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Survivor H vs V Fan Blog by Brett Bower...Russell gets OWNED!

Brett Bower




Nothing on SURVIVOR has hit such a strange nerve in me than this man child and his inability to admit defeat, learn from his mistakes, and conduct himself with the slightest amount of dignity.

Hey Russell.....look up the term "sore loser" and you will see your own picture. Except now, the picture has you wearing your own hat that Sandra burned. (props to Sandra) The was classic as he was served a bit of his own medicine. That smarts, doesn't it Russell?

So, once again he makes it to the end of a season and proves that he has zero clue how to succeed in this game. He does not lose because of "bitter juries" or because the "game is flawed." Anyone who truly believes that probably also believes that WWE Wrestling is real and that the refrigerator light never goes off.

But he has fans that follow him blindly even after their "leader" admits during Final Tribal Council AND during the Live Reunion Show that he only plays to get TO the end...but he doesn't care about the Jury aspect.


Hello again, Hantz - The ENTIRE goal of the game is to get the most votes at the end. Period. That's it. There is no other goal in the game of SURVIVOR. His admission that he doesn't think the Jury is a valuable part of it just proves how clueless he is in how to craft strategic thinking into a winning gameplan.

And Russell fans.....if he was your coach on any given team and told you that he wants you all to play hard and do whatever it takes to get TO THE END.....but then admits that he thinks that the end of the game is the 3rd quarter instead of the 4th (i.e. day 38 instead of 39)...and that all the things that happen in the 4th quarter are stupid and don't matter......what would you think of your almighty coach? Would you STILL follow this guy and think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Day 39 is when it is all put to the test. Everything you have done on every single day is evaluated and scrutinized and the relationships you have or haven't made, the way you played, the manner in which you conducted is ALL examined with a fine toothed comb by a Jury that you have helped vote out.

If you vote them out in a manner that makes them hate your guts and not be able to put a pen to parchment and spell your name when it really counts....then QUIT WHINING TO THE WORLD WHEN YOU LOSE EVERY TIME.

Probst even tried to explain to him why he didn't win and he wouldn't listen. It's almost like his goal was to make each player hate him. Danielle, Rupert, Jerri, Coach, Courtney, J.T., Colby, Amanda, Candice. How on earth did he think he was going to get a majority of those votes....let alone even ONE?

I actually find it rather fitting that he did not even get one person's vote. Even Danielle tried to tell him DURING Final Tribal Council what he was doing wrong and that he wouldn't get any votes. The man is as blind as they come. He thinks you should play full tilt, make tons of enemies along the way, and then be graciously handed the win on a silver platter, even though not one single person can stomach the idea of casting a winner's vote for you. THE JURY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ENTIRE GAME!!!


And him proclaiming that the audience should get to determine the winner......that takes away the entire structure and design of the game itself. I won't even dignify that with a reply other than to say that it is ludicrous and laughable.

He has even changed the way people view the show. So many people are being "blindsided" by the way the show is presented. They are starting to confuse "Good TV" with "Good Strategy." They are not the same thing.


Russell is good TV. I will give him that. He is like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off of. You know he is going to be destroyed. You know it's going to be ugly. But you can't turn it off.

So what if he finds idols and says villainous little "soundbytes" and gets like 80% of all the screentime. That means nothing. That just means he's interesting to watch. That's why Russell fans gave Natalie such a hard time for winning Samoa....because her gameplay wasn't "interesting" enough to get a lot of airtime. You can't blame CBS for following Russell like a hawk as he tries to find idols and socks to burn. They knew he saved an otherwise lackluster season last time.

I've enjoyed this "Heroes vs. Villains" season. But I'm amazed how anyone can think that Sandra did nothing to get to the end. She was one of the smartest players out there this time. I see no logical way that anyone can argue with that. Unless they are still under Russell's spell.

And I wouldn't have minded if Parvati won either. But it's just poetic justice that Russell ended up at the end with TWO previous winners and he gets shut out.


Tom Westman said it best at the Finale: "Whoever wins each seasons deserves to win."

Russell fans can be as bitter as spiteful as they want. The man lost. He is a poor player and a poor sport. I don't see how anyone could listen to the things Russell said on this Reunion Show and STILL think that he hung the moon. He basically spent the entire finale (inadvertently) making a case for why he cannot and should not ever win. He didn't even realize he was doing it. But he explained exactly why he does not understand the structure of SURVIVOR and what it takes to win such an intricate, complex, and clever psychological game.


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