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Brett Bower: The Player To Watch


holly 2

I think we all know my stance on spoilers. I detest them. But also, in this day and age, I think it goes without saying that if you AREN'T current on whatever show is your guilty pleasure, don't get online until you are. It's a pretty universal rule if you ask me.


It's been several episodes since I blogged about this season. Been pretty tied up for awhile. Also was at the Houston Reality Challenge a few weeks ago. Which was awesome, by the way. A must for Survivor fans!

Houston Reality Challenge

I must say, I loved the outcome of tonight's episode. (sorry Brenda) Was a fan of hers earlier in the season, but she had gotten a bit too big for her britches. She reminds me of every high school's popular girl in every decade since time began. You know who I'm talking about.....that one girl who the world seems to revolve around because they are attractive and athletic. Not the girl who's popular but still very nice to people regardless of what "group" they run with...I'm talking about that girl who thinks she's better than everyone and makes sure you know she's better than you and has the majority of the school wrapped around her little finger.

bren 3

I can't help but admit that it was fun to see her downfall on tonight's episode. And also funny how Probst kinda got to the root of the type of player she is at Tribal Council. It was "beneath" her to scramble. It was below her to fight for a chance to stay because I think it's safe to say she played this game the way most everything has gone for her in life...

Things get handed to her.

She is attractive, athletic, and people want to be around her. I think she was surprised to find out that the million dollars was not gonna be given to her on a silver platter. She didn't have to fight for a chance to be on Survivor. It was handed to her. I bet she thought winning the money would be as easy as having that Survivor spot fall in your lap. Surprise. It's waaaaaaay more complicated than that.

Now, let's run down the remaining players...

(in order of who has what it takes to win this season)

holly 6

HOLLY - She's running the show. What an amazing change from like episode 2 when she was hanging on by a thread, wanting to quit, and doing crazy things like dumping expensive shoes in the water, and then ADMITTING it. But what a power player she has become. Wow. If had to make a pick as for the person to watch the rest of the game and the person with the best shot of winning, it would be Holly hands down. Also loved her voting statement about Brenda - "You should have scrambled."

fabio 3

FABIO - Is really becoming an endearing character and player. In some ways, he would be a very unlikely winner, and in other ways, it would almost make perfect sense for him to win. I think he totally has "playing dumb" down to an art form. He is way brighter than he wants anyone to think. Good for him. That's exactly what you should be doing.


BENRY - The editors have kept him somewhat hidden in the shadows throughout the season, but have been letting him shine through more and more lately. I think he'll need to go on an immunity run at some point to make it to the endgame. I don't have a great read on him as a player. But we can thank the editors for that.

chase 3

SASH - I think how and when he uses the immunity idol Marty gave him is going to be the key factor in where he places. I have a hard time picturing him winning the whole thing, but it could be done. He's definitely not getting the "winner edit." But then again, CBS has fooled us before.


JANE - What is this woman made of??? Seriously??? I find it amazing that the oldest woman out there is winning the challenges that are based on nothing but PURE STRENGTH and WILLPOWER. Now granted, I think she started setting herself up as a Jury threat too early. Especially when she won immunity a couple episodes ago when she didn't even need it, but made it a point to keep going just to beat the guys even though she already had won immunity.

chase 3

CHASE - He summed up himself to a T tonight when he said he's been "playing with his heart and not with his head." He strikes me as the type who will follow the popular girl to the ends of the earth even though she's been cheating on him and is ready to toss him aside. But good on him that he finally figured it out and helped vote her out before she did the same to him in a few rounds.

fabio 3

KELLY PURPLE - "You don't talk much, really." "Yeah, it's funny." Chase's comment to her and her response cracked me up. I bet the only people who laughed at that more were the editors. I think they have some running bet on how little screentime they can give this poor girl. And Probst - dude - that was kinda cold making fun of her at Tribal Council with the whole "Give me 20 years of wisdom" thing. But you knew it was a safe bet that she wouldn't get it.


DAN - Is even less consequential to this whole season than Kelly Purple. I can't for the life of me figure out why this guy was recruited for the show. Probst said it best when he mentioned that he doesn't even understand how Dan passed the physical in the first place. Really nothing to say about the guy. He adds nothing to the show. He can't and won't win. And he leaves not the slightest memorable mark on this season and Survivor as a whole.


NA'ONKA - Yawn. I think the only redeeming thing she could say for herself is that she knew she wanted to go in to this whole thing as a memorable CHARACTER on a TV SHOW. Otherwise, I have nothing to write about her.

I really hope they DON'T do a Final 3 this time. Would love to see it comes down to Holly and Fabio at the end. :)


Brett Bower is a very well known major fan of the show and occasionally submits his thoughts to my forum. Thank u Brett for submitting this amazing entry!

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