Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Is Holly the best player in the game? Did Naonka make a huge mistake in tonight's episode? Is Jane super woman and what in the world happened to Brenda?

Holly 1

I have to give huge props to Holly in this game. She has come a long way from almost quitting to becoming a huge power player. What she did tonight was tremendous and I am still stunned she pulled it off. The power duo of Brenda and Sash has ended in a splash. Brenda thought she has this whole game figured out, but she never stopped to think that the crazy girl Holly would end her game. How did Holly convince Brenda's best friend in the game Naonka to flip flop?

Nay 1

I have been pretty harsh on Naonka this whole season. I do not believe she is a good strategic player, but I will give her props because she did play the game tonight. The only problem was she played the game all wrong. It was not in Naonka's best interest to take Brenda out of this game. Brenda, Chase, and Sash all had Naonka's back and she would have been safe for a long time. Holly sold Naonka a lot of crap and Naonka bought every word of it. Huge power move by Holly and probably the best move of this game so far. Brenda was a powerful player and would have hands down won this game if she made it to the end in my opinion. She was my pick to win just last week in my blog. This is just more proof that anything can happen in Survivor and power can end quickly in this game.



Why didn't Sash give Brenda the idol? Well given her the idol would have put a huge target on his back and it was not a risk Sash was willing to take. He did the right thing to hold onto the idol and try to regroup. Sash is a smart guy and I would not count him out of this game just yet.

Carolina Jane

I continue to stay impressed by Jane in this game. The oldest woman out there and she has already won two immunity challenges. She is definitely a huge threat in this game and has a shot to go very deep into the game. It appears that the alliance right now is Holly, Jane, Naonka, and Dan? Fabio and Benry continue to be wild cards and Chase, Sash and Kelly Purple are on the other side, but at this point, who knows how this is going to play out. If I had to guess, I would think the targets would be Sash and Chase, but seeing Naonka go crazy on next weeks previews could change that.

My favorite part of the episode was when Chase was trying to swing Fabio into voting Benry out of the game. Holly saw what was going on and ran up to them and made sure she had Fabio's vote. This took a lot of guts and courage for her to put herself out there like that knowing it could backfire. Holly is in control at the moment and had a great shot at winning this game. Here are my power rankings for this week:

1. Holly
2. Jane
3. Naonka
4. Dan
5. Sash(Still has the idol so I think he is still in a ok spot)
6. Fabio
7. Benry
8. Kelly Purple
9. Chase

With all the craziness going on in this game, I may be off on these rankings, but this is just the way I see it right now. I do think it's anyone's game right now and we should see a great ending to this season.

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  1. Well at least you ranked Benry over Chase LOL



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