Friday, October 8, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog Series II Penny Britton Tilly

Poor poor Espada I just hated seeing you standing around in that cold, cold rain and to have Jimmy T serenading and hanging all over everyone I gotta ask Jimmy did you forget this was a social game? You certainly proved that if you can’t hang with the tribe the old flame goes out :)

Wow what happened in the challenge you guy’s practiced and I know it’s a whole lot harder then it looks but man it looked like you just fell apart. Well this is what I think men are just not good at multi tasking and navigating people around with blindfolds on was not a good job for Tyrone should have been a women up there, and girls what’s up with standing back and letting these guy’s run everything? Oh…I know it’s part of your strategy

It looks like an alliance has been made Marty, Jill, Dan, Tyrone, and possibly Yve kinda worried about Holly and Jane will they stick with Espada or flip if given the chance? We shall see


Now moving on to LaFlor Na Onka I think like Jimmy T you have forgotten that this is a social game and if you have watched any of the other Survivor Shows then you would know that being mean and mouthy does not get you a Million dollars and don’t say but Sandra…cause I know I have watched every episode and yes Sandra was a villain, but she could play a social game enough said
And yes I still have my fav Jud, but I am ready to see some more of the other tribe members of LaFlor and there personalities, because to me the mixing of all these people make Survivor the greatest game that it is….and we all know it’s just a game. Oh and guess what LaFlor I think there will be a little disruption in your paradise, at least I hope so.



So until next week as we say in Oklahoma See ya later

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