Saturday, June 26, 2010

180 Film Behind the Scenes Week 1

This is so exciting!! I am currently working with 180 Film's PR and all around awesome guy Nick Kime to help spread the word about this exciting film currently in production in Springfield Mo. Through the magic of technology, fans and the public can be involved in all aspects of the filming. The behind the scenes stuff. The drama. The triumphs. Lunch Time even lol The Fan Page will have weekly a Fan Of The Week recognition and lots of contests to win as well. So definitely check it out and become a Fan. It's worth it for sure.

If you are a film buff or movie afficianado and would like to watch as a movie is being put together. Or if you are a reality fan and love folks like Coach Wade, Danielle Di Lorenzo etc..or if you just straight up love rock and roll... then this is the film for you!!! Come check it out being made either via my blogs (here and also at the links below) or at the Fan Page, 180 Film Fan Page on Facebook. Whichever way you select, you will for sure be kept updated on the making of a great film! Below is Behind The Scenes of making 180 Week 1! Again I would like to thank Nick Kime for being so awesome working with me. Plus Deanna as well and a special thanks to Vanessa Leinani for keeping me smiling and for the Coach pic!!! Plus I soon will have some videos of hers up as well so that everyone can see her many talents! Plus as always a very special thanks to Coach Wade for being an entertaining guy and for being a cool friend! Plus to the cast and crew for keeping us all entertained and Kathy Ebert Evans for the sweet offer of jewelry! WOOT! 180 and it's peeps ROCK!!!!

From this day on I will be posting nightly blogs showing everything that has happened during the day of filming 180.

Behind The Scenes Filming 180 Week 1

To check out 180 being filmed or to get info please go to:

180 Film Fan Page Contest Link For Me
this is a contest link

180 Film

180 Film on Youtube

Vanessa Leinani's Official Blog
Coach Wade's Official Blog

Come enjoy the fun with us!

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