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Survivor Hvs V Fan Thoughts Blog Pt2 featuring Ashley Trainer, Tony Levinskas & Scott LePage!

Editor's Note: To all my Survivor fans-friends here on Facebook. I am hosting a special blog to my blog where I have invited some of my friends who are awesome writers to take part in just for this season only. It is called a Fan Thoughts Blog. This is Part 2 of this week's and features Antanas Levinskas arguing the side of Russell and why he may win and his high points during the episode and hopefully soon we will have Scott LePage arguing the side for Parvati and why she may win and her high points during the episode. I will need to have someone who would like to argue Sandra's side and if anyone is interested in doing this for the next 4 weeks, please let me know. Thanks! :) Below is Antanas Levinskas our pro Russell blogger and a special guest on the blog this week ...ASHLEY TRAINER!! Thanks Ash! I love it!!!! Enjoy, everyone!


Now to Tony's (Antanas Levinskas) thanks bro! :

The King’s Revenge
This week’s tribal council was interesting to watch if only to catch Russell’s glance at Parvati as he played his immunity idol. It was a moment for projection…people projecting their own thoughts and attitudes to define an otherwise ambiguous glance. People may be asking if Russell was seeking permission from Parvati after playing his immunity idol. I think those people are the ones already biased against Russell and are just aching to find something new to add to their list of reasons why Russell should not win Survivor: Heroes v. Villains. COME ON PEOPLE! If Russell wanted to seek permission from Parvati, then he would have asked her BEFORE going to council, not AFTER he played the idol. No, the King does not need the Queen’s permission for anything. I believe, that the glance Russell threw at Parvati was this…. “Hey, you lied to me, now I lied to you”. It was pure and simple revenge. This explanation is consistent with the rest of Russell’s gameplay to date here as well as in Samoa. Bottom line for Russell: You mess with me, and you go home. I think Russell was making a singular exception to his own rule. He was giving Parvati a last chance to prolong her life in Dark Camelot by giving her a taste of her own game. The previews for the coming episode seem to support my supposition. Russell appears to be going for the juggular on Parvati. Parvati could have placed herself back on the King’s good side had she allowed the act of revenge to be done…taken her punishment….and moved on…but her female ego is too big. Parvati’s reaction to Russell’s act of revenge, however, did not allow for equilibrium. Her response that Russell threw the idol away reveals her real lack of understanding about what is really going on in the tribe; and more specifically, between Russell and herself. Parvati may be an expert at flirting, but isn’t good at much else in terms of strategy and her behavior last week really revealed the Queen’s shallow gameplay. Maybe, just maybe, Russell could have lived with “Hey, you lied to me, now I lied to you, so we are even”….but Parvati blew any chance of that happening. The only option for King Russell is to behead the Queen, or at the very least, put her in her place. Having said all that, it is clear that the potential exists that my own bias in favor of Russell is causing me to read too much into his glance at Parvati and cause me to be wrong in my assessment. But I’m not.

Scott LePage's Case For Parvati :

P(arrrrrr)vati! That 'arrrrr' was because she's FIERCE! Russell seemed pretty perplexed last week as he was caught like a deer in Parvati's head lights (no innuendo's intended). I really can't recall a time when Russell had to answer to Parvati. Maybe that's because Russell never does anything that Parvati doesn't already know about. It was interesting to watch Russell play the Idol and Parvati look on in bewilderment. Russell doesn't play personally, he plays strategically. That being said, there is no reason why he would play the idol as simple revenge against Parvati for "wasting" his idol. I don't see Parvati giving Russell any Idols. That's because Parvati knows what's going down.

Parvati felt at the merge episode like she was in danger and yet she didn't play an Idol; and she had two of them. Russell feels like he's in danger and uses his one and only Idol without question. That right there shows who is more in tune with what's going on in camp. Russell just goes around talking to EVERYONE he can. His social game is going to kill him in the end, once again. Parvati creates an alliance and sticks with it and doesn't going around making unnecessary side deals with everyone in the game. What Parvati is doing is very smart, especially at this stage of the game where every relationship matters. As they are going to be on the jury.

There you have it, Parvati is not only Queen of the Island, but Queen of Survivor!

Special Guest Fan Thoughts Blogger
Ashley Trainer of Survivor Samoa:

Ashley Trainer May 1 at 11:27am
I think Russell still holds the power. He may lose it at some points during the game but overall he has the power. Russell is very manipulative and knows how to control people. He keeps around "weak" players so he can control them.

I believe Parvati is in a secret alliance with Danielle. I think that if she were to choose I think Danielle would be the person to choose. But since Parv knows the game well I think if she is trying to win she would pick Russell because she knows Russell has yet again stabbed everyone in the back.

I think if he were to choose anyone that is left in the game he would chose someone like Sandra or Parv. Sandra because I think he thinks she isnt playing the game. Parv because he thinks they wouldnt give her a million dollars again.

Ashley Trainer

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