Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fan Blog submitted by Brian Morelock for Episode 6

I am very excited to continue with this series. Below is a Fan Thoughts Blog submitted by Brian Morelock to me this evening. I love these blogs and am so grateful that my friends agree to submit their thoughts. Great job Brian!!!


It is episode 6 and an interesting one indeed. I apologize for not getting my blog out last week, a lot of stuff was going on, but I am back and have a lot to get off my chest. Can anyone explain to me why Kelly B was voted out of the game tonight? Marty still has the idol in his hands. They had the perfect opportunity to get rid of him when he didn't play it. Kelly B is not a threat and she seemed to pretty much go with the flow. There was no reason to get rid of her at this point in the game. Brenda out smarted herself in my opinion. It does sure seem like Brenda and Sash are running things on their tribe while Chase and Naonka seem to be calling the shots on their side.


Marty made a dangerous move by not playing his idol tonight. He gambled and it paid off big time for him. Now, they can't even split the votes between him and Jill at the next Tribal because it is 5 to 2 in numbers. I am curious to see what else Brenda has up her sleeve to oust Marty from this game. Fabio seems to like Marty a lot and could play a huge roll in what happens on the upcoming episodes. If he takes the information he receives from Brenda and Sash and runs back to Marty, things could get really interesting. I am sorry to see Kelly B go I was rooting for her because she was indeed the underdog and I was always a fan of the underdog.


Now onto our 2nd tribal council of the night. Can anyone please tell me why Dan is still in this game? The guy does nothing and don't even want to be there. Yet, week after week, he seems to stick around. Voting off Yve was a bad move in my opinion as it weakened the tribe big time by keeping Dan. Yve was no threat at this point nor did she have any close connections in this game up to this point.


I am really impressed by the way Holly has rebounded in this game. She looked like a dead duck towards the beginning of the season, but now she seems to be in a good position. What do I see happening next week?


Well if Espada loses again, I could see Alina going home. Let me tell you why. Chase does not trust her and Dan is no threat in the game. Him and Naonka seem to like Holly a lot. Alina was on the outs on her original tribe and this could be a blindside in the making. I hope I am wrong because I would much rather see Dan go home who is boring to watch and does nothing, but take up space. If Espada wins, I believe Jane will probably go home. I don;t really have a reason for it, just a hunch I am getting. Is Kelly purple even in the game? I rarely see her in each episode and it appears she isn't going to play an important character in this season. I am not sure how long she will last, but by the amount of air time she is getting, I am going to guess not too long.

Lastly, I want to give my list of who I think are in the most powerful positions in the game right now from top to bottom.

1. Brenda: I do think she is playing an outstanding game even though I think she goofed by not taking Marty out tonight.

2. Sash

3. Chase

Kelly Purple
4. Kelly purple Just because she has Sash and Brenda protecting her right now

5 Naonka


6. Benry


7. Fabio


8. Jane

9. Holly


10. Alina


11. Jill


12. Marty

Dan Lembo

13. Dan

Until next week, that's all I got.

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  1. i actually agree with this! well except the whole Kelly B & Dan thing.. as far as the boots it was an okay tribal in my opinion, but the ranking order of how well they're doing in the game.. i agree. i don't think thats necessarily a boot order, but i would agree its a good ranking as to how they're playing the game.



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