Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please Vote for "On The Right Track"!

Please vote for my friend Rita Verreos for her audition for the Oprah Winfrey based contest. It is for "On The Right Track" the title of Rita's show. Listening to her video it truly seems like a show many of us need. You can vote as often as possible and multiple times. What Rita says about the audition and her hopes for "On the right track" is:

"I'm describing, very generally, the idea behind my show. My friends and acquaintances have seen me go from having nothing, knowing no one in a new city, after my divorce, to, slowly, but surely, providing for my kids and myself on my own, because I receive no financial help from their father. As such, I constantly get asked how I'm doin it! I LOVE giving the advice and I notice that both men and women listen to me:) All my life I've been told I stand out and I wanna do something differential with this "je ne sais quois" that I, apparently have. I've started doing something with it as a Coach/Motivational Speaker, but having my own show will help me dig in the dirt of people in situations like my own, but that just can't seem to get out of the dirt. I don't wanna do things for them, but help get them "On the Right Track." Starting from the outside in, as I briefly explain in the video..then going deeper with experts on all areas needed. "


Rita's Audition for On The Right Track

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