Friday, September 24, 2010

Fans Of The Week

The Super Fans I have selected for this week are some great friends of mine from Facebook. These fans of the show below are very passionate about the show and are people who also keep me motivated as well in life!

Over 40 Fan Of The Week
David Cadmus aka Jersey Shore Dave


Dave has been a fan of the show since it's inception and is pretty vocal in his views. He has tried out for the show multiple times and took part in my Super Fan's Blog last season. He is currently rooting on several cast this season with a special spot for Holly. He is a good friend and a true fan of the show. Above he poses with the "Queen" of Survivor Sandra Diaz Twine. This shot was taken at the Heroes vs Villains Finale last May in NYC.

Congrats Jersey Shore Dave!!!

Under 30 Fan Of The Week

Katie Keon


Katie Keon is a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC fan of the show. She often makes me chuckle when I see her posts that say EEEK! She lives in Canada and loves all things Survivor. She has put together a group called $5 Bets Survivor Group where she emails her weekly blog to the members. Each season people send her bets on who they think will win the game. She is an awesome girl and a true fan of the show!!

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