Tuesday, June 29, 2010

180 Fim Fan Page on Facebook Fan Of The Week!

Come check out the 180 Film Fan Page on Facebook for all the fun! Currently they are hosting a contest for Fan Of The Week! Below are the videos for the ones selected. If you are selected, you receive your choice of a tee shirt or a hat. The tee shirt looks like this below:



So come join the fun and check out the Fan Page!

Fan Of The Week No 1: Robert Heydenreich

Fan Of The Week No 2. my friend Chrissy Brangi


Fan Of The Week No 3 my friend Kathy Ebert Evans

Fan Of The Week No 4 Brad Ross

Fan Of The Week 5 (hmmmm who was that again?!) lol Brenda Porter

Fan of the Week 6 : Karen Everett

Special Like/Comments Winner Contest: Steve Newman

180 Film
180 Film on Youtube

180 Film Fan Page on Facebook

180 Film Fan Page Contest Link For Me
this is a contest link

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