Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor H vs V Finale Blog: Congrats Sandra!!! by Brian Morelock

Blog Owner Note: I would like to extend my personal thanks to all who contributed to the Fan Blog this season. It was very popular and was very cool to be a part of! Thank you Brian for submitting this, plus thanks to all of the cast for the awesome season! Plus a special thank you to all the fans who have "liked" or commented to this blog series. All of you, to me, the cast, the writers/contributors, the fans or former cast who commented --ROCK!! Enjoy next season! :)

Love, Brenda Porter

Brian Morelock:



Well one of the best seasons of survivor wrapped up tonight and I am absolutely thrilled with the winner. My pick from day one and one of my favorite survivor's of all time won this game for a second time the first time this has ever happened. Sandra plays such a flawless game. She does not make mistakes. She doesn't overplay her hand and the girl knows how to win! To answer Jeff Probst question about whether or not she is the best, I think the results speak for themselves. Russell lovers can continue crying like babies that their man was screwed, but for the same thing to happen in two seasons just proves that Russell has no strategy to win a jury over. Sorry Russell, if you want America to vote, go play Big Brother or try out for American Idol. The rules for survivor for 20 seasons have been the same and the jury ALWAYS votes for the winner. Your strategy cannot win this game. A lot of people see it, but a lot of people are blind to it. But the bottom line is you couldn't get a SINGLE vote by 9 people. That's PATHETIC! I absolutely loved Danielle's speech to Russell that no one wants to vote for him. If tonight is not proof that Russell has tons of flaws in this game, than I don't know what Russell supporters are looking at. I told everyone exactly what would happen and it did.

Parvatti played a GREAT game and I would have been ecstatic had she won as well, but sometimes alligning yourself with the wrong people can lose a game for you and staying with Russell the entire time definitely hurt her chances. I have a ton of respect for Parvatti though and I think she will go down as one of the best.

I am a little surprised Russell won the popular vote this season because it seems like a ton of people dislike him this season, but again these votes are flawed by the amount of times people can vote and how they can vote etc....It is what it is, but Russell is not and will NEVER be the sole survivor and that I can say with a lot of confidence. I am sure we haven't seen the end of Russell because CBS loves him. He may be back down the road, but he won't win.

I can't wait to see a group of all new survivors next season. It will be a long summer without survivor, but I am hoping the next season will be great and exciting once the wait ends. In closing, I had a ton of fun doing this and I am glad Bren thinks that highly of me to ask me to do it.--



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