Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Emergence of Holly Hoffman!

Welcome to another fun filled episode of Survivor Nicaragua. It was not only fun filled but it was EXPLOSIVE! Watching it last night reminded me again what it is like to be a true fan again and to have a main favorite you are rooting for. My favorite not only excelled in this episode but has openly quietened any detractor that remained out there. I think it is even safe to think Holly could win Survivor Nicaragua!

Just recently I became a member of the campaign to push for Holly Hoffman to become Fan Favorite this season. In the process I heard everything from she ruined shoes, she's too quiet. Prior to that one guy even said she was useless!


Well....last episode has firmly shown that this is not the case. Holly Hoffman has come to play!

At the risk of sounding repetitive; in a previous blog, I stated that I felt Holly would bide her time and wait for the time to take the risk and do a game changer. Watching last night's episode fully proved that my gut feeling about Holly was dead on. For she came out of the gates like a shot of fire and just took charge.

Here is how she was able to accomplish this:

Approached Various Tribe Members Planting Seeds

Knowing now that Marty is out of the game that stronger players will be targeted, Holly approached various strength players saying we need to get Brenda out. Holly stated the obvious, if we don't do it now, then Brenda will continue what she is doing and any of us here is at risk to go. We need to get her out.

She was smart to approach Benry knowing that Benry is low on the totem pole now and will take the risk to vote Bren to stay in the game. She also approaches Jane and plants the seed. Jane is a very aggressive player. Her support in this is key as is NaOnka's. As both can further plant more seeds and further step up the plan. NaOnka did let Bren know what was happening. Bren's response seemed almost indifferent as if she did not truly think anyone would vote for her. I am almost thinking her indifference itself turned Nay more to Holly's side and caused a flip.

Flipping An Ally To Her Side

In fact I am giving props to Nay also as I feel she changed up her game as previously she was tight with Bren. Their relationship has been solid all through the game. But in one crucial game moment, Nay has turned the tide also and has split herself away from a pretty powerful alliance. To now play a different game and on a different side. Nay again made it seem she was on Bren's side. However that would come to an end at Tribal as it was then that Bren made known she felt NaOnka was the person gunning for her. In the end, all but one (a perplexed Kelly P) voted for Bren. Even her main ally Sash and even Chase, someone who trusted her completely voted for Bren. Why vote different tho and make yourself a target and a minority? The writing was on the wall.

The beauty of it is...this was engineered by Holly and Holly's name did not come up once! Instead Chase and NaOnka's names did! NaOnka being mainly a lieutenant in the cause! That my friends is pure strategical excellence! To erect a game changer moment. To not even be mentioned in orchestrating that moment. Being a fan of the game..I am in pure awe!

Kudos and 1000 kudos to Holly Hoffman who is undeniably now a solid name being touted to win this season. In one fell swoop Holly has grasped leadership of the major power players; she is no longer quiet but is calling the shots! She is aligned with Chase, Jane and NaOnka now and I am sure has sub-alliances (voting numbers) with Benry. Fabio and Dan. Which leaves Sash with an idol and in a predicament. Should he play the idol at Tribal, he would surely go not long afterwards as he is just too smart. That is unless something crazy happens, Sash is target number one now.

Playing With His Heart

Throughout most of the episode, Chase was a man who was struggling. He stated in an interview that he trusted Bren completely yet didn't trust Holly or anyone else really. It's obvious the reason Chase felt the way he did was that he was very enamored with Bren and instead of his brain, he played with his heart.

The thing is, tho it is a wonderful thing to feel like you can trust someone in the game. The reality is you cannot. It is a game for a million bucks and all bets are on for the game. Bren often appeared indifferent at times to Chase in the days leading up to her exit. Mainly because she felt she had Chase wrapped around her finger. From my own life experiences, were someone to treat me such a way in the game, I would myself second guess their alliegence to me.


It is almost as if Chase were someone to toy with and useful when needed. In the end Chase made the best decision for his game. It had to have been difficult tho. In the end I just think Chase rocks, even if he is a sensitive guy at heart. He's learning and Holly is showing him the ropes. Maybe now he will be able to trust Holly and hopefully we will see a team like unto Colby and Tina. Can't wait to see more of these two!

Firecracker Jane

This past episode also saw the oldest woman in the game being victorious in challenges! Not only did she take part in a Reward Challenge win but she also won immunity....again! At first I was rather impressed and said more power to her! But in the advent of the spoilers and net, info has come my way that Chase was actually DQ'd and that Jane won due to that.

Whether or not Jane won due to a DQ doesn't take away the fact that she held on in a rather difficult challenge and I give her mad props for doing that. Jane is showing herself highly competitive plus she is very strategic also. Jane and Holly are both showing amazing strengths in the game. Not bad for two women both discounted early in their games!

bren vo

Bye Bye Brenda

The exit of Brenda proves one thing. Never ever in the game should one become over-confident. Never ever in the game assume that it will always work out in your favor. Brenda's problem I think is she just assumed that people would just select her and that she just did not have to work anything. Brenda is a sweetheart, however she is also a very very beautiful lady and as with most beautiful women; they become accustomed to just having things work their way.

Assuming even that people will flock to them due to that. That's a great gift to have in the outside world (wish I could bottle that lol) but in Survivor; even amazingly beautiful women have to play as if they could go tomorrow. Brenda in the beginning had some mad skills. Impeccable social skills. Smarts. Strength. Yet she also used that beauty as well strategically. It roped Chase in and as with any amazingly beautiful person,,u just want to be in their zone.

Which is why in the beginning she really didn't have to do much in the game seeking people out as people navigated to her due to the psychological need we all have deep down to just want to be around and with beautiful people. In the end, Brenda's ingrained beliefs that people will keep navigating to her lost out at Tribal. Now don't get me wrong, I truly love Brenda. I think she is a truly beautiful lady as much inside as out. But I picked this up and gotta call it. On her exit I will say Bren, you played a really good game overall and hopefully they will bring you back for an All Star Season. However next time, less beauty as a strategy and more of them smarts and fight I know you have! You rock Bren!

What an amazing episode and being a fan of Holly Hoffman,I am thrilled to see her emergence! I am also part of a campaign for Holly to win Fan favorite. If you too would like to be part of this. If u have a Facebook/Twitter..please post somewhere on your Wall there that you support Holly Hoffman for Fan Favorite and invite others to do so. After this episode, she has earned it hands down. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Holly Hoffman wins Survivor Nicaragua!

Til next week...keep your torch light lit and enjoy Episode 11!



  1. Go Holly! I think the only two people who could win right now are Fabio and Holly. All the others either suck to much OR they just are too obvious schemers or threats. GO GO GO HOLLY for fan fav AND the title of Sole Survivor!

  2. Thanks Clayton! I 100 per cent agree!!! GO HOLLY FAN FAVORITE!!! FOR THE WIN!!

  3. Once again your words hit right on great job Brenda!!!

  4. thank u Gigi!! I am looking forward to the recap tonight. Should be a good one and please stop by more often to leave your thoughts. I appreciate it so much. Happy Thanksgiving!



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