Friday, November 5, 2010

Fan Thoughts Blog Episode 8 Brian Morelock

Submitted by my friend Brian Morelock. Thanks Brian!!!


There was a lot going on in this weeks episode that needs to be mentioned. Before I talk about certain things that took place, I want to first mention Alina. I really enjoyed watching Alina play the game. I thought she was a very bright young lady who was just put in a bad position from the day Shannon got voted off. Because Alina was apart of the alliance that was gunning for Brenda and with Benry flipping his vote causing Shannon to go home, Alina had a lot to overcome.

Now to all the dynamics of this weeks episode. I really don't understand where Naonka gets all this anger. Maybe from being a teacher and dealing with kids all day is causing her to go off the deep end? I don't know, but the lady is crazy. Now I spoke to Naonka on facebook a few times and she seems nice enough, but her actions on the show are out of line. What she did at camp taking all the food and trying to hoard it from the tribe was immoral to say the least. Now if I were Alina, I would have ratted her out and tried to save myself instead of indulging in the food Naonka was giving her. If my ass was on the line, I would have done whatever it took to stay in the game and I think Alina missed out on a golden opportunity to take the target off of herself. As it turned out, Naonka wasn't even targeted at tribal and Alina still ended up taking some of the heat.

I am loving Jane more and more on each episode. She is someone easy to root for and I would love to see her make it far in this game. The Marty Jane feud is entertaining and it don't appear Marty is going to win this one. A lot must change and fast for him to turn this game around. I do think Sash and Brenda are controlling this game at the moment, but the previews seem to show them both being over cocky in their control. This can lead to bad things for them. Being over confident in survivor is never a good thing. Can anyone tell me if Kelly Purple is even on this season? Do we ever see her interview during the show? I cannot think of many times we seen her speak. I am not sure why that is, but maybe we will find out on the weeks to come.

Can anyone explain to me when Benry and Alina ever had a problem with each other? Benry's comment about Alina when he voted for her calling her a dirty rat or whatever it was I did not understand. Did the producers leave something out during taping? It confused me.

Before I go, I want to give my power rankings for this week:

1. Sash: I think he is running this game
2. Brenda: Still in control along with Sash
3. Chase
4. Jane
5. Holly
6. Fabio: My favorite this season
7. Kelly Purple
8. Naonka
9. Benry
10. Dan
11. Marty

Until next week, that's all I got.Kelly Shinn Chase Rice

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  1. You can find a Kelly confessional at my Survivor fan page, Survivor Seasons.
    Benry thinks that Alina is a person of low character, but according to the Urban Dictionary it means other things too.
    Jane is good, but outlasting everyone in that challenge did not do her any favours, but then I don't believe Brenda/Sash see it at all, only Marty does.
    Good review of the episode.



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