Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog :Samantha Gray aka Survivor Rocks!

Samantha wrote:

Samantha Gray

"The moon was a full, the werewolves were howling, and the craziest Survivor episode was on last night.

I let loose on the Survivor Fans podcast coming soon to a internet connection near you. I’m not judging Shannon, because i know edit has a lot with explaining his two episodes, as he tells what happened in an audio interview from today. Shannon seems like a good guy in real life and over the internet.I still don’t want your clothes.lol. I’m joking, but he did offer his clothes.


However, Shannon did make some fatal mistakes that lead to his ultimate downfall.
One thing i mention in my listener feedback this week, is why not rally to vote out Na Onka instead of Brenda.It seems like a much better plan to me than trying to put Brenda on the chopping block.I don’t care for Brenda, but Na Onka seemed to be the better choice. I like watching Na Onka, but she better not take my socks.


Holly made some mistakes too.She seems like a basket case.Maybe, the editors were having some fun and really mixing the actual clips up, but in Holly’s case or Na Onka i don’t think so.Throwing away food on Survivor is risky, trying to wash the blood off your hands , over $1600 shoes is risky, giving the HII info to Marty is a very risky move.I know the reason she was thinking, but if your really smart use it as leverage like Yul from Survivor Cook Islands.


I’m sorry, but i would keep it.Why let Marty be in control? I honestly don’t think anyone can pull the Earl/ Yau-Man or Parv/Russell strategy off.I don’t think Jill and Marty are highly skilled Survivor players.They might be good, but i think it will hurt Jill in the long run.I bet JT is wishing, he wouldn’t have gave the very idol to Russell that sent him packing too early out of the game.Remember, that stupid move? He even won an award for it. Erik is still wishing he wouldn’t have given Natalie the immunity necklace at the final five and is proud to take the title back as Survivor Micronesia airs in South Africa.Fans keep in mind, Marty plans to use it for HIMSELF!! (as he stumbles, I I I , i mean WE!) The idol could buy you another three days out there and a bigger pay check.

I liked the challenge, but was hoping for two challenges.I feel, Shannon might have had a chance, if he would’ve let the firecracker within, calm down, and had he made an effort to rally against Na Onka.I’m still liking Jud and we didn’t see much of Coach Jimmy this episode, but they made the right choice to use the power, and with an extra ball in their barrel, Shannon stands in front of the firing squad and is taken out of the game ...Survivor.


I really don’t think Shannon knew what he was doing, when it comes to playing Survivor. He only watched Boo on Fiji. James C on his seasons, and Russell Hantz, that could explain his behavior.I learned some insight from The Rob that sucks ( his words not mine..lol) Rob C. podcast tells that Shannon gave Na Onka his socks. She just wanted to aggravate Jud.He got his socks back and buried them . Na Onka supposedly burned one of her socks. just to start something with Jud in the camp.
Now, that sounds like Russel Hantz. I think Brenda is playing smart, I just need
warm up to her.$1600 shoes that's crazy on Survivor."

Thanks Samantha!!!

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