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Marty's 9 Lives Ran Out Week 9!

First things first thanks go to Roger Beane for the title of my blog this week. Pretty brilliant idea bro!

Fabio TC

Benry: You and I should just lay low… play stupid.
Fabio: I know dude, I hate playing stupid so much… but it’s like the smartest thing to do right now.
Benry: It’s easy.
Fabio: It’s… real easy.


In a totally unrehearsed moment, Fabio's strategy shines through and actually it is not a bad strategy. Stay chill, avoid ruffling feathers and u may just get further in. So far it is working for Fabio. He is actually not a dumb kid. He must be doing something right because twice he has been on the wrong side of a majority vote and looking no worse for the wear. I like Fabio and this convo was pure brilliance in it's own way. Just chill people.

chase 1

Is it me noticing this or does it seem like Chase is becoming man of the hour?
He is seemingly in an alliance with most of the tribe. Between main alliances with Jane and Holly. To sub alliances with NaOnka, Bren and Sash..he appears pretty popular right now on the beach.


However Chase also has some insecurities and those insecurities are appearing to get on the nerves of Brenda and even Nay. Chase approaches Brenda as he is wondering what is going on, why aren't we talking as much? Well in short, Bren is now pretty much blowing him off...saying as much that it is his own worries and all is cool. Bren later approaches Nay and says pretty much that it is getting old and if it keeps up well maybe we should consider breaking away from him.


I know that this sort of thing after a while can get truly annoying and the desire to just get away from it sometimes can be pretty strong. However there is one thing that Bren should keep in mind.. and that is that Chase has 3 and can well get Fabio, who is probably still smarting over the blindside of Marty, his friend. That is like 4 to 3. Plus also the others will vote as directed. Just a little bit of love can go a long way to keep it going.

Chase Rice

I also feel Chase is one smart guy. He knew that a blindside was being planned for Jane. He also is staying close to Jane, who is fast becoming one of the power players in the game. Plus he has Holly also beside him. Holly has so far amassed an amazing social game and is very very observant. All 3 together can spell trouble for the BS Alliance. It just makes me sad that Marty could not fit into this equation.

marty 6

Which goes back to old Espada. Issues like what could happen with Brenda and Sash if they keep putting Chase off. The same happened over in Espada and the result was at the twist Marty went from power to holding zero leverage and at the mercy of Sash and Bren. History can hold a way to repeat itself especially in a game like Survivor.

As it stands now the alliance breakdowns are:


Bren ---->Sash---->NaOnka
with sub alliances to Jane, Holly and Chase and somewhere in the mix toss in Kelly Purple.


Chase is aligned with ---->Jane
---->Holly singularly
---->Kelly Purple?

Which comes a long way from in the beginning when Chase stated that he could not juggle more than one alliance. Right now he is juggling several and seems to be coping well in the process. In my humble opinion I feel a new powerhouse alliance may be on the brink. Especially if u add the residual numbers of whoever is left further on into the game of Benry, Dan or Fabio. Who are their own pact.


However these 3 are more followers except for probably Fabio who I am holding out to see join in with Chase. If so that would make it a majority.

The game remember is a fluid game. Things can happen on a dime.

brenda lowe

As it stands now, Brenda is the acknowledged leader. Sash clears stuff by her Marty approached her with his idea (however stating it was Sash's idea smart on Marty's part) plus most everyone defers to her. She is doing well so far and won individual immunity and is staying strong. But in my opinion she and Sash just made a very lethal mistake.

Marty 4

Marty's Exit

Marty has had a rather twisting journey from having leadership in the beginning in old Espada to the twist and entering into it numbers down. It was then that Jane Bright seized the moment to start exacting revenge on Marty for not being included in the early alliances of old Espada. In short order Jill was voted off leaving Marty very very vulnerable. Sash approached Marty on the La Flor tribe about basically giving his idol to him. That he would return the idol to him in 2 Tribals (of course didn't happen) and that he would spare him which he did by making sure that Alina made an exit instead of Marty.

Marty Bren Sash

It does appear that perhaps the 3 had some sort of quiet alliance or at the least Marty had one with Sash. Marty quietly told Sash everything and the two even strategized. The strategy Marty came up with was pretty smart. Flush out Nay's idol and blindside a serious threat in Jane.

What went wrong I think is that Sash and Brenda feared that Marty may challenge their leadership at some point. Sash also listed that he felt if he spared Marty that his tribe maybe angry at him also. But in sparing Jane and keeping her in opens up another cam of worms that can be even more problematic.

Jane---->Chase---->Holly---->Fabio etc....


Marty was smart enough to call Jane out at the prior Tribal Council and in doing so he not only educated his tribe, he also incurred the powerful wrath of one scorned woman. A wrath that festered and festered until at the voting booth she uttered something that I personally feel is uncalled for:

"You are a disgrace to every man who calls himself a father. There's no way in heck I would allow my children or my grandchildren to come play with your children."

My personal opinion is that no matter what happens in the game, a person should never bring a person's children into a statement. Or make it personal. To me that should be off-limits.

Carolina Jane

If anything it shows the level Jane will stoop to and it shows her true character. This lady is there to win the game of Survivor. She is a threat. She is someone who has proven she can win challenges. She has authoritatively out-lived her nemesis also. While doing so, playing on the role she has to offer of a provider, Plus sharing with anyone how badly she needs that mil.

Building sympathy bonds and empathy bonds.

Jane will surely win the million if she goes to the Finals. Marty was smart to state that. However could Marty have been a threat to win the mil like Jane? Seriously, other than strategical wisdom, was Marty a threat?

So why keep Jane? Why take this risk? As it stands now by keeping Jane: Marty's statement at TC can well come true. Especially if Chase gets tired of being second fiddle. Jane has numbers in her own right right now and with her ambition to win this game I feel the BS Alliance have allowed themselves to keep someone who may cost them the entire game.

marty 1

Marty played an amazing game. Bold. Risky. Smart and zip-lines at the end. We will miss u Gambling Marty!

Marty's Exot

Some noted observations:

Kelly Shinn

Kelly Purple is looking now worse for the wear. During the Reward Challenge she was seen crying and stating how hungry she was. That was a pretty sad scene. I found myself wanting to go through the tv if I could and hand her a sandwich! Bologna but I am sure she would have loved it.

Dan is also looking pretty worse for the wear also and even Sash is getting skinnier. Kind of makes u wonder about how much food is really available out there? In past seasons, it never failed that we saw scenes of eating of fruit, beans, rice, something. This season the diet scenes have been few. Either at rewards or merge or when Jane stole the fish. Which if so, that is also a decision Jane made to further herself as with food comes strength. Lack of it cannot be helping matters much in not only motivation but in clarity also. This season it does look like the cast is really hurting in this vital dept.

Holly 4

Holly Hoffman's game is really getting stronger as I watch it weekly. She is now in what is potentially a power alliance. She is still very strong in the challenges, being able to hoist people up and onto her back to compete. She is playing the social game amazingly by being Mama Holly. Holly is a nurturing soul by nature. So this part comes rather easy for her. If what I am thinking happens and she has indeed come into a power alliance she may well become a potential threat for anyone. Simply on the basis of a solid social game and a competitive strength. I can only think that Holly need now watch out for two distinct people: Brenda and Jane. Both are as solid as she is. Other than these two possible powerhouses; Holly has come a long long way and is doing well.

Nay 1

Naonka this episode I will say just one thing: chill out sister! The Tribal got crazy! With middle fingers, foul language and Nay being Nay. She was alerted by Chase that she need not worry as he let it be known the real target was Jane. So Nay is still in possession of the idol. But her actions at Tribal were even more bizarre on top of the fact that recently she stole food and stuff? My thinking is that Nay feels very comfy right now. She knows people want to take her to the Finals is what I am feeling. But her actions at Tribal were just crazy. Still Nay makes for fun entertainment though. Hands down the most memorable cast member ever.


That's all I have for now. It was for sure another fun and exciting episode. Until next week, keep your torch light lit and enjoy the next episode of Survivor!

Ciao! Happy Birthday Marty! (11-11-10)


  1. hard to kepp it all straight

  2. Marty is gone! New Powers prevail in the house or should I say game..and this season of Survivor Nicaragua has opened new doors in my mind and way of thinking in the game. For that fact I am so grateful. this cast has been fun on facebook. Never before have so many particiapted with the fans.. Yippee. thunder is coming weekly in camp, with Jane who outdid her enemy Marty, with Chase proclaiming his Love of all the woman last week, With Sash sucking up to make Brenda the control freak of decisions Holly struts around doing good in challenges, bonding well with everybody and observing all the can of worms with tribe members at tribal council lol! Yes this show becomes more fun, thrills and laughter weekly! Love your blog Bren! keep it going girl! GAME ON. and yes I will go after my dream again lol Love Glo (Gloria Query)

  3. loved the blog bren, as always!

  4. Thanks Michael and Globug!!! I love your blog Michael and for all who would like to read it it is in my links or will soon be :) Glo bug I know!!! Holly is doing an amazing job isn't she? Plus Chase is making some small moves that may just take him and company to the Finals. BS is still great tho even when you wanna say guys re-think(???) and Fabio is just the best!! Plus let's not forget Jane making big steps to make it to the end. She could as she appears to be making every choice to make it there. NaOnka is still entertaining also. This season is for sure in my top list!!



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