Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Gambler meets King Cobra aka black widow Brenda: by Samantha Gray

The blog below was submitted to me this morning by Samantha Gray and is part of my Fan Blog series. Thank u Samantha for submitting this to me and sharing. It is a fantastic blog!!!!

The Gambler meets King Cobra aka black widow Brenda: by Samantha Gray

Samantha Gray

Listening to Survivor music to set the mood as I type. I bet you can just hear the music play.


The intro was cut short, another challenge with combined immunity and reward.This was a fun challenge, Holly does a 180 , I was impressed, but i'm still not much of a Holly fan.Marty steps up to bat and I was rooting for him all the way .. again. I was kinda rooting against Jill, because I want to see her get played for giving Marty that HII in the first place, but Marty needs her right now. Go Jill. After the challenge, I felt a little cut short with this episode.That feeling didn't last long.


I think Jud is still acting a bit, but I love Marty's scheme. However, I wouldn't buy it, sounds too cocky, but I loved it.Marty is playing, and I would like to see Marty catch the spider in her own web. You guessed it, I'm in the Marty camp.

The only thing missing from this episode during tribal council was a biscuit dance.I enjoyed it that much!


note: A biscuit dance is dancing for your food while feasting during tribal council, made famous by none other than, Ian Rosenberger as he danced for biscuits during the Survivor Palau feast at tribal council, where Willard was the first member of Koror to leave in a double tribal council.


I was screaming, yelling at my t.v. I talk , think about Survivor, like some football fan.Wow! A bold move by Marty.I was not confused by the vote, as I was screaming at Marty to JUST PLAY IT ! It was intense and a nail bitter. I was so worried for Marty. He's the kind of player I loved to hate , but grew to love.I don't want him to leave.I want more Marty!!

However, I think both tribes made the wrong choice. Marty and the hii would be gone, and my biggest concern with Dan is not he's weak. He's one of Marty's soldiers and Espada didn't think about Dan's connections on the other side. It was obvious as Marty wishes Dan good luck as he made his exit back to camp.

Marty took a huge gamble, but it paid off, things even worked out for Dan. I'm not liking Dan, but he's part of team Marty, maybe I'll
grow to like him too.


Kelly B. went down in a blaze of glory, she got tangled in the web between Marty and Brenda.


Yve , I liked her, but she was just too strong for Espada.

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  1. Good blog Samantha. It was ridiculous that they did not vote Marty, whether you like him or dislike him after the original vote they had the chance to kill two birds with one stone, how could they think Kelly was more a threat at this part of the game, I mean did anyone really think she's going to keep winning immunity challenges past the merge, plus getting rid of Kelly, La Flor also got rid of a potential number, numbers they may need if Dan makes it to the merge and he teams up with Marty and Co again. It was a poor move.
    Anyway great blog Samantha. Go over and read mine at the Seasons page...Rob.



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