Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog: Brett Bower


To start off with, don't read this if you haven't watched it. I'm still amazed how people will get on facebook if they're not caught up on whatever show is their own personal "guilty pleasure." I don't like spoilers. Don't proceed til you're caught up. :)


Is anyone on the older tribe actually playing the game other than Marty? Well, according to the editing department, the answer would be NO.

And speaking of the editing department, I hate how they spoon feed us the direction the episode is going to take. Even 1 minute into the "Previously on Survivor..." clip I could tell you that the older tribe would lose and there's gonna be a Marty/Jimmy Johnson thing brewing and Jimmy is gonna go.

It's already been obvious that Jimmy J wouldn't make the merge. And that's not due to the editing. That's due to a simple thing called ego.

The typical male ego can be such a dangerous, yet utterly predictable thing. I remember watching Tracy play Joel beautifully in Micronesia using the alpha male approach. And Brenda did that to some degree last week getting Chase to think about taking down Shannon.

I think Marty jumped the gun wanting Jimmy J out so soon. But there is no way a celebrity was going to make the merge with this particular bunch. Too many alpha males will vote him out because they feel threatened. And sometimes, I wonder exactly what it was that they felt most threatened by. Celebrity? Money? Status?

I could care less about football and Jimmy Johnson, but I would have wanted him around. Way easier to work your magic in the shadows where there's a celebrity stealing the spotlight. And someone who so easily wants to fill the leader role is a good thing to have around cause it's an easy target to paint on them if you ever get in a bind and need a quick way out. Especially a leader who is ALSO a celeb. He would have been my ace in the hole out there.

Jimmy Johnson - So glad you are a true Survivor fan and that you applied on your own to the show 3 times. And not since Frank in Africa can I remember anyone trying to communicate with animals out there. Hope it was fun, Mr. Monkey Howler. You were a nice guy out there.

Marty - I like the way he thinks systematically about the game. But his downfall is going to be his own insecurity even though he feels completely secure. He's the type of player that won't be able to form alliances with strong-minded alpha male leader types. He will have alliances that he considers "weaker" and I think at some point, the weaker folks will band together and take him out. Although, I can see him getting to the endgame. But I have a hard time seeing him win right now even though he's the one bringing the strategic talk on their side.

Jill - You're the main reason Marty told the whole tribe that he had the idol. I think it was a mistake for you to basically give the idol away to him last week. And now all it takes is for one person who wants to flip after the merge to tell the other side who has the idol. Why on earth do people want to share idols?


Dan - "I'm as strong as any of the women here." Might be my favorite quote of the night.

Holly - There must have been A LOT that they didn't show us for your name to not come up at all after the psychotic display last week. She has no shot of making it very far in this game. I just don't think she's emotionally stable enough for it.

Jimmy T - I still think you have some screws loose. I think it's funny the way you don't even know you are painting your own target on your own back.

Jane and Yve - I'm a bit indifferent on the two of you at the moment. Would like some more screen time and game talk.

Tyrone - I think he needs to check his ego at the door. Especially during challenge time.


I thought this one was a bit weak. It was almost like the challenge department ran out of ideas and turned to a group of 3rd graders who said - Oooooo make them grab barrels and then throw things on top of them.

But I like that reward and immunity are the same challenge so they devote more time to tribe dynamics and such. Speaking of...

The young tribe continues to be such a train wreck.

Hello Na'Onka. Please stop talking. Thank you. Signed, America.

Where Na'Onka fails as a player is that she has zero filter. I would be very surprised to even see her make the Jury. And even if she's in the majority alliance, wrestling an amputee for an idol clue was beyond childish. The things this girl says are can't come into a game like this carrying so much hate. You can't. And sure, people may play things up to the camera and all to make for a good show - but who you are WILL come out. You can't say that's not who you are. I'm just a bit surprised at the level of hate Na'Onka brings to the game.

Jud - what a spacey guy. He's kinda fun, but he's out there. He's on planet Fabio.

Not much opinion on the rest of the younger tribe for now.

And on some level, we can thank the editing department for that. But looks like they'll get some explosive airtime next week.



  1. i love your fan blogs, bren! .. even tho i never agree with anything they have to say. ;) its nice to see other people's point of view on things.

  2. thanks Michael! Would u like to blog again this season here? If so let me know!



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