Monday, May 3, 2010

Survivor H vs V Fan Thought Blog Pt3 Scott LePage pro Parvati

Below was written and submitted by my friend Scott LePage. Thanks Scott!!!

"I Know You've Been Waiting A Long Time To Do This Jeff"

"You wasted one." Says Parvati, as Russell did just that! I mean in all fairness Parvati, Russell did that same thing in Samoa, and it could be argued that you did the same thing by giving one to Sandra last Tribal Council. I'm not defending Russell at all; I'm just stating the facts. It's always better to be the person who played an Idol and didn't get voted for, than the person who was voted out and didn't play an Idol. Besides, I wouldn't put it passed Russell to find another Idol next week. Honestly if I were in his Shoes, I would have done the same exact thing; especially when your dealing with a known flipper (Candice), and someone who feels on the outs (Sandra).

This takes me to the finding of the Idol. Colby, Danielle and Amanda on a reward and all hell breaks loose. Once Danielle found the clue, she should have just shoved it in her boobs again! (I guess her doing so last time was not a foreshadowing) Danielle should have hid it better and Amanda should have been more furtive in stealing it. At least she could have OPENED the clue and READ it; then given it back. It still amazes me what people will, and won't do to stay in this game. Wrestling over a clue is apparently ok, but stealing it is not? First off, if Danielle makes it to the end, she can forget about getting Amanda's vote to win. So while Amanda and Danielle were fighting over an Idol Clue, Colby was just a Clueless Idle. This is not to say he didn't do the EXACT right thing. Not getting involved will work will well in his favor I believe. It may make Amanda mad at him, but she's gone now anyway so its a moot point.

This also brings me to my next point and something I often wondered. When you get a clue to the Idol, why do you not go looking for it before you show your Allies? Yeah they're your allies and all and you want to be honest with them, but there's a way to be honest whilst being deceitful. Example: I find a clue to the Idol, I don't tell anyone I have the clue. I go off looking for the idol, I find the Idol, don't tell anyone. Then I tell people I found a clue to the idol and have them looking for it for it in vain. They'd never suspect you of already having it. Just a thought for future players (maybe myself someday).

Candice, oh Candice. Putting my biased opinion about the Heroes aside. Why did you even talk to Russell and tell him EVERYTHING Sandra was trying to do? Do you really truly believe that he'll take you to the end? You already caught him in a lie about the Idol! And now you trust him? WHY?! I would never trust anyone who lied that big! You ruined any hope the Heroes had at cracking the Villains armor. Sandra was ready to flip to YOUR SIDE where you would have made top 4 guaranteed! Now you're looking at a top 6 finish at best.

Congrats to Jerri for winning her first Immunity in 3 seasons! And hey for what it's worth Jerri, had that been in Gabon, you'd be sitting in the final 3 right now!

That leaves Tribal Council. I for one was very happy to finally see Amanda get snuffed. It's been long over due. She always seems to start getting emotional around Day 30! Never fails. Jerri said it best, "I can't tell if she's constipated or depressed."

Until next week! when we witness 2 tribal councils and a Sinking Ship!


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