Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Below are some videos of the Susanville Symphony conducted by Coach Benjamin J Wade. As many of you know, Coach Wade is a good friend to me and I believe in and support all his efforts. I would like to take the time to share these videos with my blog readers. To introduce you to this Symphony. Susanville, California holds the distinction of being the smallest town to house a full symphony. For more info please go to http://www.susanvillesymphony.com


Directed by his brother Peter William Wade is this tribute to the Symphony.

Beautiful vocals amidst an incredible musical back drop from the Symphony.

AMAZING performance of a rock classic! Blending in classical music with a fusion of electric rock. The guitar solo is dead on.

Heather Leri performs a classic with the Symphony.


  1. Thanks for the informative post and for actually replying to your readers’ comments. That’s something I don’t see very many blog owners doing and that makes me frustrated. Keep up the good work and I’ll continue coming back here to learn more....

  2. You are welcome and I would like to thank u for your comment! I feel it is very important to have interaction as much as I can with the readers of my blogs as I genuinely appreciate the fact that they took the time to stop by and to leave me their thoughts. I have placed links to Coach Wade's official blog also in my links which is a great resource for symphony info as well as www.susanvillesymphony.com. I mostly focus on Survivor here and Survivor related stuff so please do feel free to check out my blogs for those!



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