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Survivor H vs V Fan Thoughts Blog : Sandra FTW


Brett Bower


I will be writing this completely unbiased because there is really no one on this season that I'm rooting for. Even when they first announced the cast, there was no one I really wanted to see win. The person I was most curious to see play was Boston Rob.

So, I'm dissecting Sandra's game not because I want her to win, but because this needs to be done from a strict game standpoint.

Sandra understands her position on the villains side and she understands her position in the game overall. She is biding her time and not making premature moves. She was smart to stay with the villains on the first merged vote even though she didn't want to. And it was particularly smart of her to vote with them again last week once Candice jumped the gun and flipped from the Heroes. What was a game-ending move for Candice could be a game-winning move for Sandra by NOT voting out who she wanted to vote out.

Once it was inevitable that Candice was deadset on voting out Amanda, Sandra followed suit. Smart girl. Don't just target someone because you want to target them. She can't stand Russell and wants him gone, yet she knows it is in her best interest not to pull the trigger too soon.

Wait for your openings. Strike with the options you're presented with. She hasn't been presented with a solid option to take out Russell yet.

And she now has an ace in her pocket. (or wherever she hid it) I'm trying to remember what the rules are about the idols. They're usually no good at F4 when it's a final two. But with a final three, I guess the last time it can be played is at F5. So, if she's vulnerable, she's got two rounds to make it work for her.

With the way things have been playing out, Sandra's chances of winning are looking better and better with each episode. We'll see how it goes down.


Brian Morelock


I am excited to be a part of this survivor debate that Bren decided to do the next couple weeks. Before I get into talking about why Sandra should win this game, I want to give a quick recap of this great exciting episode.

Russell Russell Russell. When will you ever learn that you cannot win this game with your overbearing personality? THe conversation with Rupert where Russell was over abrasive and cocky to Rupert was another vote lost for Russell with a possible juror if Russell is to make the end of this game. Do you think Rupert will vote for you on the jury after that Russ? I don't care how many idols you find and how much strategizing you do, the most important aspect of this game is to win jury votes and thats something you do the whole time you are on the island. Russell makes himself so hated that there is no way people want to vote for you. Russell, you were not robbed in Samoa and if you make the end this season, you will lose and it will not be robbery. You simply cannot win this game. Period. So more on the episode, I am thrilled to see Candice go home. The girl had no clue. She made a horrible mistake for flipping sides. I mean she had to know the villains didn't need her anymore after voting out Amanda. She had her chance to move further into the game and take Parvati out, but she would not listen to Sandra. She dug her own grave. Rupert impressed me again in this episode. Tricking Russell by sticking a rock in his pocket was a great move and probably saved him from getting voted out. Now the vote with Danielle was interesting. I think Russell made a BIG mistake. You do not cross Parvati and get away with it. Russell, Parvati is not dumb. U cannot lie to her and say Danielle wants her out and not expect her to go back to Danielle. She is not dumb enough to fall for that. Your over cockiness and big head makes you think that will work on anyone, but not Parvatti. Voting out Danielle shouldn't have worked for Russell. The girls made sure Jerri was with them and she was, but Danielle's emotions got the best of her and she stuck her foot in her mouth by claiming her and Parvati are closer than what people think. HUGE mistake and you also dug your own grave Danielle. But by Russell telling blatant lies to the ladies and getting caught in his own pathetic lie, he lost any chance he had of getting Danielle's vote in the end also. So more poor game play by the so called "god" of survivor. I am sure you all sensed the sarcasm in that sentence.


Now I will talk about why Sandra is the best player in this game hands down. Sandra plays such a GREAT social game all around. She knows when to speak up and when to keep quiet. In tonight's episode, Sandra kept herself out of the spot light. There was no need for her to make a move when she was not the focus of anyone's conversations. I loved when Parvati and Danielle were talking and you could see Sandra standing in the background observing the whole thing. This is why Sandra is so great at this game. She was set to make her big move and take Russell out of this game, but Candice messed that up. So instead of making a huge issue out of it, Sandra lied to Russell and got away with it and she voted with the Villains to hide her cover. She is sneaky and very convincing. I am not a fan of the hidden immunity idols, but I loved her she quickly found the idol by listening to Jeff Probst give the clue and remembering all the details in that clue. Sandra is playing such a great game in all aspects. She even has Russell and Parvatti underestimating her and believing she would be an easy person to beat at the end of the game. They don't realize how hard she is truly playing the game. Every move Sandra makes gets her one step closer to the end starting with the move she made several episodes ago to oust Coach from the game. Unlike Russell, Sandra knows how to play a dirty game and backstab people, but she is still very likable by people. In Pearl Islands, we saw this showcased and I believe Sandra will win this game again and become the first survivor to ever win twice.

Now to Michael, Scott and Antanas who are supporting Russell and Parvati, I want to leave you both with this:


Antanas, you keep talking about how Russell lost because he was robbed by a bitter jury. When Russell loses AGAIN for the same reason, will you be saying the same thing? If we see a repeat of what we did in Samoa, there will be no coincidence. It will be Russell's inability to play for jury votes in the game. This is why Russell is not one of the best.


Michael and Scott, Parvati is a great player, but she will only win this game if she takes Russell out of the game. Doing that would earn points with the jury and earn her the game in my opinion. I don't know if she is smart enough to realize that and her decision to keep Sandra before the merge will lose her the game.


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