip Candice; thereby adding a number to your side and eliminating Candice soon after, all good moves on your part.

But you have a flaw. A small gap is starting to appear.

For now to reveal this, I am wanting to analyze three things.

1.Why did you go off in the first place?
2.Playing the idol unnecessarily due to paranoia
3.The look you gave at Parvati after playing the Hidden Immunity Idol (HII)

1. Why did Russell go off? I think honestly not having the dominant role really scares the guy. He either has to have the role or he gets extremely paranoid. I think he is now seeing Parvati has him and has him tight. He thought he had her, but I think he is waking up to the realization that she is in complete control and it scares the living daylights out of him. Because he seems to be the type of guy in control of most of his life, I feel imo, that this maybe a new territory for him. To allow a woman the amount of control Parvati has and wields so readily has to really get to him thereby cracking the surface he has a bit. So it gets to his psyche and next thing you know, paranoia, bully tactics and yes, immaturity happens. A better way way would have been if you are game ...I am and give her game back at her.


2.The paranoia fed into believing that he was the target and he ended up playing the HII. I am with Parvati on this one..wasted idol. You are letting the paranoia get to you and also dull your thinking. If you allow it to fester, it will make you immune to everyone and who knows (??!) Jeff may snuff the torch after all. But Parvati is the one people want out as ...yes...she holds the power. Period.

3. Now the look. What I saw imo happening between the two was Russell looking to Parvati as if he needed her approval or disapproval. When she said "wasted idol" and his look afterwards and the "damnit!" to me, reinforces HER hold on HIM. Also HER hold on the game.

A friend said he felt that Russell may have did the above or feel the above but he feels that Russell was doing the nanner nanner nanner thing of I had one, you didn't know it, I played it so there!

Imo, seriously, his nanner nanner nanner is juvenile and his paranoia to the extent he had it this episode, may cause even Parvati to say naeehhh don't need ya. Nobody wants someone freaking out like that on them continually. Plus childish behavior is not something most people put up with well.


Imo, Parvati can easily take you on and spit you out. She is the black widow, not my beloved Jerri, as black widows get you caught in the web and then proceed to feed on the prey. If next episode is an indicator, to stay alive Russell, you will need to match her wit for wit or use her game against her. As she can easily play yours but with less brutishness and more of a subtle but slier way. But I do believe that your paranoia will get you in a fine mess. To be honest I am still not impressed at all with Russell. I don't like the bully tactics. I don't respect childish behavior and imo Parvati is better at playing the game as she plays well on all levels of social and strategical. Russell you need Parvati, so seriously, chill!



But I am impressed with Rupert. He is planning some really good moves the past few episodes. I am hoping he has a few more good moves in there.


I am also rooting on Sandra as well as I think she knows how to weave her way through any situation. She won Pearl Islands and went up against what was then the leading villain in history-Jonny Fairplay! In this game she is going up against another leading villain meaning Russell Hantz. She didn't back down then and I have no doubt that if Candice had said "Parvati" instead of Amanda (and left her picking off for next go round) Sandra would have stayed the course and Parvati would have gone. Instead Candice's decision made Sandra realize that to vote Parvati would put a bullseye on her back.

If she and Candice had stayed on course..Russell would have been easy pickens!

So as a result of Candice's dumb move now mixed in with Colby's and Amanda's allowing the clue to go to ...Russell..a lot of momentum for this game to have a Heroes finish is in question. As it stands now, the power is solidly in the Villains factor. But I am not counting Rupert or Sandra out. If they keep coming up with stuff like this, they may still be able to change the game and take Russell out.


Until next week, keep your torch lights burning! Enjoy the next episode and discussing all things related to Survivor!

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