Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UPDATE ON April Mueller's Reality Dog Rescue Event in Va in October!


From April Mueller comes this:
Reality Rescue Fund Raiser Website

We have just SOLD OUT at the hotel, Comfort Suites!! Thanks to all of you who have made your reservations! For those of you who have not, don't freak out yet! We are now working w/ the hotel right next door (they share parking lot w/Comfort Suites). Please still call Comfort Suites to make your reservation and they will direct you to Candlewood Suites.

Also, we can only sell 500 tickets due to the limited capacity at The James River Cellars Winery so I urge you all to get your tickets NOW! Don't miss out on the biggest Reality event ever and for a great cause, Angel Dogs and Heavenly Hounds Rescue Groups!!

ATTENTION REALITY STARS!! Please do not delay! I am still missing some flight itineraries from you! If you are driving, let me know. If not, book your flight ASAP and send itinerary to!! There are other reality stars who would love to attend so if u can't make it then let me know so I can open up hotel spots for them. Also, flight costs are starting to increase! There are also limited flights that will get you into RIC in time to attend private meet and greet on Fri. night, Oct. 8th at 8pm. This info is really important because we are also providing transportation from RIC to hotel all day Fri. and we need those arrival times in order to make this a success. Thanks for your cooperation in this!! And thanks to all of you for your support in this wonderful event.

Reality Stars.... we will have an auction at the big event on Sat. so anyone who can bring an item for the auction, it will be much appreciated and 100% of the proceeds will go to the dog rescues. If u would like to send items in advance or if any of you who cannot attend would like to send an item, plz msg me for mailing info. Thanks so much!!

Don't forget! For all of you fans and reality stars....there are many reality stars who are attending that don't normally do events or have not done events in years! It's looking like a Survivor Australian Outback REUNION and you don't want to miss out! We have some surprises too! So please don't delay, get your tickets today and get those itineraries to me ASAP!! Thanks all!!


  1. Thanks so much Brenda for promoting this event!! It's going to be truly AMAZING!! ;) Go to for updates and more!! ;)

  2. You are so welcome! :) It is definitely the biggest event in reality EVER!!!! :)



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