Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog II Penny Britton Tilly


Here it is tell what you think.

Okay people here we go… I am going to talk about Espada first.

So sad Jimmy J had to go but maybe like he said it will bring the tribe together… NOT…they are left with some really big EGO’s.

Marty wah,wah,wah your paranoia has turned you into a not so likable person and the need to be Daddy… alrighty then. Oh my Jill do you really want to be a puppet? I am not quite sure what your strategy is but I hope it works for you because I can see Marty siding with Jimmy T and Dan leaving you out in the rain, hope I’m wrong. Holly, Jane and Yve you girls played a pretty quiet game this time better get you game face’s on cause you just got a new daddy. Tyrone I like you but you need to get an alliance quick this tribe is siding up.

Oh my stars… a monster has been created on the La Flor tribe.

Really Na Onka you seriously believe that’s how you play the game? I don’t know I’m thinking you are in dire need of and attitude adjustment. Jud you pegged Na Onka from the beginning, and I just want to say keep having fun I love it. The rest of you, so disappointed in the fact that no one stepped up for Kelly B. Not real sure about the La Flor tribe my feelings about them are all over the place and we are just into the 3rd Episode and everyone knows how quickly things can change in Survivor.

So as we say in Oklahoma…See you later

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