Friday, October 8, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog Series II: Brian Morelock

This blog was submitted by Brian Morelock. Great job Brian!!!


The episode seemed to center around a Marty/Jimmy T feud that has been brewing. Marty's plan to make Tyrone the team leader was a good move in many ways. It kept the target off of himself and he knew it would piss Jimmy T off enough to put a huge target on him instead of his ally Dan. The weakest person on the tribe is Dan and Marty pretty much believes Dan is his little lap dog that will do whatever he wants. He may be right! Keeping Dan around is beneficial to Marty in the game. Is it beneficial for the tribe though? Keeping a weak player can cause a lot of losses for your tribe. The older tribe is already handicapped going against younger and stronger people. Keeping weak players will build even a larger gap in competitions. There is good news for the old tribe though. It appears there may be a tribe swap occurring on next weeks episode. If this does happen, I think it's a good move on the producers part because the old vs young theme seems to be getting boring.


Tribal council was no shock at all. I don't like how the editing department did not show much strategizing going on around camp. It seemed like Jimmy T and Dan were thrown around as people to vote out, but there didn't appear to be much build up to me. There wasn't any scrambling or anything going on. Was Jimmy T that blind to the possibility of going home? Jimmy T made his own bed and I personally am happy to see him go.


The younger tribe on the other hand continues to dominate in all aspects of this game. Brenda found the idol, but Naonka claims to be in charge. I am so sick of her, I can't wait until the day she is voted out. Believe me I do not read spoilers, but I have watched plenty of survivor to know that day is coming. Her actions towards Kelly B are malicious and uncalled for all around. With the possibility of a tribe swap, I would love to see Kelly B and ALina work their way into a powerful position and knock Naonka off her throne. The best player in the game to me appears to be Brenda right now. She is smart and is playing Chase like a fiddle. Until next week, that's all I got.



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