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Fan Thoughts Blog Series II Brett Bower aka Brobst!


This blog was submitted by Brett Bower aka Brobst. Great job!

Not a lot of glitter and glamor to this episode. But I enjoyed it in a very different low-keyed kind of way. This is an interesting blend of people and personalities that are out there. The entire episode was more like looking into each person's way of thinking...not so much about their strategy...but the way they function as a person. (at least those who got screen time)

But before I get into that, I want to once again harp on the editing department:




I don't want to know that Jimmy T. is going before the intro starts. (And quit shortening it. That's my biggest pet peeve. And don't drop people from it just cause they've been voted out.)


And while I'm harping on the editing department, another thing that irritates me is their constant use of misdirection. Okay, you build the viewing public up to thinking that "Hurricane Na'Onka" is coming. But that was more of a selling point for last week's episode, not a valid preview of this week's. Kind of like on "Heroes vs. Villains" when they tried to hype "A hero spirals out of control" with James.



Let's talk about control and power, shall we? We shall. Because different people behave differently when they have it. And honestly, I think it reveals more about who they are as a person instead of what they are necessarily thinking strategically.....if they are even thinking strategically in the first place.


Na'Onka is so self-UN-aware that she thinks the idol clue and the idol will actually help her win a million dollars. I do not read spoilers, and I DO NOT let anyone post spoilers in here. But I can tell you this much, and it's just from observing Na'Onka's behavior 4 episodes in....she has NO SHOT at this. None. I don't care if they gave her an idol every week. She can't pull it off and that's simply because she doesn't get it as a human being.

So once Brenda solves the clue for her, she ends up with the idol and oddly enough makes the same claim that Marty did when Jill "found" the idol for him - "IT'S MINE."


Stranger still was her careless desire to waltz all the way over to where others were looking for the idol that's not there anymore and show even more of her cards by being as high and mighty as she could possibly be.


Which to me, would tell me everything I need to know. I don't think Na'Onka realized that she told Kelly B. and Alina everything they need to use against her. It was so obvious her entire reasoning for being there was that she has the idol and wants to make the two of them feel weak and helpless. You're playing with fire by drawing such huge lines in the sand, Na'Onka. She is only dangerous to herself. She has no control or power in this game even though she thinks she does. She decided she loved the feeling of that "perch" she is on right now and she went all the way over there just to rub some salt in their wounds.

But she dropped all her cards while she was there.


All the bottom of the totem pole people need to do is get everyone riled up about Na'Onka having it. She's already getting on the nerves of her own alliance. A wildcard, no filter, abrasive personality like Na'Onka having an idol is enough to get the majority alliance to start rethinking things. Alina and Kelly B. have some options if they would really explore it.


Other interesting things this episode is the Brenda/Chase thing. Watch that scene again when the two of them are walking along. Brenda is so much in the power position and I don't think Chase is realizing that he's pretty much a dog on a leash with her.

Over on the older tribe...

I don't think I can recall any season in 10 years that this has happened. 4 episodes in and 3 of the 4 voted out have been males. (correct me if I'm wrong all you who remember stats better than me)


Jimmy T. has so much he wants to prove. He's getting on everyone's last nerve and Marty was right when he said that all Jimmy T. needs is a little bit of rope and he'll hang himself. Jimmy T. has such a constant and overwhelming need and desire for validation. He wants to be "the man." I don't know if that's because he doesn't get to be "the man" in his day to day life or in his job, or if it's just the fact that with the camera's rolling, he wants to be "the man" and prove that he has some sense of leadership skills when that couldn't possibly be further from the truth.

Even if this guy was "leading" me on a trip to McD's.....I wouldn't trust him with that much. Wow. I think the only person more self-UN-aware than him is Na'Onka.

Tribal Council dipped much further into the psychology of who these people are. I'm not sure I've ever seen a Tribal quite like that. I felt bad for Jimmy T. It's like he was finally starting to "get it." But it was too late. I kept waiting for Probst to ask him "How's that working out for ya?" It was quite a Dr. Phil moment.


And Marty's bravado is starting to get the best of him. He's a smart guy. But I don't think he's going about things the right way this early in the game. Obviously, we don't get to see all the dynamics out there, but from what the audience is given, there's some logic that's missing.


I'm also curious how Holly losing it 2 episodes ago is completely a disappearing storyline. It might come back. But interesting that she hasn't even been on the chopping block from all that stuff she pulled.


Tyrone is becoming the king of snide glances. My gosh, I'd love to play poker with this guy. Everything he thinks is on his face basically every second whether he's listening or talking. Watch him again. Good stuff.

So, Jimmy T. leaves just starting to understand where he may have gone wrong with everything. And while this episode was slower, it revealed a lot of psychological undertones that always end up relating back to strategy. That's what I love about Survivor.

Next week, Na'Onka might have a moment or two where she proves she's a human being. Unless the editing department is "misdirecting" us again. I expect them to do just that.



Trivia Tidbit: Episode 1 - he was "Jud" in the intro credits. Episode 2 - he was "Fabio." Episode 3 - HE WAS BLANK. Seriously. I just noticed that a couple days ago. They didn't even post a name for him. Completely blank. And of course this time it was the condensed "non-intro" intro.

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