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I Support Holly Hoffman For Fan Favorite!


I support Holly Hoffman for Fan Favorite!

It's been no secret but all season long I have solidly been in camp Holly! Holly has undeniably been my favorite this season not only on the show but on a personal level as well. I was able to get to know Holly prior to the season's beginning. I have found her refreshing, genuine, honest and highly compassionate. She is everything you see on the show make no bones about it. The parts where u see Holly hugging Kelly Purple and approaching Wendy saying I have a good feeling about you--I trust you is the genuine thing. For the most part, Holly has been a breath of fresh air all season and enjoyable to watch. She went from a pretty shaky start to take on the game at the twist and emerge the better for it! With each episode she improves and by just looking at her track level in the game..she can only get better!


Shaky Start to Dynamo....

Being I recently made a case for. Holly to be a dark horse for F3 in my blog, a lot of this can be repetitive.

In the beginning Holly had a really shaky start. She made an alliance with Wendy that was not well thought out but in her defense, she was learning the ropes. She trusted Wendy and thought she would give it a shot. However game instincts kicked in and she realized that to continue with Wendy and vote with her would just put a target on her back. The alliance was short lived as Wendy was voted off first.

However due to the stresses of the environment and other issues like perhaps homesick and not eating or sleeping well; Holly shortly had a breakdown. Which haunted her for some time in the game and even in the fan community for a bit.
In the process of this breakdown Holly felt Dan was making fun of her and decided to take some very expensive alligator shoes and place sand in them weighting them in the water.

Holly was woman enough to own up to it and in subsequent days post Twist; Dan even turned to her for advice. Proof she and Dan are fine. In fact post Twist Holly ended up being much stronger than in previous Espada. Where if the tribe would have stayed in doubt she may well have been next.


Fate happen to smile on Holly and post Twist, she found new life and room to play!
Aligning with Chase and the kids, she became Mama Holly! The leader and cheerleader of the tribe. She got to pick her own Espada and selected Chase (strength) Alina (smarts) Nay (strength and smarts) who joined her, Tyrone, Yve and Dan. IMO, the picks were strategical and early signs of how bad Holly wanted to win and go further into the game. Her embracing an alliance and continuing it post merge only adds to this equation. The edits have been great and showed Holly as competitive (winning one immunity and nearly winning another) as a nurturer who is compassionate to a crying NaOnka and embracing a near starved Kelly Purple saying it will be okay.


Game wise Holly is poised to be in a power alliance with Chase as her main ally but with Chase comes Jane, Bren and Sash. Plus if all works well..Fabio. Brenda is the undeniable leader right now in camp. Watching their interactions, I do think Holly is doing fine with Bren. Plus on the horizon is Jane who is a tribemate of Holly's from old Espada. The difference between both is that Jane means to win and is now showing an arrogant side to her. While Holly stays more warm while keeping observant eyes on all goings on around her. Pretty smart.


The TOP 3 Reasons I feel Holly Should WIN Fan Favorite

1. Living Proof of If first you don't succeed...just keep fighting!

Holly's shaky start and near exit is proof that you can take a minus and turn it into a plus. She did not quit. Instead she did the smart thing and stayed quiet avoiding the target for a few more days. The swap occurring belies whether or not she would have exited but she got lucky and blossomed. Now look at where she is in the game. A woman who may have gone way too soon is now poised to go far in!!!


2. Her Personality and Interaction With The Public
After all it is the public who vote, right? Holly has watched each episode save one (the first) publicly and at parties traveling all over South Dakota openly meeting fans and watching alongside of them. The photos below came from this season when Holly met her public!





Holly's relationship with the fans have been warm and beautiful. She spends hours daily talking to fans and has been super fan friendly! She has thousands of fans and many post daily to her Facebook account.

3. Holly's Strategy

Has been a quiet but steady one to win the game. It is not beginner's luck she is surrounded by power players and has stayed away from the target. Even with the recent ouster of Marty, there is no current bulls eye on her. She has stayed level headed and makes choices that will take her further in. I liken her to 3 people Tina Wesson, Taj Johnson and Kathy O'Brien. Quiet games at first but like Tina and Taj; she plays solely with a man who has potential and like Tina she is the one making the better decisions strategically for them. As Chase can be wishy washy and flounder on voting decisions.

The season is halfway in. If Holly is doing so well now, just think of what the future holds!!! I think with the way she is playing now she can go deep in. I am very excited to be seeing more of Holly in the future episodes as my second fave cast member ever and my fave Nicaragua cast. Plus my friend. She will rock it!!!

holly immunity


Holly 1


  1. i love her! i posted my support "announcement " also!

  2. Thanks Clay!!! Definitely all Holly fans let's get a campaign started!!

  3. Hello

    Good Day to you im just roaming arround the internet trying to find good quality articles and i notice your blog
    and read some interresting topis you have i really appreciate you work i will come back and read some more very soon

    Thank you very much


  4. thank u Kathy! Feel free to stop by anytime and all comments to anything are appreciated! Are u a Holly fan by any chance?

  5. I am totally posting all this!! I totally agree! And I want all my friends to see it too so they can vote! I too am friends with Holly here in SD and have known her for several years! She is absolutely amazing! We love her!!!

  6. Thanks Johnson!! Please join the campaign also!! The idea of the campaign is to help spread the word to all your friends to please vote for Holly Hoffman at the end of the season for Fan Favorite. Holly has the perfect game story; she is a great player and has an awesome relationship with the fans! Please help spread word about the campaign. Holly is absolutely AMAZING!!!



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