Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Farewell To Marty by Samantha Gray

Submitted to my blog by super fan Survivor Rocks aka Samantha Gray
I love it Samantha!!! Thanks you :)


Marty 4

A Farewell To Marty:

This season started off slow, after last season. How could I compare? As much as other die hard Survivor fans complain about returning favorites, I loved last season , and I love my favorites. After Coach Jimmy left, who would i begin to root far? Marty quickly turned this season on it's head , and I became his fan.

Then, this season took a turn on the fast track with each episode and every tribal council, because of Marty.Many fans complain this season is a snoozefest, even two time champ Sandra needs to wake up, but that hasn't been the case for me, and that's because of Marty. I was rooting for the men to win reward,as Dan slowed them down, and Marty stumbles with the key. I was taking it all in as Marty zipped lined through Nicaragua. .. breath taking. The enjoyment on his face a long with Sash, Jud, Dan, Benry made it a beautiful Survivor moment.

Marty and Brenda go head to head during the immunity challenge,and i was studying the symbols, and i was hoping Marty would win immunity, after all, he is my favorite this season. Brenda wins immunity and I hang my head.

If he only still had the hii , he gave Sash. Jane, Marty, Chase, Jane, Marty?! Who would join Alina on the jury? Once again tribal council was intense. I almost thought Marty had done it once more, as he smiled, I remembered, those that smile too quickly, usually make their way out of the game. I tallied the votes on my fingers( it mattered !) I began to worry, My favorite was going home, as Jeff Probst read the last vote, I hung my head, and with that ,The Gambler aka Marty,exits the game.

Sidenote: I have been saying, since the beginning that Fabio was acting dumb and playing the stupid card, and I still believe that. I'm still loving Na Onka's coffee talks and with Marty gone, I'm rooting for Jud aka Fabio.( I said," he could be one I would root for during my Survivor Nicaragua preview.)

A Survivor P. S.

Jane needs to go!

Thanks to Marty for making Survivor Nicaragua a season worth watching and keeping me on the edge of my seat each episode.

Farewell Marty, you will be missed.

Marty's Exot


  1. I enjoyed his game play too Samantha. Like others in this season, the tribe switch hurt him and really was never able to fully recover.
    I still think strange decisions have been made at Tribal Council, but Marty held on for at least three more when he could easily be taken out when Kelly B was voted out.
    Great blog Samantha.

  2. I will miss Marty also and think they made a huge mistake voting him out.Jane should go!!! I love your blog Samantha!!! It was awesome!!!



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